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Chapter 1062 - Lynn's Debut - Part 1

Chapter 1062 - Lynn's Debut - Part 1

At the same time as Lynn said the trigger word, the metal bowl that she attached on the wall immediately activated and a gush of hot steam spewed out from it, causing the shadow silhouette to scream. Furthermore the shadowy figure was ejected from the wall and everyone could see the demon lizardman now reeling in pain on the floor.

"Aww, damn! That's a job well done!" Jin made a mental note to praise Lynn some more when after the mission was over. For now the Dungeon Supplier decided to stop moving. There was still quite a long way to go until they reached the top and it was uncertain whether they could make it before the pursuers would have caught up to them anyways.

As such, it seemed a wiser choice to deal with them here and now. The spiraling stairs were wide enough for a proper showdown and they might have a chance to take the elites out.

Jin would have prefered to conserve his energy and at least have a proper talk with the Shadow King to propose a one on one fight. This way, he could get the Tyr Elites to stand down in the best case scenario. However, he knew too little about the Shadow King to predict whether he would entertain his request.(Or Kraft knew too much and was not telling him anything.) There was really no reason for the Shadow King not to team up with his elites and bully them with numbers. And seeing how they were so insistent in bringing Jin and Lynn down before reaching the Shadow King it could mean several things.

Perhaps their heads equalled an additional reward? Was their Shadow King particularly merciless towards his subordinates' failures? Regardless, their persistence changed Jin's mind to end their lives here. Surprisingly, Lynn merely needed a glance to be able to guess what was going through in Jin's mind.

"Boss, you go ahead. Let me and my Peggies handle this. If everything goes well, I'll bring some reinforcements to your showdown." Lynn shouted as she took her sword out in a defensive stance position. Jin hesitated for only a moment. Hadn't Lynn come here voluntarily to assist him? The dungeon supplier might not be as much a tactical genius as Qiu Yue, but even he understood the strategic value of her decision to occupy them, while he would proceed on ahead. Most importantly, staying here would only mean that he could not trust her enough…

"I leave it to you then. My only order for you as your boss is to stay alive no matter what it takes! Screw the System's trial if necessary!" Jin insisted, as he didn't know whether real death was applicable to them the same way it was to him.

"Don't worry about it." Lynn smiled as she stared at the incoming Tyr Elites. "I will make sure they do not survive my type of hell."

Jin nodded his head and continued climbing the stairs without turning his back nor his head. He emptied his mind and forced himself not to turn around, no matter what he might hear from the fight.

Lynn survived the initial barrage of arrows that came raining on her. But when the archer thought he had a direct hit, he discovered that there was a metal sheet protecting the little girl. That metal sheet was actually a big wide black wok which had slowly transformed back to the sword that Lynn was holding previously.

"As expected from the Queen of Food." Kraft chuckled at the absurdity of the sword transforming into a kitchen equipment. Its utility was strikingly similar to Jin's Bam and Boo but catered to Lynn's way of cultivation.

"I'm quite interested in her variety of equipment. That metal bowl inscription was indeed a sight to behold." Moloch commented as he had never seen such a cultivation yet.

"She probably has an endless assortment of knives to use as projectiles." Nubwort added as a casual speculation and everyone in the War Room laughed… until she brought them out.

Using her sword as a wand (Or maybe it was a spatula upon closer inspection), it looked as if she made a cut in the fabric of time and space. Reaching into that dimensional tear, she grabbed on to something.

The Archer who noticed that she was not dead continued to rain down more arrows from his position as his fellow teammates continued climbing the wide spiralling stairs. "No matter what you pull out, there's nothing that can stop this next shot!" The Archer yelled as if his warning should be taken seriously by his opponent.

Meanwhile, Lynn used her might to pull the handles that she was grabbing on to and the entire tower shook momentarily as the dimensional tear revealed an enormous metal grey cupboard on wheels. It had multiple cabinets but other than its square-like features and its size, there was nothing else impressive about it on first glance.

The archer initially thought there was a huge threat from that magical move Lynn was doing but felt cheated as if she deceived him. Thus, he continued by nocking his bow and started to chant demonic words to enhance the offensive capability of the next arrow he was about to set loose.

'Hell's Hook.'

Or so he had dubbed upon using it on several of his arch enemies in the past. The arrow started to absorb the surrounding magic in the air and multiple arrows subsequently emerged right beside it, mimicking the direction where the arrow was to be shot. These arrows were supercharged to the extent that it could penetrate high tier protection spells. The Tyr Elite Archer was banging on the opportunity to finish Lynn off before his other comrades got to her, and acquiring the kill for himself.

Jin had been right on the money with his theory that they would get rewarded for killing them. Similarly to his way of assigning points to each demon, their Mafias had started assigning bounties on his 'soldiers'. Every head they brought to their respective Mafia Kings would earn them a sufficient amount of coin.

"You are going to be mine. That weird cupboard of yours won't be protecting you from any of my shots." The Archer claimed as he licked his lips but when he was about to let the string off, he noticed something strange emerging from the cold metal looking cupboard. The cupboard instantly opened wide from all sides with their covers dropping to the ground.

All the cabinets revealed knives of various sizes and blades usually used for specific purposes in the kitchen were shining so brightly right in their holders within the cabinet. From cheap iron to bloody expensive adamantine, the knives still had their price tags on, indicating that Lynn had not used them yet.

"You seem to be mistaking, you're MINE." Lynn smirked as she slammed the cupboard, causing all the knives…

To drop.

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