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Chapter 1053 - Pandawans' New Weapons

Chapter 1053 - Pandawans' New Weapons

Although the alerted patrol guard had been annihilated, this battle was far from over. More Atrocity guards left the guard house before they split up. The bigger group went towards the opposite building where Bin Yong's strike team had unleashed their improvised rockets from while the smaller group went after Xiong Da and Lee An.

With the entire patrol decimated, there had been no one to report the ferocity of the two cultivators so their leader had merely sent a smaller group after them. They assumed that Bin Yong and the others had been the ones to kill off the patrol outside, leaving two of their comrades out in the streets.

"Wow, I thought we were falling behind badly but it seems that these guards are actually worth quite a fair bit of points. Too bad we don't have the time to apprehend them properly." Lee An lamented as he took a look at his Monkey Emporium brand digital watch which he showed off the scoring their team had earnt.

Obviously, the watch manufacturers had not had Pandamonium App in mind but Jin's shop instance featured a store that provided exclusive options to upgrade digital watches regardless of brand. They did however state that it would void the warranty of the watch, yet the perks of using it in the dungeon instances were so immense that many opted to use it.

"You mean we are number one right now?" Xiong Da grabbed one of his warclubs and returned it to his storage ring while he continued to hold the other as a two handed weapon.

"That would have been too easy. No, some other Pandaren team under the name of 'Mojo's Villains League' is holding that position at the moment, but we are gaining momentum. It was the right choice to hit a high value target." Lee An replied as he readied his stance after he reloaded his pistol and checked his wrists.

In order to ensure a quick reload time during high intense fights, he had to make sure that his pistol clips were easy enough to reach. To do that he utilised a bracelet on each arm that acted as pistol clip holders, which could hold two clips, one on each side of his arm. In a way, it acted as a basic wrist protector too since the clip holders were made of heavy duty metal. It had been a little more expensive than the usual clip holders, since it could potentially hinder his movements.

However, Lee An had seen the effectiveness of his pistol wielding abilities first hand against these demons making him trust in his decision to go with this one. On the other hand, Xiong Da was gleeing as he held his war club tight. With the (almost) unlimited amount of money on hand, he too had something that could change the tide of battle.

His warclub had been heavily modified into something akin to a gunblade, although one would more than likely just call it a shotgun warclub. While it was not usable outside of Jin's dungeons, this was potentially one of the most terrifying weapons made by Jin's inhouse weaponsmith, Vulcan (Let's not count Kraft's constant 'experiments' which gave Vulcan and Jin's science team a bad headache).

By using physics and chi, the blacksmith had created a war club for Xiong Da that utilised a kinetic energy modifier to stall the 'shotgun' charges. The lawyer merely needed to exert a little bit of his chi to fire off a scatter shot of energy into his enemies. Still, that was not the only war club that had been modified. The one the Hippo Pandawan had returned into his storage ring had the same concept except that it had chambers for shotgun rounds and even alternatives such like dragonbreath shotgun shells in conjunction with the kinetic energy modifier war club.

One might even argue that it was overkill no matter how much the number one customer of Jin's had equipped himself with. The poor guards had no idea what was coming. The first demon Mafia guard who was about the same size as Xiong Da challenged him directly to a duel. He rushed towards the Hippo Cultivator, confident in his strength to bring down one of the culprits who had killed his friends.

However, Xiong Da, who had been casually swinging his war club while waiting for his enemies to regroup, was all ready to plummet the Mafia demon into one big lump of meat. True enough, just as the Mafia demon came into range of Xiong Da, the war club smacked him from the bottom of his feet and up to the third floor.

The Mafia demon crashed through the walls, resulting in multiple injuries. Xiong Da thought that to be enough to frighten quite a number of Atrocity Mafia demons, yet it ended up having the opposite effect. All of them were enraged and even felt excited that there was a strong enemy to fight against.

They had been nearly bored stiff from the constant guard duty with no signs of the Demopolis Police despite the warnings from their higher ups. So when these unique human magic combatants with those half masks had started to appear, they had looked forward to this chance to wreak havoc.

The Mafia demon immediately recognised them as the soldiers that King Rex must have employed mainly because of the weapons they used. From the fast draw pistol to the heavily modified war club which could not be manufactured with usual means. They understood that these humans were the special forces that had been rumoured to be dropping into the neighbourhood and they quietly infiltrated into the districts.

While they did not have modern telecommunications, magic orbs and other magical items easily replaced those, allowing the various Mafias to send out transmission amongst each other. They understood that even though they had their differences, this particular "cleansing" wasn't something they could stand on their own.

This 'draining the swamp' had bonded them to look out for each other… at least on the surface. In reality, the three Shadow Kings merely wished to have as much information on their enemies, so they could be prepared for them.

This particular ambush by the Pandawan Team was a daring attack that the Atrocity Mafia didn't take kindly to. The top Guard Leader had already transmitted the information about these human special forces causing trouble, especially focusing on their new weapons, making all three Mafias enter into high alert. The upper brass had also immediately sent out reinforcements to the damaged guardhouse to take care of the offenders.

Just as the guard leader was done forwarding that information, he sensed two humans in his vicinity, despite the awful burning smell from the aftermath of the explosions.

And it seemed that they were very keen to take his head.

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