Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 3470 Slaying Jia Luo

Chapter 3470 Slaying Jia Luo

The dagger was pitch-black and gave off no aura at all. In fact, it practically couldn’t be sensed in the slightest. There wasn’t sharp air or anything coming from it, but it had pierced through Jia Luo’s golden armor and stabbed him through the heart.

The golden armor’s light was so powerful that let alone getting through it, even touching it was impossible. Even World Kings were sent flying by the pressure that belonged to a Divine Venerate.

However, in front of that black dagger, it was as if the armor had lost all its power. That dagger instantly pierced through it, and its golden light slowly faded.

At the same time, Jia Luo’s body darkened as if he had been cursed. His life energy rapidly withered, just like when Long Chen was stabbed by the sword tip.

At that time, Long Chen had exhausted almost all of the primal chaos space’s life energy just to keep himself alive. Now, it was Jia Luo’s turn. His cultivation base was completely sealed by this power, so he was unable to summon a single trace of energy.

Everyone’s jaw dropped. They looked at Long Chen who was standing behind Jia Luo and appeared completely apathetic.

“Lord Brahma’s disciple is only at this level. Now, do you still doubt my words?” Long Chen looked at Jia Luo indifferently as the latter’s life energy rapidly dissipated.

No one knew how terrifying this dagger was better than Long Chen. He didn’t want to experience being stabbed by it a second time.

Jia Luo also realized that his intuition back then had not been wrong. When Long Chen charged at him, Long Chen had clearly been exhausted, but Jia Luo was the one to feel like death was approaching.

His intuition had told him to immediately flee, but he had actually thought that it was a misperception. Now, he realized that it was correct.

“Don’t kill me!”

Jia Luo was pale and absolutely terrified. At this moment, his life was in Long Chen’s hands.

Seeing Jia Luo in this predicament, Liao Bencang roared, “Long Chen, release Jia Luo! He is Divine Venerate Brahma’s disciple and a descendant of the Asura race! He has the blood of the Asura race. If you kill him, the Divine Venerate and the Asura race will descend! All of you will die miserable deaths…”

“Idiot!” Enpuda’s expression suddenly changed. This fellow’s head really was filled with crap. He actually threatened Long Chen at such a time.

As expected, after Liao Bencang said this, Long Chen thrust a hand of lightning through Jia Luo’s head. The bolt of lightning pierced his head, causing his body to stiffen before slowly limply falling to the ground, the fire of his soul extinguished.

With Jia Luo’s cultivation base, he should have had a chance to escape with at least his Yuan Spirit. But the attack that he had been struck by was no ordinary attack. The dagger had a terrifying power that also sealed the soul within the body so that when the body died, so did the soul.

As for Enpuda and Liao Bencang, when they saw that his Yuan Spirit didn’t flee, they thought that he was unwilling to abandon his physical body and simply wanted to first negotiate with Long Chen. They were unaware that it wasn’t that he was unwilling but that he was unable to.

Jia Luo’s corpse fell to the ground. The sound wasn’t loud, but on this silent battlefield, it shook people’s hearts like thunder.

A terrifying genius that had made his name famous countless years ago, a Divine Venerate’s disciple, a figure with countless honors to his name, a terrifying existence countless people looked up to, had died just like this.

“Lord Brahma? The Asura race? We’ll all die miserably? Who cares? Dead is dead. From the moment I set foot into the cultivation world, my life was no longer what was important. What matters is that if I am to live, I must live with dignity. If I cannot do that, then I would rather choose to die in a brilliant fire. You might not know this, but I, Long Chen, do not submit to any threats. Since you want my life, you must be prepared to endure my wrath.” Long Chen slowly pulled out the dagger and turned toward Enpuda and Liao Bencang. Their expressions were twisted with fury.

“Long Chen!”

Liao Bencang let out a furious roar, and even his hair stood on end. He was going crazy with rage. Jia Luo was Lord Brahma’s disciple, so his status was special. For him to die, they had truly provoked a huge calamity.

Liao Bencang’s power fully erupted. With a single step, he instantly appeared in front of Long Chen.

As a result, he had just moved when everyone else, who had long since stored up power, attacked at the same time. Bai Zhantang, Bai Shishi, the Battle God Palace’s experts, as well as the five World Kings from the Netherworld all attacked at once. With so many experts striking him at the same time, Liao Bencang didn’t even have a chance to do anything before his avatar was directly killed.

After killing Liao Bencang, everyone turned to Epuda, only to find that he had long since vanished.

“No need to search. That crafty fellow merely used that idiot Liao Bencang. Enpuda ran after using him to draw attention.” Long Chen waved his hand, indicating to them not to search.

Jia Luo was dead, the Nine Underworld Luocha was half-dead after being tormented, Liao Bencang’s avatar was destroyed, and countless devil experts, deep sea fiend devils, and Devil Eye Water Lilies had been exterminated. Although Enpuda had fled, it was still a victory for Long Chen.

“Dean, the invasion of the Nether Qi is starting to corrode the foundation stone,” reminded Heaven Master Yun Yang nervously.

When the barrier was broken, the foundation stone was injured. In its weakest state, it was easy for the Nether Qi to infect it. If the foundation stone was infected with too much of that Nether Qi, it would be destroyed.

Before Long Chen could say anything, the World King from the Netherworld said, “Master Long Chen, it is our fault for being trash. We weren’t able to help. If the Heavenly King learns of this, we…” He sighed with shame. “I beg Master Long Chen to forgive us.”

He was already waving for his people to return to the Netherworld, gathering their corpses as well for fear of those corpses infecting the immortal spiritual qi here.

“How can you say that? If it wasn’t for you coming, my High Firmament Academy would have taken horrendous losses. You’ve helped me out immensely. I won’t say any courteous words. I will remember this favor, and when we have a chance in the future, let us drink and chat.” Long Chen cupped his fists toward him.

Those World Kings were delighted by his words. They waved goodbye and left the immortal world. After that, the spatial channel quickly closed.

Enpuda’s move this time was truly sinister. This channel could only be repaired from the Netherworld. Fortunately, it was the Heavenly King’s people who came, or the seventh branch academy would have been destroyed.

“Oh? Where is Jia Luo’s corpse?” Bai Xiaole suddenly cried out. Only then did everyone notice that Jia Luo’s corpse was gone.

“What? You hate him so much that you want to defile even his corpse?” Long Chen laughed, eliciting smiles from the others.

Just before Enpuda left, he took Jia Luo’s corpse. Although Bai Xiaole hated Jia Luo, now that the latter was dead, he really wasn’t interested in playing with his corpse.

“First, repair the foundation stone and the transportation formation. We need to beg for aid from the main academy. Fuck, we’ll need to continue rebuilding the seventh branch academy…” Looking at the wreckage around him, Long Chen’s heart was dripping blood.

“Send a message to Zheng Wenlong. This time, I’m going to create the strongest branch academy.”


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