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Chapter 1063 - Lynn's Debut - Part 2

Chapter 1063 - Lynn's Debut - Part 2

Everyone in front of Lynn heard the knives drop to the ground like coins deliberately being thrown to the ground. Despite being the one furthest from her, the Tyr Elite Archer, received a big scare for a moment as he had suspected it to be a big attack.

However, his momentary moment of relief was indeed fleeting.

The knives started to tremble once they all hit the ground, vibrating so violently that the sounds of the hundred knives could be mistaken for a swarm of crickets gathering for the mating season. The Elite Archer had a bad premonition that this was the only chance to defeat the human soldier before she was able to get her attack spell up and running.

"Release! Hell's Hook!" The Archer yelled to unsettle his opponent while also giving his teammates a sign to take cover. As he released his main arrow, the rest of the duplicate arrows hovering beside it started flying in a non-sequential pattern. They were not going straight to the target, yet they also were not flying out of sync, swirling around in mid-air as if he had not aimed properly.

However, Lynn had seen a variety of skills and attacks in the dungeon store. Additionally, Luo Bo, the Pandawan who specialised in Bows, had been a patron of her cuisine. In exchange for food, or rather to express the Rabbit's deepest gratitude for Lynn's impressive cooking, she would sometimes share a tidbit or two on her ranged fighting style.

And the situation they were in was precisely one of the topics they had discussed before.

"If an archer barely misses once, twice and three times over, you can be sure that he was testing you as you manage to evade his attack only by the breadth of your hair. Such attacks were calculated instead of a series of flukes. Thus, any fancy things or methods he uses later on, does not matter and should not be taken into consideration. The only thing you have to note is that he is out there to confuse you. To make you think that you might have a chance of being out alive after all that dangerous close runs you had with him." Luo Bo had lectured Lynn which resonated with her right at this moment.

With a bit of help from the Sub System working furiously behind her half masked visor, she saw first hand that it was somewhat true. While it was a far shot prediction because of the messiness in the arrows' trajectory, the System had assumed that the majority of the arrows were going to miss with the exception of four of them coming towards her with full force.

That was sufficient information for her to perform her counter attack. As Lynn put her sword up ready to transform to the wide black wok once again, the knives had charged up sufficiently, by similarly absorbing the surrounding magic aura emitted from the bottom of the cupboard. Like the Archer, Lynn had decided to play his own game against him. The metal cupboard itself was not only a container for the knives, but also a magical battery charger, created by using the principals Ayse had used to control Peppers' magic.

Only instead of collecting Peppers' excessive magic, this was doing the reverse by transferring magic into the items within the cupboard. However, it could also be used as a healing station or at this particular moment, a charging station for Lynn's weapons.

With her Perfectible Penguin Ruling the Kitchen Hell Cultivation Style, she had an affinity with those kitchen knives that she had bought on sale in the black market. Afterwards, she had added an engravement to indicate that she owned the knives before using it to establish a link between herself and the knife. The connection itself was weak, given just how many knives there were, not to mention that she had hardly ever used them (... well used since they still had their price tags on!), yet it was sufficient for Lynn to perform her own trick against this group of Tyr Elites.

As the arrows were nearing her, Lynn did not waste any time in protecting herself by kneeling and using the staircase and the cupboard as cover. At the same time, she used her Sub System to control the knives and with a one simple word command, a couple of those knives started to pick their 'targets' and their interception.

However, from the Elite Archer's perspective, he was sure that he would have a sure kill. Hell's Hook, as the name suggested, meant that one of the arrows was bound to hit, the rest merely serving as a form of distraction. Normally, those who saw the hail of arrows coming towards them, would try to run for cover and those secondary arrows which were moving erratically would then target the heat source and chase after it.

This was how no one had ever escaped his signature attack. Thus, the Archer quietly applauded the female soldier's bravery for standing her ground as those secondary arrows would not have a chance to be activated and could only hope they hit the target close enough. Yet, he was confident that the main arrows were sufficient in destroying her shield barrier and killing her directly.


The rest of the Tyr Elites knew the strength of their comrade's offensive range attacks and held on to the walls of the lighthouse as support as smoke dissipated around the target. "Tsk, all that woman did was tough talk. In the end, that cupboard full of knives merely drops to the ground without any particular effect. Hahaha-" The Archer laughed momentarily until he realised something was not right.

As he looked down, he discovered a knife right in the middle of his abdomen which he had not noticed before. Then suddenly, his back felt heavy and when he tried to look to the back, he could feel the pain starting to emanate from behind him. The knives were so sharp that it merely slipped through his chainmail armour and stabbed him from the back without any breakage.

That was when he understood that the female commando was not kidding at all. Despite his enhanced perceptiveness, he had only noticed the multiple stab wounds that he had when it was far too late, causing him to fall to the ground bleeding without any possible aid from their team's healer which was with the main group chasing after Lynn.

"No way... What kind of cheat is that?" His words were silent as his lungs ceased to function.

And speaking of the main group, they too had been assaulted during the multiple explosions of the Elite Archer's Hell Hook. Lynn's knife attack had taken out one of their more perceptive team mates, especially the Demon Lizardman who had been injured from the initial simmer inscription attack. Nevertheless, thanks to his quick wittedness, he enveloped the rest of his team into the depth of his own shadow, protecting them from the rain of knives that were nowhere in sight when they took cover.

"Arthur!" The Healer of the Tyr Elites shouted in agony as she grabbed hold of the falling lizardman when his shadow protection had dissipated. Behind the Demon Lizardman's back were a chockfull of knives.

"Take care of yourself. Don't die until I come back." The Demon Lizardman smiled as he took in his last breath.

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