Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 3468 World King Avatar

Chapter 3468 World King Avatar

Liao Bencang!

When that attack appeared, Liao Bencang’s figure instantly appeared in Long Chen’s mind. Those experts of the Netherworld were unable to stop him from coming to save the Nine Underworld Luocha.

His attack completely sealed any paths of retreat for Long Chen, so Long Chen could only receive it directly. If Long Chen wanted his life, he had to let off the Nine Underworld Luocha.

Long Chen snorted coldly. Ignoring Liao Becang, he swung his saber at the Nine Underworld Luocha. That appearance of his was as though even if he died, he would definitely drag her along with him.

Seeing this, Liao Bencang was shocked and enraged. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so crazy as to sacrifice his own life to kill the Nine Underworld Luocha.

It had to be known that the Nine Underworld Luocha’s potential was limitless. Lord Brahma had set his sights on having her as the future hall master, so she could not be allowed to die.

“Nine Underworld Duplicate!”

In his panic, Liao Bencang suddenly split his body in two. One continued to attack Long Chen, while the other appeared in front of the Nine Underworld Luocha.

“I knew it. Your true body couldn’t possibly come here. You are nothing more than an avatar.” Long Chen instantly relaxed when he saw Liao Bencang split his body.

This avatar was condensed from faith energy. Although it was stronger than a divine clone, it was a far cry from the true body.

“Then I won’t hold back. All of you can leave your lives behind today!” Long Chen raised his head and laughed.


A black lightning sword suddenly appeared in front of Liao Bencang, blocking his dagger. A maiden with black hair covered in lightning manifested.

Lei Linger was wearing a black dress, and runes flickered in her black eyes. A wild aura came from her along with a wild destructive power.


Even as the hall master, Liao Bencang was shocked. Even with all his experience, he was unable to believe that there was someone capable of controlling the power of heavenly tribulation.

At the same time, Long Chen’s saber slashed down on Liao Bencang’s other avatar. This avatar was blown back but still managed to receive Long Chen’s attack.

However, just as Liao Bencang relaxed, a flame spear pierced through the Nine Underworld Luocha’s body. Huo Linger had also attacked. She then murmured something, and flames enveloped herself and the Nine Underworld Luocha.


The Nine Underworld Luocha screamed in pain. Huo Linger was using the fire of her soul to burn her enemy’s soul.

As the Nine Underworld Luocha’s hands were stained with the blood of countless nine star heirs, Long Chen didn’t want to kill her just like that. He wanted to burn her soul for eternity, letting her die only in endless pain. At the same time, he would like to investigate some of the Nine Underworld Hall’s secrets through her soul.

“Long Chen, you are courting death!” Liao Bencang was incensed. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to have such terrifying trump cards.

His two avatars moved, trying to merge back together. But Long Chen didn’t give him a chance. He and Lei Linger both blocked one, not letting Liao Bencang get close to the Nine Underworld Luocha.

Long Chen knew that Liao Bencang was very powerful. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to escape under the attacks of five World Kings.

However, now that his avatar had split in two, his power was also halved. As long as Long Chen didn’t let his avatars recombine, he was unable to threaten Long Chen.

Huo Linger was chanting the Nirvana Scripture. That was something that Long Chen had recently transmitted to her. Long Chen had tried to transmit it to her in the past, but for some reason, she was unable to use the scripture.

It was only after he had advanced to the Divine Lord realm that Huo Linger managed to control the Nirvana Scripture. However, she was only able to use the first two volumes. As for the third and fourth volumes, it was unknown if it was because her power wasn’t high enough, but she was unable to chant them.

Despite that, she was an innate flame spirit. When she chanted this scripture, endless flame energy was summoned. She was a goddess of ten thousand flames at this moment.


As she was roasted by the flames, the Nine Underworld Luocha continued to scream. She was bound by flame chains, and it felt like her soul was being torn apart. She couldn’t stop screaming.

At this moment, Enpuda had also summoned his full power. Despite his large body, he was as agile as a monkey. Even while fighting five World Kings, he was forcing them back repeatedly and moving toward Liao Bencang.

Although he didn’t like Liao Bencang, he also knew that the Nine Underworld Luocha couldn’t be allowed to die. He was also doing his best to help save her.

On the other battlefield, it was originally Bai Zhantang chasing Jia Luo, but now Jia Luo was the one trying to rush over here and being blocked by Bai Zhantang. Due to Long Chen’s battle with the Nine Underworld Luocha, the core of the battlefield had shifted.

The academy’s experts had originally been blocking enemies from all sides. But now that the Netherworld’s army descended, they no longer needed to.

As a result, all the Battle God Palace’s experts charged at Jia Luo. Jia Luo was now being attacked by Bai Zhantang, Bai Shishi, Bai Xiaole, Bai Xiaole’s mother, and Bai Shishi’s mother.

Bai Zhantang’s face was pale. He had already lost his Ghost Dao Possession, but he still didn’t want to retreat.

Jia Luo was at full power now. The power that he had been conserving was now fully unleashed. It was not inferior to Bai Zhantang in his Ghost Dao Possession.

However, with Bai Shishi present, her golden sword repeatedly launched sharp attacks. She became the main force. Adding on the cooperation from her family, especially Bai Xiaole’s mother with her Three Flower Pupils interfering with Jia Luo’s attacks and setting Bai Shishi up perfectly, Jia Luo almost had his head cut off several times by Bai Shishi.

Surrounded by this family, Jia Luo was unable to fight effectively. He was so furious that he cursed Bai Zhantang for using numbers to bully him.

Bai Zhantang also cursed him, calling him trash, demanding why he was so fine with running away the entire time before.

Just before, Jia Luo had been repeatedly running from him, making him unable to effectively unleash his power. Now that the tables had turned, it was Jia Luo who was unable to effectively unleash his power. Bai Zhantang was very pleased.

“Jia Luo, you bastard, you injured my mom! You made my grandpa suffer! I will wring off your head and place it here so I can feed you crap every single day!” Bai Xiaole clenched his teeth and rapidly formed hand seals. Now, his spatial energy was crazily unleashed. He was constantly interfering with Jia Luo’s attacks.

It was only after Bai Xiaole had met Long Chen and activated the Three Flower Pupils, giving him the ability to cultivate on his own, that his mother told him about this matter. She only told Bai Xiaole so that he wouldn’t hate his father. It had to be known that Bai Zhantang also felt great pain over it.

When Bai Xiaole learned that it was Jia Luo that had caused everything, he wanted to tear Jia Luo apart with his teeth while the latter was still alive. In this life, it was his first time hating someone like this.

“Xiaole, focus!” Bai Xiaole’s mother suddenly cried out. In Bai Xiaole’s anger, the tempo of his techniques accelerated to the point that a gap gradually appeared in everyone else’s cooperation.

Jia Luo shot through an opening resulting from that, receiving Bai Shishi’s attack with his sword and shooting away like a bolt of lightning away from their enclosure.

“Shit!” Bai Zhantang’s expression changed. Jia Luo was flying straight at Long Chen.

Enpuda had finally reached him as well. Long Chen was instantly surrounded by three powerful experts.

“Boss, watch out!” Only now did Bai Xiaole realize what kind of calamity he had caused…

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