One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3955 - A Perfect Match (151)  

Chapter 3955: A Perfect Match (151)

Was he… asking him to sit on his lap? Even if he really wanted to do something, wasn’t this pace a little… too hasty?

The actor wasn’t quite sure what his Gong Jie meant.

“I said come here!”

“Oh…” The actor didn’t dare go against his wishes at all. Trembling with fear, he walked over and sat upright in Gong Jie’s lap. He felt… the chill emanating from the ice mountain behind him was becoming more and more obvious!

“Did I ask you to sit on my lap?”

The actor shuddered in fear, but he really wanted to break down in tears!

Didn’t you slap your thigh and asked me to sit on it? Wasn’t that what you meant?

Even if he wanted to summon a dog, he couldn’t just give careless orders!

Shuddering with fear, Hua Jin instinctively tried to shift his butt onto the sofa, but Gong Jie was gripping his waist, seemingly displeased. At this point, he could no longer move.

The man leaned towards him and breathed in his ear. “Are you that eager?” Gong Jie’s demonic breath brushed against the skin of his face, as if countless cat claws were scratching at him. It was itchy and scorching.

The actor looked a little dismayed. “What do you mean, eager!?”

“Then what?” Unruffled, his Gong Jie countered, “Why else would you be sitting so intimately on my lap? What, first you play hard to get, then you try to seduce me?”

The actor’s embarrassment turned to anger, but he held himself back. “If you’re going to be anything but straight, how am I supposed to seduce you? Unless you’re into men, too? I don’t think so, right?!”

“Why not?” The man raised his eyebrows and gently pinched Hua Jin’s cheek. “How do you know I’m not interested in men? Maybe it’s just as you said, that part of me didn’t develop completely. Maybe what you said yesterday developed me.”

This behavior was so intimate that Hua Jin immediately stood up like a frightened cat!

“What … what do you mean?”

Gong Jie slipped an arm around the actor’s waist. “Didn’t you say yesterday that you like me not because you like men, but because the person you like happens to be a man?”


Did he ever say that? It had to be Liang Yin again. The actor’s expression darkened further.

Once again, he was acutely aware of what “joy begets sorrow” meant.

“Actually… I wasn’t the one who said these things yesterday. Would you believe me?” Hua Jin looked earnestly at Gong Jie’s expression as he spoke. He noted that Gong Jie was glaring at him coldly. The actor was dumbfounded.


“Forget it if you don’t believe me!” The actor puffed out his cheeks. “Anyway, I didn’t say those things. Liang Yin said them to you out of spite. I’m innocent!”

“I used to think it was odd.”

“What was odd?”

“Tell me, what man would turn red in the presence of another man? Unless, of course, there’s something wrong with the guy.”

Gong Jie, the Demon King, had come to that conclusion.

The actor was speechless.

“It’s alright to admit to liking a man.”

The actor was even more speechless. He stood up angrily. “You won’t believe anything I say anyway,” he burst out. “There’s no point explaining!”

The actor started to walk away, but Gong Jie held him firmly by the waist.

“Hey! Let go!” The actor looked back and was about to gather his courage to warn Gong Jie, when he saw an evil smile forming on the man’s face. Suddenly, Gong Jie pressed him down against the sofa.

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