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Chapter 1058 - Aftermath of the Guard House Massacre

Chapter 1058 - Aftermath of the Guard House Massacre

"Not bad, not bad. The Pandawan Team has taken down an entire guard house on their own." Nubwort rubbed his chin as he monitored the overall situation within the Demopolis. A portion of the Merchants District was in disarray after they found out that one of their guard houses had been taken down.

As these guard houses were strategically placed to cover a wide range of the Merchants District, it was a hard blow for the Atrocity Mafia that their members could be subjugated within an hour's time. The only thing the reinforcements had been able to do had been to watch and then report the destruction and end result of the massacre.

Ghimley might not have been the strongest of the Guard Leaders but he had still commanded a fair bit of clout. The guards under him had been considered to be better than average. The upper echelons of the Mafia Family had the impression that he would at least be skillful to at least occupy the enemies until reinforcements came in.

But now, with the entire guard house slaughtered, it could only mean that King Rex's special forces were not a joke. News spread like wildfire and everyone under the Three Shadow Kings believed that this was a show of power, a statement to the rest of their factions that they could hit fast and hard whenever they wanted. It was a scary thought that a group of elites could be so effective when the rest of King Rex's hired 'soldiers' were already making their waves in the outer districts.

The fights there were fairly violent when compared to the assault on the Atrocity's guard house. But unlike the Pandawans who had acc.u.mulated a fair amount of Panda coins to spend rather frivolously when it came to weapons, it was not the same for the other Pandarens who had yet to find the safehouse. They were fighting with whatever inventory they had in their storage ring and the clash was basically about who had the guts to score more kills.

That's not to say that the Three Shadow King's Mafia family were not actively participating in these attritions of war. That was also one of the reasons why reinforcements could not arrive as quickly as anticipated for the assault on the guard house. They thought it was a good idea to send their attackers to the frontline and leave their territory lightly guarded. They knew there might be possible assaults from the sky but they could not believe King Rex's shock troopers were able to break through and into the districts.

And because of this daring move from the Pandawan Team, it had subtly changed the course of battlefield. The Mafia demons who had been winning initially against the Pandarens had finally seen a stalemate in the last few hours. However, all these were solely the Pandaren's efforts.

The Round Table of Jin's Minion Leaders had yet to reveal any of their trump cards. So far, they had merely assisted the cultivators by quietly providing caches of new weapons and medical kits for the Pandarens on the frontlines. With the System's ability to manipulate the Demopolis Dungeon Core, it was able to slip in a few goodies towards the Pandarens and ensure that they would have an advantage over the Mafia demons.

Nevertheless, whenever the Pandarens ended up killed, the loot would go over to the victor. As such, the Mafia demons were similarly able to get hold of Jin's advanced weapons, which they then used against the Pandarens (after some initial figuring out how to operate them).

However, the System and the people using the System were not stupid. Those items in the caches had been designed to only have a certain durability to them. Be it the Pandarens or Demons who used them, those items would break after a period of time. If a Pandaren User were to check it through the Pandamonium App, there was a tag within the weapons that stated that it was fragile, indicating it would break after a number of times.

But in exchange, the weapon was more powerful than the usual they used and this was up to the Pandarens to use it sparingly or for the lucky Mafia demons that managed to pick them. Jin had not been too much a fan of that mechanism, but Kraft had reassured him that not only would it be more interesting this way, but there was also a failsafe inscription that would guarantee that they would break into pieces if the System noticed that they were used on him. (That is assuming that he was going into battle.)

"Speaking off, why don't you go into battle? You have been slogging your life away to make this, so it would be a pity for you to just sit back and relax." Kraft proposed when he saw the attackers from the infamous three Mafias returning back to their respective districts as per the System's cameras and radars.

"Yeah, I think it will be a good stretch and allow us to see what you are truly capable of." Rex agreed with the idea. He himself was also itching for a decent fight but he knew that these Mafias might not be even a proper warm up exercise session for him.

"You know that if I did that, I would truly be blowing my own trumpet in front of experts like you guys, right? To display my pathetic skills before an expert would be a disgrace." Jin argued with his head shaking so hard to show his reluctance.

"Oh come on now, Boss! We all know about your grade up! We've ascertained that it was entirely different from the normal you a few weeks back and it seems even more so from all those sleepless nights you've been forcing yourself into. Not to mention, the System also needs to update its defence component in case something major happens, right?" Kiyu made sure to rope the System in to nudge its unwilling User to perform for the foxes.

"If Jin is going, would it be alright if I came with him?" Lynn volunteered as tribute. She had been watching the commotion from the side with the rest of them.

Since she wanted to be part of the entire process ever since she started working on the rest of the Cultivation Zoo instance. She figured that fighting alongside with Jin might give her some insight or even inspiration for the Cultivation Zoo. (But everyone knows that was an excuse, even Jin who could see it so blatantly for once.)

"You sure? This kind of battlefield is not something you are used to." Qiu Yue, who had been analysing the tactics various Pandarens had been using, some quite ingenious and recorded for posterity was worried for her colleague. She recalled the time she and Lynn had been out in the Giant World, but this would be an entirely different battlefield.

"All the more reason I should give it a try. How else I will learn if I stay safe the whole time. In the event that I had to defend myself with or without Jin, I would be better prepared." Lynn said as she unconsciously touched her sword that was held on her waist.

"I don't mind. In fact, if you're there maybe our lazy Panda Boss will have some motivation to show off." Kraft gave a one sided smirk and told Jin to make the move. The Dungeon Supplier sighed and knew that Lynn was doing her utmost to integrate.

He was not as dense as some shonen protagonists, so he did appreciate the thoughts that she wanted to spend time to be with him. Jin too wanted to do the same and whether that was out of guilt for leaving her out most of the time, it did not matter now.

"Don't worry, Boss. If our Queen really gets into a pinch, the Sub System will call us out to save her." Kido, her most competent Ninja Penguin suddenly appeared right in front of him to assure him.

"Alright, if that's the case. Let's go for a spin." Jin finally agreed as he asked Lynn to 'suit' up.

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