One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3956 - A Perfect Match (152)  

Chapter 3956: A Perfect Match (152)

This move scared the living daylights out of Hua Jin!

Gong Jie didn’t throw his full weight on him, but when the actor’s gaze fell on his face, it felt as though the man’s frosty eyes were burning through him!

“You…” The actor was about to speak when a beep was heard.

The door flew open.

Liang Yin swiped her room card and walked in. When she entered the living room, the scene on the sofa greeted her!

She was dumbfounded. What… what kind of situation was this!? Caught off-guard, she had walked right into what looked like a censored scene.

Hua Jin was also stunned. He had not expected Liang Yin to return at this hour. She had a room card with her, but she was not expected to come back at this hour! He was stunned for a moment before he reacted and immediately became unusually angry!

“Liang Yin!” He barked angrily.

Liang Yin immediately felt that something was not right! In that moment, her mind raced.

Yesterday at the Mu family residence, she had arranged to meet Gong Jie at the hotel, saying that she had something important to discuss with him. Initially, she had wanted to use this opportunity to “shock” Hua Jin. She did not think that Gong Jie would really turn up…

Unexpectedly, Gong Jie seemed to have taken it seriously.

Liang Yin hunched her shoulders and immediately spun around to escape.

Gong Jie glanced back as the actor struggled to get up. “Liang Yin, you’re not allowed to leave! Come back here and explain yourself!”

Before he finished speaking, Liang Yin had in a flash opened the door and slipped out, not forgetting to shut the door tightly behind her.


The door shut!

The actor’s face was further contorted.

This Liang Yin was a scammer! A scammer!! He was going to strangle her to death!

Gong Jie looked at Hua Jin’s reaction and recalled Liang Yin’s guilty expression as she ran away. He was no fool. Since he was the leader of the Hurricane Group and overseer of a double business supergroup, he had to figure out what was going on.

It seemed that the person who had “confessed” to him yesterday was really Liang Yin. Perhaps she was playing a prank on Hua Jin.vHowever, even though he had figured out the whole story, he did not let on that he knew what was going on.

The actor looked at Gong Jie and immediately explained solemnly, “The person who ‘confessed’ to you yesterday was really not me!”

Gong Jie remained silent, but his eyes were unfathomable, without a trace of emotion!

The actor got desperate! Gong Jie was a smart man. Surely he was clever enough to figure out what had happened? He had already explained it as best as he could. If the man still did not understand, there was really nothing more Hua Jin could do to clarify things!


How infuriating!

Gong Jie smiled and lowered his head so that the tip of his nose was almost touching Hua Jin’s. This was as close as they had ever been.

The actor even felt as though the air he was breathing in was the air that was being exhaled from the other man’s lips and nose…

“I’ll spare you this time.” Gong Jie released him and sat back up slowly.

Seeing that the man had backed away, Hua Jin still didn’t dare let his guard down. He stood up cautiously, looking wary.

Gong Jie ignored his cautiousness and stood up, heading directly for the door.

It wasn’t until the man was out the door that the actor dared to breathe a sigh of relief.


Liang Yin had returned to her room and was fidgety, alternating between standing and pacing.

The doorbell suddenly rang.

“Liang Yin, open the door!”

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