Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 1060 - Back To A Corner

Chapter 1060 - Back To A Corner

"The heck?!" Jin shouted within the System's Channel. "What kind of teleport was that?!"

"As User had surmised, it is a mid tier spell, Flash Teleport Bomb. It is to provide ample surprise against your opponents while injuring them at the same time. Given the security level of the enemies, a normal portal might have alarmed them or even prompt them to enter it." The System replied.

"Fine, I get what you did, but why did you teleport us into the midst of the enemy lines?!" Jin stressed as he saw a body moving towards him without reserve.

The Dungeon Supplier did not hesitate to bring out his System Belt in case the enemy was way stronger than he expected them to be. But before he could even attach it to his waist, the bolstering figure emerged out of the smoke and into Jin's front view, he was nearly 180cm tall cladded in full metallic armour and his double sided axe were cleaving through the dust, headed right towards Jin's body.

Thus, the Panda Cultivator did not hesitate to grab Lynn and using the smoke screen of debris to his advantage, he quickly performed his signature fake fall that allowed him to move out of the way, avoiding the chop. What he did not expect was that the axe chop was immensely impactful that the flooring broke and created a crate right where he had been standing just a moment ago, causing more debris scatter as well as dust clouds.

Thus, Jin attempted to avoid it by rolling further away from the impact site. But then, a few arrows started to fly towards him and he could sense them to be highly charged with magical energy. His body was attuned to all sorts of punishment from Ming's vigorous training, so he instinctively moved backwards. At the very same time, Jin threw Bam and Boo out, powered by his Green Panda Wind Energy, allowing it to accurately counter the charged magical arrows zooming through the smoke screen.

Lynn, on the other hand, felt like she was a parcel being thrown around in a sorting centre with Jin being the courier. Despite his rough handling of her, there were no cuts or immediate bruises on the chef. It was as if Jin was holding her like a fragile packet despite the excessive tossing.

The last magically charged arrow went too close for comfort but Jin managed to take it down with a projectile shot of White Panda Ice Energy. At that point, Jin and Lynn were pushed to a corner and the entire group of warriors took their offensive stance while surrounding the cornered humans,

"For a shock squad, they are rather petite." A deep grunted voice came from the very same axe warrior who had tried to cleave Jin into two.

"Still, for the guy in that weird black and white bear mask to deflect my arrows with some style, he isn't too bad." A more husky voice emerged from the side.

"You want to take him to our liege? Perhaps he can provide more information about that fake King." A lizard shaped man spoke but Jin could only see his silhouette.

"You are giving these humans too much credit. For them to use such a half ass shock ambush, they must have come here by accident rather than on purpose." Another murmured to his colleagues.

"In any case, they should be punished for destroying our valuable intel." The stout guy said as he readied his axe and prepared to attack. If they were too weak then they wouldn't know much anyway.

"That's fine with me." Jin thought as he placed his clenched hand near his mouth and spewed a huge breath of Black Fire towards the crowd, using his hand as funnel. Afterall, a cornered Panda could still bite.

The Black Panda Fire Breath startled the group of Tyr Gauntlets Elites, giving Lynn a chance to calm her nerves and grasp the situation. She quickly placed her hand in one of her utility belt pockets, revealing a black metallic dome shaped item which she stuck on the wall. (Which actually looked like a bowl.) The black metallic dome was imbued with a high grade "Melt" inscription which caused the wall to disintegrate slowly, unveiling a path for Jin and Lynn to escape from.

"We can move out now!" Lynn spoke through the System Channel. Both of them quickly went into the other room and Jin sealed the hole with a barrier of White Ice. It was perfect timing since the armoured demon with the axe was pushing through despite the flames. He was blocking to keep his face intact but Jin's Black Flames were not just a blast of heat.

Damage over Time.

Each second the Armoured Demon blocked the attack, the multiplying effect of the Black Flames were doubled and the Armoured Demon felt the heat searing through his plated armour. Jin believed that the only way for the Demon to stop taking damage was to stop the source itself. Plus the continuous flame itself was a source of distraction to prevent the rest from coming near. With the heat going up to more than 300 degrees Celsius, the other Tyr Elites kept their distance until the opponent was weary.

However, the sudden fall of the ice barriers stopped them dead in their tracks with the exception of the Armoured Demon being encased halfway into the ice barrier. He could clearly see that they were not cornered anymore and ran out of the room.

As he tried to utilise his brute force to unshackle himself from the ice barrier, Jin sent another few sharp blocks of White Ice right into his face, piercing through his skull and into his body. The ice continued to freeze his warm innards until they became a slab of ice mixed with mere bones and meat.

"Sorry, but I'm not some naive anime protagonist that gives my enemies a chance. I'm not ashamed to take the kill when it presents itself." Jin mumbled to himself as he attempted to catch his breath before moving on while Lynn.

"If you want to complain, do so once you're under my service, after this ordeal."

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