Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 1059 - Convincing Jin

Chapter 1059 - Convincing Jin

With a snap of her fingers, Lynn's equipment appeared on her as soon as Jin gave the go ahead. One would think that she would proceed with a sailor moon transformation given that Jin has his System Rider transformation sequence but it was not anything fanciful at all. A battle vest with pockets as well as a utility waist belt that could hold quite a number of mini accessories. Her sword on her waist had been moved to her back where there was a magnetic attachment along with a retractable belt that facilitated movement.

This granted her better mobility and made sure she had sufficient reach to grab her sword. She had also been wearing the latest prototype of the Gearbox arms and legs attachment made by Ayse's research team. Jin had emphasised to all those present that he would only allow the Kitchen Goddess or more particularly the Sub System Users in general to accompany him into battle if they were well equipped and the Gearbox System was one of those prerequisites. (The girls called him paranoid, but Ayse viewed it as caring and more importantly useful for her research -especially since all the usage could be seen as valuable data.)

That quick 'costume' change startled Jin for a moment before sighing with a gentle smile on his face, something Lynn was waiting for, for a long time. "Let's get going then. Where do you want us to go, El Presidente?" Jin asked Kraft blatantly to make him happy for donning such a military suit. (He knew that fox was merely fishing for praise. Lots of praises.)

"How about the Petal District where the Tyr Gauntlets are residing? They seem to be the strongest based on our intel but of course nothing too menacing for our Kitchen Goddess debut." Kraft suggested as he placed his hand on the war table and a hologram of the district appeared. "From what we know, the Shadow King for the Tyr Gauntlets should be residing somewhere around here."

"Didn't you brief us beforehand that we don't know where exactly they are because they keep to the background?" Jin started to think back on the briefings even though he could not ascertain the facts properly since he had still been half asleep at that point of time.

"True, we don't know where EXACTLY they are, but judging by the strength of the guards around that area, it's a safe bet he should be there. That's why we get our trusty boss to go take a look and if possible annihilate him or her." Kraft replied with a glee in his face.

"So I suppose I can call in reinforcements whenever I feel terribly outnumbered?" Jin questioned as if he was treating this as a trial for himself until he realised they merely wanted to see his powers unfold. "Or maybe I should just retreat."

"Haha boss, you are such a funny guy. Obviously, you should annihilate the threat when he is right in front of you. Why bother wasting time retreating?" Ixel answered as he subconsciously flexed his muscles.

"If anything unforeseen happens, my penguins could be the first to enter the fray. My Sub System is pretty much designed to make sure I can summon them in a pinch. The other big guys could come in later." Lynn replied.

"See, nothing to be worried about. Just trust her and the peggies, since they are also a force to be reckoned with. You just don't know yet." Kraft smirked and winked at dear little Lynn.

The crafty fox understood that this was also a great opportunity for Lynn to finally show off her skills to Jin. Similar to Qiu Yue, she had been secretly working out in conjunction to her usual workload. One could argue that she put in more effort than any of the minions under the System's care. The only thing she sorely needed right now was battle experience.

"Heh, alright. But I will not hesitate to call on you guys if things get too tough. It's not worth the risk of dying for no particular reason when the System controls most of the area, giving it near unlimited access like how it has for the store instance." Jin insisted.

"It's exactly because this fight is so much in our favour that you should not hold back and push your limits. If someday you don't have the System with you for some particular reason, you'll have to rely on yourself to settle matters." Rex argued with prudence.

"It will be impossible. System and User are inseparable." The System stated vehemently in their fairly robotic voice. Those around the table shrugged it off, yet the Dungeon Supplier himself had already experienced times when he did not have the System with him and how powerless he had been without it.

What about all the times when he met up with Ming? There was no System in his own unconscious plane. What if someone decided to use some high level manipulation mind games on him again?

And then there was that incident with the young Ryuli that still plagued his thoughts to this day. In fact, he was surprised that she had strangely stopped harassing him after trying a few days. Jin had been busy with other things, so he had just figured she had her own work to take care off, or that it might have perhaps been a sort of courtesy from Kong Rong.

Nevertheless, he was not going anywhere else with the Tree Mall intact, so Ryuli knew where to find him. Unfortunately, it was guaranteed that she would sooner or later come to him to find out the truth about her master when she was free…

"Ahem, Earth to Jin." Lynn waved her hand in front of Jin who had been clearly lost in a world of his own. "There's no use overthinking things. Let's just go out and do our best."

"Ah sorry, I was just thinking about what Rex just said." Jin smiled as he asked the System to teleport them to Petal District, as close as possible to the supposed location of their Shadow King. It was better to strike fast and hard than waste their time on clearing the minions.

Oddly enough, the System did not open a direct portal to the target location. Instead, they kind of disappeared into thin air, traversing through time and space to reach their place. Jin could only believe that the System was doing it to keep his teleport location nice and quiet.

The super entity had performed a flash teleport bomb to catch their enemies off guard, but it was a different situation when Jin and Lynn felt their surroundings explode around them. Only once the dust started to dissipate a little, did Jin's visor instantly identify groups of demons congregating around them.

"What the hell… the System sure knows how to pull my feet." Jin raised his sword offensively despite the need to adjust himself to the new surroundings. While Lynn was still coughing and trying to balance herself, the enemies were already on the move, happy to score a kill against their unknown opponents who had presented themselves to them on a silver platter.

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