One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3958 - A Perfect Match (154)  

Chapter 3958: A Perfect Match (154)

“Gone all the way?!” Liang Yin was completely horrified! This Hua Jin actually dared to have such thoughts!

“Oh, I see! That’s very kind of you. Then why didn’t you and Gong Jie go all the way? Jump on him? Eh? Speaking of which, when I entered the room earlier, I found you and Gong Jie on the bed. Was I interrupting your progress?”

The mention of this triggered Hua Jin’s rage at once!

“You dare mention this?! Let me ask you something. Why did you ask Gong Jie to meet you at a hotel? What was your motive?”

Liang Yin cleared her throat and mimicked Hua Jin’s teasing tone. “To go all the way of course!”

“To go… you…” The actor jabbed a finger at her forehead in annoyance. “To go all the way… Do you realize you’re pushing me into a sea of fire?”

“How could he be doing you any harm?” Liang Yin pretended to be kind. “No way. You seem to like him!”

“What makes you think I like him!?”

“If you don’t…” Liang Yin paused, raised her eyebrows and continued, “why do you look so shy?”

“Shy? How can you tell I’m shy?”

“You can’t hide a shy expression! If you really didn’t like him, you wouldn’t have this attitude, Hua Jin. You don’t have to be so cowardly, do you? There’s nothing wrong with liking a man!”

Liang Yin’s words undoubtedly stunned Hua Jin!

He remained stubborn and insisted, “I have no feelings for him at all!”

“That’s just what you think!” Liang Yin pressed on. “You haven’t made yourself clear. Did anything happen between you and Qin Zhou yesterday?”

The actor was still lost in his thoughts and returned her question impatiently, “Wouldn’t you know it yourself whether something happened?”

“How am I supposed to know what happened last night!? I have no experience in this area at all!”

“Are you still a virgin?” Hua Jin suddenly asked her.

Even though Liang Yin and Hua Jin no longer shared an ordinary relationship, she still felt uncomfortable being asked such a blatant question. She blushed and said, “I haven’t had a boyfriend yet. What do you think?”

“You haven’t even had a boyfriend?!”

“Because my ideal type was Tang Yu!”

“And what about now?” The actor teased, “Is he still your ideal type?”

“Not anymore!” A disgusted expression appeared on Liang Yin’s face. “I must have been really blind to fall for such an idol.”

“The first time is very painful for a girl.”

“How do you know?”

The actor looked at her as if she were an idiot. Liang Yin turned a bright scarlet and asked no more. Except, she vaguely recalled, Qin Zhou had asked her something.

Did I hurt you last night?

Now this remark had a special meaning! Still a little suspicious, Liang Yin probed, “Are you sure nothing happened between you two last night?”

“I’m sure, for certain.” The actor said earnestly, “Please. I’m a man of principle. Do you think I’m so frivolous as to play pranks using someone else’s body?”

“You went to sleep in the same bed as Qin Zhou wearing nothing under a bathrobe… that was rather unprincipled…”

The actor snapped, “You provoked me didn’t you?”

“When did I provoke you?”

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