Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 3471 The Man in the Shadows

Chapter 3471 The Man in the Shadows

“Enpuda, fuck your mother!”

Within a palace, Liao Bencang was furiously roaring at Enpuda.

“You rat bastard, you tricked me into charging forward while you hid like a little turtle! I will not let you off this time!”

Enpuda tossed Jia Luo’s corpse to the ground. He coldly asked, “When did I make you charge forward?”

“Fuck, you refuse to admit it?! You were the one who clearly said to kill Long Chen at the end!” cursed Liao Bencang, practically jumping with fury.

“I was saying that killing Long Chen is impossible, so we should run. You didn’t let me finish talking before you charged out. Who can you blame for that?” Enpuda snorted coldly.

Liao Bencang almost coughed up blood. Enpuda had clearly conned him at the end, costing him his avatars while Enpuda escaped safe and sound.

It had to be known that his avatars were condensed out of a huge amount of faith energy. They contained all the faith energy concentrated over millions of years from two of his divine statues.

In order to increase the power of their avatar, they had each condensed two and sent them to the Vile Dragon Domain. After that, both of his avatars were slain, while Enpuda still had his two avatars intact.

Thinking carefully, other than some fallen followers, Enpuda hadn’t suffered any losses this time. As for himself, he hadn’t just lost two avatars, the rank one Heaven Fiend, the Nine Underworld Luocha, had almost died today. His fury soared just thinking about it.

“Don’t talk about useless things. Jia Luo is dead, and there’s definitely no way to cover this up. We must inform the Divine Venerate,” said Enpuda, looking at Jia Luo’s corpse gravely.

“What are you so afraid of? The Divine Venerate has three thousand disciples, and Jia Luo is just one of them. Moreover, the Divine Venerate is still in seclusion and is at a critical juncture. We cannot disturb him. We can only temporarily keep this matter to ourselves,” said Liao Bencang coldly.

“Alright. I recorded you saying that with a photographic jade.” Enpuda nodded.


Liao Bencang didn’t hold back and unleashed a kick at Enpuda. Enpuda had once more conned him. If Lord Brahma did ask about this in the future, Enpuda would push all the blame onto him.

Enpuda seemed to have long since expected Liao Bencang’s reaction and easily dodged his attack. He coldly said, “You stupid idiot, this seamless plan was ruined because of your foolish interference. You refuse to accept responsibility?”

“Fuck your mother, it was clearly your plan that was trash! If you had launched the second attack on the barrier, it definitely would have broken. But you just had to act smart and open a portal to the Netherworld. But you ended up drawing the wolves in, resulting in failure!” roared Liao Bencang.

“You’re really stupid. If you wanted to save the Nine Underworld Luocha, you had so many methods, but you just had to pick the most foolish one. If you hadn’t split your avatars, resulting in your power dropping, we also wouldn’t have been defeated. If you had power like me, then with myself, you, and Jia Luo joining forces, who could stop us? As long as the foundation stone was exposed and Nether Qi was injected into it, it would only take a few breaths’ time for it to rot. If it weren’t for you, the plan wouldn’t have failed and Jia Luo wouldn’t have died. At that time, you even threatened Long Chen. Do you know just how stupid you are? I haven’t bothered to quibble with you for so many years not because I’m afraid of you, but because I don’t want to waste my time arguing with a pig. 

“Starting today, my Bloodkill Hall has nothing to do with your Nine Underworld Hall. Our cooperation started because of Jia Luo, and it ends with Jia Luo. Let me tell you just one last thing. Fuck your mother, you stupid pig!” Even the calm Enpuda grew angrier and angrier as he talked until he directly broke out into curses.

Although Enpuda knew how to endure, it didn’t matter how high his cultivation base was, his endurance still had a limit. He still exploded in the end.

“I’ll kill you!”

Liao Bencang roared and divine light ignited around him. As a result, the palace they were in exploded, and huge flames spurted into the clouds.

“Idiot, do you think I’m afraid of you? I just can’t be bothered with you. You caused Jia Luo’s death, so just wait to endure the Divine Venerate’s wrath. I’m not playing with you anymore.” Enpuda then left with Jia Luo’s corpse.


Liao Bencang, a grand and mighty World King, actually coughed up blood from anger.

“Activate the Luocha Divine Pool!”

After venting his anger, Liao Bencang gradually calmed down. He shouted into the air as he started to feel a sense of danger.

Jia Luo had died, while Enpuda was a treacherous schemer who would push the blame onto him. If he couldn’t kill Long Chen, he would be unable to give an explanation to Lord Brahma.

At this moment, the Nine Underworld Luocha was lying in a blood-colored pool. There were countless ancient statues surrounding the pool, and fresh blood was flowing out of their mouths, slowly dripping into the blood pool. The entire scene was frighteningly dark.

“My true body is unable to cross heavens, and an avatar’s power is limited. I can only place my hopes on you. Nine Underworld Luocha, when you fully merge with the Luocha essence blood, you will be able to summon the full Luocha Possession. Enpuda, you despicable little person, just wait. Sooner or later, I will have the Nine Underworld Luocha kill you.” Liao Bencang muttered to himself as he stared at the Nine Underworld Luocha lying in the blood pool.

Enpuda was within his own divine palace, his expression gloomy. “That idiotic donkey! He never accomplishes anything and only ruins my affairs! I really want to kill him!”

“Master, who could make you so angry? Apprentice is very shocked.” A figure silently walked out of a shadow in the corner of the room.

It was a fair-faced man whose voice was soft and reserved. The curious thing was that his eyes were simply black. They were like a bottomless pool. Just looking at him made people shiver.

Even the way he walked was strange. It was like he had no pattern at all. As he walked, his body was changing like a shadow or reflection.

Enpuda’s fury evaporated when he saw this young and soft man. He smiled. “The seventh Heavenstage? Not bad. You have suppressed your realm very well. Good child, with you present, I feel much more at ease.

“Master, who are you angry with?” asked that man.

“Of course it’s that giant idiot Liao Bencang! I almost died of anger because of him! How can that fellow be called an assassin? That’s practically an insult to us! Moreover, he ruined everything this time. He’s definitely the dumbest person I’ve encountered in this life. I don’t even understand why the Divine Venerate gave him such an important position,” said Enpuda irritably.

“Why doesn’t disciple go out to help settle your worries? I will eliminate that Long Chen!” 

“No, you still can’t be exposed. Your target is the Shadow Sect, not Long Chen. Let the Nine Underworld Luocha deal with Long Chen. That idiot, he’ll definitely personally help her recover. He’s probably helping her merge with the Luocha blood so that she can summon the full Luocha Possession. He will deal with Long Chen and the academy, but you have a more important mission. Some news has recently leaked about a terrifying figure emerging from the Shadow Sect, and they are viewed very highly by Ye Wusheng. They might be your strongest opponent in the future,” said Enpuda solemnly.

“What is their name?”

“Dong Mingyu.”

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