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Chapter 1054 - Commanding Guard Leader's Room

Chapter 1054 - Commanding Guard Leader's Room

Luo Bo and Ruo Ying surrounded him.

There was no need for him to query the two human invaders about their intention as they stood in front of his doorstep with dead bodies piling right behind them. He only saw their result, yet the spectators of this very exciting raid in Jin's shop had seen the two women fight their way to this 'miniboss'.

Being quite the adept bow user, Luo Bo had used a rope arrow to scale the walls pulling along Ruo Ying with her. During the commotion from the front gate, the two Pandawans had snuck to the back of the building.

While Ruo Ying could have used her chains, Luo Bo had invested in a belt that had an automated axle that her rope could be attached to. Thanks to it, the two Pandawans had managed to reach the highest sixth floor without wasting their chi, all while keeping their presence hidden.

It was all going well until a guard had happened to patrol right there, right then.

Just when he had been about to sound the alarm, Ruo Ying's thrown out her spiked chain which had penetrated the thick reinforced glass and into the guard's chest. Luo Bo had similarly followed up by using a handheld mini crossbow, enhancing it with chi so that it could perform the final blow.

While it had achieved the desired result, the sound of glass breaking was bound to attract unwanted attention to their floor and the two Pandawans had been aware that they had to act fast now before guards would come to investigate.

As such, they had entered through that window with Ruo Ying in the lead since she could easily detach the chains which she had used to bind Luo Bo to herself like a rope for moving upwards. The moment they touched the ground, the Esthetical Egret Cultivator had mercilessly used her chains to find the nearest possible target it could strike.

If not for the small corridors, the guard members could have easily evaded the chains, yet the current interior design had allowed Ruo Ying's snake-like chains to mercilessly zoom and aim for the guard's vital spots such as their necks and chest. Whenever a chain had missed its target, she had used the walls to make it rebound hitting the guards from unbelievable angles. Amidst the explosive commotion from the second and third floor, their own fight remained largely undetected, allowing them to enter the Guard Leader's room.

Still, to become a Commanding Guard Leader in the Atrocity Mafia was no easy feat. Even as the noise and fights in the streets had grabbed much of his attention, Ghimley had similarly sensed it in his bones that there was internal strife within the building. However, his first priority had been to inform their current headquarters about any new developments.

"Thank you for waiting." Ghimley said as he placed the 'phone' down with a sigh of relief. With his duty fulfilled he was ready to take revenge for the guards that these two humans had killed. He knew that his underling would eventually get resurrected but it was one thing to reincarnate outside of the city and another to do so in Demopolis.

Unfortunately for the Mafia factions, the final say for anyone resurrecting within the city currently lays with King Rex. Such matters would be usually handled by the staff from the Church of the Afterlife within the city, yet the new king had actively scoured them even before the mass migration and a number of them had gone missing.

The Mafia factions could only infer that King Rex had done so to control who was allowed to resurrect within the city. Without the Church of the Afterlife staff to facilitate the resurrection, it meant that the Mafia forces were bound to dwindle in due time. That was one of the reasons why the three Shadow Kings who had deep feuds among themselves had decided to put their hatred aside and assist one and another.

For example, the Atrocity Mafia's healers had been bestowed by the Eld Enclaves. However, one look and it would be obvious to anyone that they had been given a batch of healers who could barely be called as such. Most of them had been merely recruits of newly joined demons who knew way too little about healing.

It had been a slap in the face despite the truce they had agreed to, especially since a previous clash between the Atrocity and the Eld Enclave Mafias had been one of the worst catastrophes in Demopolis City's history. Both sides had never liked each other, yet the new king's actions had forced their cooperation.

Ghimley had believed that the King's forces would have focused on eradicating the weaker Mafia groups first since they had been placed at the edge of their districts and closer to the Royal Palace as well as the main Police Headquarters. As such part of his reported intel had been about the current surprise ambush that defied the Mafias' expectations, informing them that human commandos with half masks had been sent out to do as much damage as possible.

He did not like it and counted himself unlucky that he had to fight them especially when he saw Xiong Da's warclub smashing through his defenders despite them putting up quite a fight for him. And to make things even more unpleasant, two human magical commandos who had slaughtered his guards were right in front of him. Seeing that he might have a disadvantage fighting them in the room, he roared out loud while flipping his table right in front of him.

It was no ordinary table flip as it flew straight towards Ruo Ying and Luo Bo, blocking their field of vision, giving Ghimley the opportunity to escape out into the open. He had mistaken those two as close quarter combatants that could annihilate his guards in minutes but he couldn't be more wrong.

Luo Bo and Ruo Ying rejoiced at the fact that their target refrained from engaging them in such close combat.

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