One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3954 - A Perfect Match (150)   

Chapter 3954: A Perfect Match (150)


“N-no, of course not!”

“Then why did you take so long?”


The actor immediately yawned and pretended to look sleepy. “I… I guess I just woke up…”

His mouth was open and in the process of executing a yawn, when he caught sight of Gong Jie squinting at his carefully coiffed hairstyle and then at the sleepy expression he’d managed to squeeze out. His thin lips curved coldly. He obviously didn’t think his excuse was very convincing.

“Do you sleepwalk?”


“You’re hardly awake but your hair is done.” Gong Jie raised his eyes at the other man’s embarrassed expression and said calmly, “Tell me! What is it?”


The actor felt cornered somewhat.

What time was it? Gong Jie had come to his hotel early in the morning and sprung him a surprise. And he was now asking him what it was about?!

The actor did not dare to voice his anger. He continued to smile apologetically. “It’s nothing… What can I do for you?”

“It’s nothing, really? You said to meet here?” Gong Jie’s suspicions were growing.

Hua Jin was stunned! What!? He asked to meet the man here at the hotel? When did that happen?

Ahhhh… Could it be… Liang Yin’s doing!

This guy…

Gong Jie had been observing his expression. Initially, he had wondered if the person who came causing trouble at the Mu family residence yesterday was Hua Jin or Liang Yin.

He had thought that the actor would never have dared to tease him. Did Hua Jin have the guts to tease him?

However, Gong Jie was now completely certain that the person who had been “speaking utter nonsense” at the Mu family residence yesterday was Hua Jin. It seemed they had already swapped back into their own bodies!

Gong Jie sneered at the thought as he entered the room. Keeping his gaze firmly on the actor, he closed the door behind him.

Click. The door automatically locked.

Hua Jin, who was still feeling humiliated by Liang Yin’s “betrayal”, immediately looked up at this slight movement. He saw Gong Jie step into the room and the door behind him shut!

“This…” Hua Jin looked at the man, and then at the door. He took a few steps back and forced a smile that looked worse than if he had cried.

“Master Jie, what… what do you want?” The actor immediately stepped aside again. “Since you’re here, why don’t you have a seat?”

Then, like a deserter, he turned and headed for the drawing room. There was a flurry of activities as he fumbled around to get tea and water.

Gong Jie folded his arms and calmly studied his every move. “I’ve thought this through,” he said abruptly.

“What? What?!” Hua Jin looked up, puzzled. “Thought through what?”

“Didn’t you say yesterday that you had feelings for me?” Gong Jie looked serious as he continued, “There’s no harm in trying to get along.”

“Along… along… along… along…” The actor was so shocked that he stammered and almost bit through his own tongue.

He looked coy. “What do you mean by that?”

“You didn’t mean what you said yesterday?” Gong Jie’s tone was suddenly stern. “Are you toying with me?”

“No, no… no… how would I dare to toy with you…”

“Then you’re serious,” the man replied

The actor was dumbfounded. He chose to play dead.

“Don’t play dead with me.” Gong Jie snorted and went to sit on the sofa, slapping his thigh. “Come here!”

The actor stared in wide-eyed stupor.

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