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Chapter 1064 - Lynn's Debut - Part 3

Chapter 1064 - Lynn's Debut - Part 3

Lynn was panting heavily, giddy from the multiple explosions that happened right around her. Her ears were ringing so extensively that she needed some time to adjust her bearings.

Still, she had survived the Elite Archer's attack.

On the other hand, the Elite Archer and Demon Lizardman had already passed on from the scene. The rest of the Tyr Elites were still reeling in from Lynn's sudden counter attack. They did not understand how she had managed to do it except for the ones who were secretly watching her.

"Did anyone of you know that our Lynn could send magically charged vibrating knives through multiple dimensional tears?" Pei was astounded by the Cook's feat. The System was nice enough to play back her attack for those who might have missed it around the war table, even using different angles to highlight her as if she had just scored a goal.

Watching it in slow motion, it was easily discernible how the knives had travelled through more one dimensional tears in split seconds, leaving the victims barely any time to react. The only drawback was that the charged knives required more than just mere magic but coordination from her Sub System too.

Were it not for the valiant self-sacrifice of the Demon Lizardman, she could have annihilated the rest of the group in an instant. They all understood that terrified consequence they had barely avoided, unaware that this particular attack had been a sort of trump card for Lynn. If they were to continue battling with her, the Tyr Elites would have quickly realised that her attack was basically like that of a glass cannon with little battle experience.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, there were no 'what-ifs' on the battlefield and only one side could come out victorious. One could even say that luck was also a part of the equation. Lucky for her, the scale of damage as well as the strange magical abilities she had displayed, made them extremely wary of her and took her seriously now.

The Healer tried to save the Lizardman, not wishing to accept the reality that he could have been killed so easily from one attack. However, the Elite Lancer and Swordsman shouted at her to get a grip of herself.

"Jigar, protect her!" The Elite Swordsman ordered the remaining member, a martial artist to keep their Healer protected, as he raised his shield and proceeded to move forward without any hesitation.

"Don't bullshit me! You saw how she could have wiped our entire group easily and you want to go with just the few of us?" Jigar the Monk shouted back but there was no response from the swordsman.

"All the more you should understand why I am asking you to stay back." The swordsman smiled bitterly as he called upon his lancer companion to follow him upwards.

"Shit… I can hear footsteps coming up." Lynn cursed as she struggled to pull her wok shield up to the level of her chest. She had avoided showing herself, to recuperate as much as she could. She returned the shield to its original shape but the sword felt very heavy in her exhausted state.

"Kido, your debut." Lynn was convinced that taking on the rest would be impossible for her. There was no reason to try and play the hero, so it was time for her personal bodyguard to protect the Ninja Queen.

Alas, a certain fox would beg to differ.

"I stopped your bodyguard from appearing." Kraft informed her through the System Channel. "You are better than this Lynn. You've volunteered to help Jin complete this mission! I can see that this last attack took its toll on you, but I know you can push yourself to do more! These few scalps were nothing compared to the diligence in your training. Have you worked this hard just so that Kido could take all the credit away from you?"

"In my defence, I am not-" Kido tried to reply in the System Channel but before he could finish his sentence his connection got cut off. It was apparent that Kraft had only allowed him enough time to make it clear that he was the 'bad guy' behind this decision.. Lynn chuckled and nodded her head quietly.

"I know, Kido. I know." She replied softly and lifted the sword, assuming a battle stance that only the cultivators of the Perfectible Penguin in the Kitchen Hell could possess. She held her sword up and it slowly transformed into a chopper. Lynn stood up straight and had her eyes closed while she straightened her breathing cycle to a certain rhythm despite the fatigue in her muscles.

The Swordsman and Lancer thought this was the best opportunity to attack since her stance had way too many openings for the duo to exploit. They were not those noisy cultivators who will shout as they charge but rather thinking of ways to counter Lynn and achieve the killing blow. But as the duo of Tyr Elites entered Lynn's range, it instantly activated her next trump card.

Kitchen Zone.

Any intruder in this particular zone would be treated by the Penguin Cultivator not as enemies… but as ingredients to be cut! Similar to dealing with a live animal, struggling for its life before the slaughter for the meal, Lynn was about to skin the two Tyr Elites as such.

The Swordsman went for the first blow, by trying to slam his shield against Lynn, just as how Bin Yong performed his shield charge to stun his enemy before attacking them. This gave the Swordsman some blocking capability but its main purpose was for the enemy to redirect themselves away from the shield. By forcing the enemy to move back or to the side, the Tyr Swordsman would follow up to deal with her.

However, Lynn continued to stay still, with her chopper raised up high, on a 45 degree angle. "No way, she intends to clash head on with me?" The Tyr Swordsman did not know whether it was a foolish move or something he should fear especially after what they had just witnessed.

"Go Slaze!" The Tyr Lancer shouted behind him, as if giving him assurances that he would have his support and backup from him. This boasted the Swordsman's confidence as he pressed his shield charge while increasing his magical output to make sure that his shield charge would be formidable enough to knock the opponent down for a wider opening.

But as he went close to Lynn, he suddenly noticed that his shield cracked a little even before their weapons clashed. However, it was too late to move away due to his momentum and he could only watch in horror as the very same chopper Lynn had been holding effortlessly slid through his shield and towards his shoulder.

At that point, Slaze had no choice but to force his body to turn to evade the attack, otherwise the chopper would head straight for his neck. The sudden turn caused the shield to be carved into two in an S shape, splitting it into two as he evaded to the side.

Yet that was not the end as the Lancer pushed forward, about to learn the capability of Lynn's Kitchen Zone.

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