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Chapter 1052 - Clash With the Guard Patrol

Chapter 1052 - Clash With the Guard Patrol

"Chase after them!" A grumpy demon shouted from the highest floor of the guardhouse. The primary Pandawan Strike Team figured him to be the leader of the guards, so Lee An had signalled for Luo Bo and Ruo Ying to test the capabilities of the 'boss' whereas he would follow up with Xiong Da after dealing with the guards outside. They might have lesser firepower but Xiong Da assured his current leader that they would be sufficient against those fools.

While the women had left to go after the Guard Leader's head, Xiong Da had already jumped out from his location and raced to the centre of the patrol team who were preparing themselves against the RPG canisters. Still, as expected from an elite group of Mafia demons, the defenders noticed Xiong Da's presence shortly after he came out even though he did not make any loud blatant charging noise as he would usually do.

Half of them quickly turned their back after slamming their shields to the ground. Since they were resolute enough to stay on the ground with the might exerted by the defenders, the patrol believed it was sufficient to stop the RPG canisters that came their way and rushed to intercept Xiong Da. However, they did not know that these canisters had been charged with not just explosives within the metal can but also chi to double the combustible strength.

It caused their iron shields to burst into pieces when the RPG canisters impacted, injuring some of the healers and guards. This caused a split moment of hesitation for the defenders and that was all Xiong Da needed to intercept them with his large warclubs.

Aye! Two warclubs, one in each hand, slamming through the group's defenders from the front. However, to his surprise, the defenders were able to match the strength of his weapons' slam and that further made him even more elated.

"This is just the beginning!" Xiong Da hyped himself up as he used whatever momentum he had left to turn his body and to deal out another wide slam. Yet, the guards were not there for show as they instantly used the opening the lawyer gave them to counterattack, causing him to fall back from the blows.

Fortunately, he was not alone. Lee An did not waste any more time as he came out with his pistol and began firing earnestly at the guards. While the guards were perceptive enough, all but one evaded Lee An's support fire. A few perished from the headshots and the rest only sustained minor wounds as they shamelessly used their comrade's fallen body as a meat shield to stop the attacks.

Xiong Da quickly recovered from his fall and Lee An diverted his firing support to the edges of the patrol team so that they would not hit the Hippo Cultivator. Still, he noticed that the guards felt that his weapon could be disarmed or less effective at closer combat and thus a few attackers from the patrol team disembark from the main group and were already rushing towards him.

"Tsk, you are just coming to a step closer to death each time you approach me." Lee An thought as he released his off hand to hover it above the knuckle knives he had slotted near his waist. Once the guards entered his range, he used a combination of punches and slashes while switching his pistol to full automatic, allowing him to fire off quick bursts at close quarters.

This time around, the guards were unable to evade despite their extra sensory perception. They never saw it coming that his pistol could be fired in such short intervals. That knowledge came too late though, as they fell to the ground in pain from the direct shots to the chest. Though it was a fairly quick death in the eyes of the police officer, the demon guards felt their pain lasted for an eternity before taking their breath.

In the meantime, Xiong Da had battled with the defenders and a few of their guards but both parties realised that the guards had an advantage in terms of agility. So the Pandawan was quick to forgo his war club for a more direct approach. As the guards rushed to attack him, he did not hesitate to grab them with his hands and grappled two of them to his chest.

At that point, he exerted his chi onto his clothes, causing them to activate and instantly the two guards were killed on the spot. Once the Hippo Cultivator released them, the remaining defenders were shocked to see stab wounds all over their dead companion. They did not know how Xiong Da had done it, but it had become clear that getting too close to him was basically a death sentence.

Sadly, things did not go their way as Xiong Da also activated his boots' inscription charms and sped towards them grabbing another two defenders on each arm before using them as an alternative to war clubs.

He held onto their legs and slammed the two defenders together in a manoeuvre that caused the bodies to splatter right in front of the healers. Seeing that most of their guards and defenders were killed, the healer demons took the right course of action to run away from them but Lee An had no intentions to allow them to regroup with those inside the building.

"It's a good thing these healers take time to work their magic. They thought that their team would be fast enough to kill us and they could focus on healing." Lee An thought to himself as he went towards them but like him, the healers were actually keeping their trump cards.

Poison daggers were brandished at the very last minute but Lee An with the cultivation of the Yondering Yak, quickly activated his skill "Force Step of the Yak." That enabled him to forcefully leap backwards a few metres and avoid the 'surprise' dagger strikes. As part of his counterattack, he raised his gun and dealt reactionary fire to the healers despite the inadequacy to coup with the inertia from his evasive manoeuvres.

Even though the aim was off because of the leap, the distance between the two parties was close to considerably injure the healers, causing them to drop to the ground wrangling in pain. Once Lee An stabilised himself, he did not hesitate to drop another bullet to each of them, releasing them from their anguish.

With this swift assault, nearly the entire on duty patrol team had been disabled.

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