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Chapter 1066 - Lynn's Debut - Part 5

Chapter 1066 - Lynn's Debut - Part 5

Now that they knew that the half masked Penguin Cultivator did not have any means to attack them from a distance, Rai, the Lancer Elite, had decided to try his luck with a special attack that he had been honing for some time.

The rest of his party understood his intentions when he took a few steps back. Slaze even decided to help him out by trying to distract Lynn to raise the chances of Rai's attack succeeding. In essence, their opponent had the capability to stop any attack and had even already proven that she could stop a few successive attacks at once.

But they had seen how the ability worked and the possible limitations of it. While it might seem dangerous, they had to experiment in order to defeat this enemy. As of right now, they had tried follow-up attacks and ranged attacks, and had noticed that Lynn had not taken a single step from her spot.

It was possible that her technique required her to stay in one particular spot without much movement. If she strayed from that spot, her stance might be off and she would then hopefully become as vulnerable as any other enemies they had encountered before.

So, in order to force the Penguin Cultivator to move, Rai had decided to use his technique. It was not a very conducive area for performing it given that the name of his technique was Skyshatterer (Despite Slaze and the others calling it the Skyshitter because of the number of failures they had seen him fail (and fall) when practicing it.)

As the name suggested, Rai needed sufficient space to soar to the sky and come diving down to hit an enemy. Considering that Lynn wasn't going anywhere, he would have a stationary target, making it be easy for him to focus all his magical energy into one giant attack. (Not like he had ever been blessed with a lot of it.)

Still, he was slightly afraid that his attack would be nullified when he'd come into contact with Lynn's terrifying chopper and get chopped into two. In that case, the Elite Healer Adora, who was also their supporter would try her best to supplement them.

She had already conjured a wind boost magic which would greatly increase Rai's velocity for a more impactful landing.

Elite Monk Jigar also tried to prepare himself, but Slaze stopped him. "Don't. We need you to protect Adora as much as possible. I have a feeling this isn't the end of her capabilities. There is no way someone with such a powerful ability wouldn't have thought of a way to cover such an obvious weakness. This might all be a trap to lure us in and take us out at once. In the event we are injured, we still can at least fall back for some healing." Slaze's perceptive comment was the only thing that held back Jigar from going against his command.

But Slaze was indeed risking it all along with Rai to ensure that they could at least stop this person. That way, they could at least be sure that their Shadow King would have one less opponent to worry about if they succeeded. Also, if they were killed in the clash with the female human soldier, the healer would still be available for the fight they anticipated between their King and Jin.

"Here I go!" Rai said as he started to climb at the edge of the stairs and jumped high up. Thankfully there were no obstacles in the middle of the lighthouse, and its hollowness gave Rai the sufficient space to jump. However, it was still rather difficult for him to make a proper jump because of the design of the stairs and location of where Lynn was standing.

He noticed that she had finally returned her chopper back into the wok, meaning that she had sensed that he was going all out for the attack, especially when her attention was locked onto him regardless how Slaze tried to regain it with more magical slashes.

The wok allowed her to ignore Slaze's attacks rather easily, since she was blocking them with Kitchen Zone activated. Yet, Rai believed he still had a chance, as he soared up high and adjusted himself when he reached the required height for the Skyshatterer's dive.

"You got this!" Rai amped himself up and pointed his spear downwards, going for the dive. His spear was gleaming with so much magical energy that it looked like petals from a rainbow-coloured flower descending towards Lynn. The wind magic from Adora boosted the speed of his dive even further, causing winds to blow erratically when he made his dive.

At that point Slaze also moved forth with his sword charged with all the mana he could bring out and performed a slash large enough to bring a cottage house down. To a bystander, there was no way Lynn could succeed in defending against the two pronged attack by herself. And even if she moved away, the collateral impact from the two attacks would definitely knock her out of the lighthouse. (The hole between the walls that Slaze made from his deflected magical slashes was rather inviting.)

The slash slammed into Lynn and not a second later, Rai's Skyshatterer followed through. As usual, dust ensued from the explosion and the sound was rather deafening but Rai was not a single bit confident when he landed.

"F.u.c.k…" Rai cursed as he felt the very same chopper he had seen go through his chest armour. However, at the same time, he was sure that he had hit the wok. "Unless she had transmuted the very same chopper, it's not impossible-" Rai then felt another slash through his chestplate. When the dust settled, he finally understood that they had indeed belittled Lynn.

"My Queen, are you unhurt?" Kido asked as he lifted the choppers out of Rai's corpse and kicked him away. His lance was stuck in the Wok Shield, as Lynn coughed a little and held onto her damaged shield for stability.

"I'm fine." Lynn answered as she looked at Kido, who was jumping onto her shoulder after making sure that he had assassinated Rai properly. The scene was brutal as he chopped his head off cleanly and kicked it into the depths of the lighthouse. It did not take long for the rest of the Tyr Elites to be roused by such a provocation. "Let's clear this mess and assist Jin as fast as possible."

"Don't worry about him. Take care of yourself first. Have a short rest before moving." Kido advised as he climbed down and lifted his chopper up against Slaze and the rest of the party, searing with unkempt anger.

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