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Chapter 1065 - Lynn's Debut - Part 4

Chapter 1065 - Lynn's Debut - Part 4

Kitchen Zone was an offensive defence zone in Lynn's repertoire. Although the Lancer's pierce was fast, the rigid defensive manoeuvre has given her sufficient advantage to be able to deflect it. The only thing she regretted was choosing to evade instead of countering the attack. Due to the lack of experience she had given up the chance to break the Elite Lancer's weapon as she had done with the Swordsman.

Slaze, the Tyr Swordsman managed to pull his buddy away before the cook could rectify her mistake. Only after they had both put a considerable amount of distance away from Lynn, did they realise that she was not pursuing them or pressed for the next attack. This made Slaze believe that there was some limitation to the unbelievable chopping power she had presented just now.

Since they lacked more ranged options now that the Elite Archer had been killed, Slaze gathered some of his magical powers to project a charged slash towards Lynn, to check whether she would evade it or cut the magical projectile away.

"Ten Dungeon Dollars say she can cut it down in an instant. " The Elite Lancer chuckled quickly as he felt Slaze was being foolish to even try something so mediocre.

"You're on, Rai. I bet that she has to evade. You never know what kind of weakness someone's technique could be hiding. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of trial and error to see the effect." Slaze replied as he shot out magical slash and as the projectile broke the stairs as it travelled upwards towards Lynn.

However, Rai turned out to be right.

"Hah, told you so. Please deduct ten bucks from the debt I owe you." The Elite Lancer said as he was smiling wildly that he was correct with a 'suck it up' expression.

"Whatever, it's not like such a deduction will make a dent in the amount you owe me." Slaze complained as they both could clearly see how Lynn had cleanly cut the impending magical slash into two, avoiding her completely and damaging the Petal lighthouse walls behind her instead.

"So, you guys are not going to give it another go now that you know she is nigh unkillable?" Jigar, the Monk, came forward alongside the Elite Healer.

"Well, now we know why they only sent two human commandos to fight against us. This human woman who does not have the features of a defender is still able to block our entire team right here and now. Not to mention killing two of our best attackers." Slaze said as he checked his left arm. (In total three, if they counted Jin's kill of their warrior.) He could have thrown away the broken shield he was carrying as part of his manliness behaviour but on second thought, any distraction against the female human would be better than nothing.

"And someone laughed along the corridors saying their royal employer had made a huge mistake sending only two humans down to Petal District." Rai rolled his eyes while continuing to keep a distance away from Lynn.

Like every hard hitting skill, they believed that there would be a sort of cooldown or at least a lapse in her concentration. Should Lynn try to provoke them to come nearer, it would confirm their theory. But as of right now, she was not moving an inch away and the Tyr Elites were befuddled how to deal with such an obstacle, forcing the entire situation into a standstill.

"Rai, wait till you let our own cook see what this soldier could do and probably you might not go complaining how awfully boring those food selections are for yourselves. Else he might learn a trick or two from our enemy and use it especially against you." The Healer commented randomly upon seeing how they could not make any move and hoped to lighten the mood a little despite the grim scenario they were in. They were the elites and yet these human commandos had managed to pin them down. It felt like a disgrace to the positions bestowed by their Shadow King. At that moment, Rai bared his teeth in front of the female healer for her comments.

"Stop it Rai, if you had not been so mean to our kitchen staff, perhaps Adora would not be snapping at you right now." Slaze said as he continued to stay watch on any movements Lynn could make.

"You think she can still command those knives?" Rai queried, hoping to divert their attention away from the current subject and Jigar shook his head in response.

"If she could, they would have long since been embedded into our backs, especially now when we are vulnerable. Looks like our defensive opponent has some limitations too." Jigar answered.

"Good thing for us. Otherwise, she would be the perfect murder machine.. Makes you wonder why such a talented being would work for the crown. With her talents she can easily find money anywhere." Rai commented as he checked his armoured boots, while preparing his body for a skill which he had not used in ages.

After all, this standstill was way too much of a hassle for them. It was their job to protect the Tyr Gauntlets Shadow King even though they had no doubt he was more than capable to defeat that lone soldier that ran up the stairs.

Yet, seeing how the female defender was still keeping them at bay, it would be foolish to assume that the male masked soldier wouldn't be equally if not more battle hardened than her.

Meanwhile, Lynn remained in her stance. Unlike other times where she would have tried to run or at least attack, all she needed to do at the moment was to buy as much time as possible for Jin. She knew that he would be back eventually, but deep inside, Lynn wanted to clear this obstacle on her own and join him in his fight, instead of waiting for him to rescue her.

Unfortunately, she was experiencing just how difficult it was to do that without any backup from Kido or the other Peggies. And from the looks of it, they were about to go in for the next attack soon. She relaxed her stiff shoulders as maintaining the Kitchen Zone was not easy as it seemed to be. If she were to handle two or more attackers at once she would probably have to take a hit or two before able to hunt one down.

"Alright, alright, that much should suffice." Kraft suddenly informed her via the System channel. "Rex insists that making you fight on your own any longer would just be bullying, so here, enjoy your penguin knight… well erm…penguin ninja."

"My Queen, I am at your service once more! I await your call." Kido eagerly called out to her and behind him resonated the sounds of dozens of penguins.

"Now hurry up and call them over. I had enough of your Peggies death glare for one day." Kraft added while shrugging his shoulders in the War Room. "Besides, it's getting boring now that those Tyr Elites are playing the waiting game. So, go forth Chef! Grab your victory! Also while you're at it, try to make it into a more entertaining show than on Jin's side."

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