Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 3469 Lightning Radiance Destroys the World

Chapter 3469 Lightning Radiance Destroys the World

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. Seeing Jia Luo coming toward him, he snorted.

“Lord Brahma’s disciple? Let’s see just how much skill you have.”

Long Chen had just exchanged blows with Liao Bencang when he extended his hand and a lightning sphere appeared in it. Furthermore, at this moment, Lei Linger vanished.

“World Extermination Lightning Radiance!”


Long Chen then forced Liao Bencang back with his saber and smashed this lightning sphere into the latter’s body. As a result, Liao Bencang’s avatar crumbled, and a ripple of lightning tore through the void.

Lei Linger reappeared with a lightning sword, attacking the other Liao Bencang. The loss of one of his avatars shocked and enraged Liao Bencang. Even now, he didn’t know what had happened.

Only the blink of an eye had passed between Long Chen circulating his thunderforce, Lei Linger vanishing, his avatar being killed, and Lei Linger reappearing. In all his years, Liao Bencang had never seen such a technique.

What he didn’t know was that Lei Linger was not a housepet but a companion that Long Chen could fully trust. Their minds were connected, and so their cooperation was seamless. With this move, one of Liao Bencang’s avatars was killed.

After the World Extermination Lightning Radiance, Lei Linger’s aura fell. But she still had eighty percent of her combat power, and that was enough to fight Liao Bencang’s other avatar.

With one opponent killed, Long Chen eyed Jia Luo who was flying over. After taking a deep breath, his saber rumbled. He pointed it at the heavens and slashed it down.

“Split the Heavens 1!”

The saber-image fell, but what no one had expected was for it to miss. It actually fell beside Jia Luo, startling people.


At this moment, Jia Luo’s manifestation rumbled and was sucked inside his silver sword. The sword seemed to come to life, and brilliant sword-light ignited the sky like a blazing star.

“This move is something I was preparing for Bai Zhantang. For it to be used on you, you can die in peace!” Jia Luo’s gaze was cold. He was turning all his anger on Long Chen, so this sword contained all his power.

After missing, Long Chen once more raised his saber. Just then, the power of his previous attack was pulled back.

When his saber once more pointed toward the heavens, the wind and clouds changed color. Endless power was crazily pulled toward Long Chen.

As the power of Long Chen’s 108,000 stars poured through eighteen acupuncture points, sharp pain came from the acupuncture points. He was layering the power of his first attack on top of his second, as well as absorbing the power of heaven and earth. So, the current power of his saber had reached the limit of his body.

If it was before, no matter how Long Chen tried, he would be unable to cause such an effect. That was because the amount of energy that the heavens were willing to give him was too little.

However, it was different this time. He had obtained the recognition of the Integral Heaven Star-Field and this place, so he was able to absorb far more energy from heaven and earth.

The pain in his acupuncture points didn’t disturb him though. Long Chen grew even more excited. This meant that as long as his body could endure it, he could still absorb more energy from heaven and earth.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

With a roar, Long Chen unleashed all the power he had stored. The first form and the second form layered on top of each other. This attack contained the will to split the heavens. It caused the world to change color and gods to shake.

This saber possessed a supreme divine might. It was like a heavenly saber that would cut through all restrictions within this world.

The next moment, a saber and a sword struck each other in a world-shaking collision. Two divine lights clashed, emitting four streaks of light in the form of a giant cross.

As the earth was torn apart and the void was pierced, fragments of spacetime flew about. Four huge holes then spread around the two of them. The four black holes were like four huge mouths trying to devour the world.

The experts in the academy panicked. One of those holes was flying toward the academy. In the end, it only passed by them, but the immense power still pierced the tottering barrier, causing it to collapse.

The giant black hole crazily devoured everything, and countless disciples found themselves being sucked over. If they were devoured, they would be crushed by the spatial blades.

Bai Xiaole and his mother had no time to help Long Chen. They hastily used their spatial arts to drag everyone back.

However, the buildings of the academy were pulled and torn by the black hole. The glorious academy was instantly turned to ruins.

After that, the black hole slowly vanished as the laws of the world repaired themselves. When the pulling power faded, everything returned to calm.

“Big brother Long Chen!”

Huo Linger cried out in shock. She was originally controlling the Nine Underworld Luocha and had just managed to see some fragmentary images in her soul when Enpuda came. Huo Linger’s body was then pierced by his dagger, and some strange power was injected into her, causing her to lose control of her body. At the next moment, the Nine Underworld Luocha fell into Enpuda’s hands.

As for Long Chen, he had just exchanged blows with Jia Luo. His body was covered in frightening cracks as if he would shatter.

On the other side, Jia Luo was coughing up blood. Even some of his shattered insides were spat out. Moreover, a crack had appeared on his forehead, and fresh blood poured out of it. It was as if his head was going to explode.

“Lord Brahma’s disciple is only at this level. You can die.” Long Chen shot toward Jia Luo once more. Although combining two saber attacks had used up almost all his energy, he was still fearless. He knew that Jia Luo was no better off. In a clash of experts, the attacker was the winner. Whoever first retreated had a higher chance of dying.

Seeing Long Chen charging over so recklessly, Jia Luo’s heart pounded. He could clearly sense that he had the power to kill Long Chen, but a sensation of terror shook him.

He was now a bit afraid. Long Chen was like a bottomless well of trump cards. Who knew how many he had? Despite his trump card being clearly stronger, Jia Luo still felt uneasy.

Enpuda had saved the Nine Underworld Luocha. Now, runes flowed out of his hand, and the Nine Underworld Luocha vanished. It was unknown where he had sent her. After that, he shouted, “We’re just one step away! Dig out the foundation stone and we’ll have won!”

Hearing that, Jia Luo was revitalized. The academy’s barrier was gone, and killing people was no longer important. As long as the foundation stone was excavated and the Netherworld’s qi was injected into it, the seventh branch academy would be gone.

“Hahaha, leave that to me!”

Jia Luo laughed and spread his hands. After that, a set of golden scaled armor appeared on his body. Runes flowed on top of it, emitting a terrifying pressure. That pressure caused Bai Zhantang and the others’ expressions to change.

“The aura of a Divine Venerate?!”

“Hahaha, this is the treasure armor my master bestowed on me! With the blessing of the Divine Venerate, even a peak World King cannot harm me! Just watch as I destroy your academy!” Jia Luo laughed, and just like that, he charged toward the academy without the slightest scruple.

The five World Kings of the Netherworld were the first to reach him. They all felt like they had lost face by not being able to stop Enpuda. Now, their chance to win back some face had come, but before they could even get close to Jia Luo, the divine light from his armor knocked them away with such force that they coughed up blood.

At that moment, everyone despaired. This was an unrivaled armor, and no one could even approach him. Was the academy truly going to be destroyed?

Just as Jia Luo was laughing and reached the core of the academy, a dagger completely ignored that protective divine light and stabbed through his heart from his back.


Enpuda and Liao Bencang were completely shocked. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

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