Mystical Journey

Chapter 1372 - Decisive Battle 2

Chapter 1372: Decisive Battle 2

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The Godhead and Gods merely had stronger attributes on average, a higher resistance towards Spells, sharper perception and fields of vision, and a plethora of powerful regulated Divine Power types of spells in comparison to normal creatures.

However, when they were facing Garen’s regulated strength that was pure to its maximum limit, all of their abilities were simply jokes. Garen’s regulated strength had already reached the Higher God stage. Moreover, since he did not have to consume Divine Power, he could simply squander it freely. The Higher Gods that faced him would only be exhausted to death while they were still alive.

Meanwhile, their Spellcrafting-type of spell control would scatter from the quakes of the intense power vibrations before they could even approach it. Furthermore, Garen’s powerful Vitality and Agility would be directly immune to Space-Time Spells and Negative Spell states.

All attack-type spells had become useless jokes.

The only thing effective would be direct hand-to-hand fights!!

“Damn! This monster!!” God of Death dodged the quake of another punch-like attack. The protective Divine Power shield on his body actually almost collapsed when the attack merely brushed against its edges.

“He’s a great deal stronger than before!”

Tiamat was even worse off. She was scratched twice continuously and half of her body was dripping in Holy Blood, she was near to being critically injured.

“We must definitely buy some time for the Major God Fehra!” Both of the Gods could see the determination in each other’s eyes when their gazes met.


Tiamat transformed into her dragon body immediately. She turned into an enormous dragon with five heads that was over hundreds of meters large and rushed towards Garen fiercely.

God of Death transformed into his original body as well. He was a colossal black monster that resembled a rhino. Strangely, he had rhino heads on both his front and back which made it difficult to distinguish its foremost part from its rear.

The rhino which possessed a body that was over thousands of meters long was charging directly towards Garen.

“Meaningless struggle.” Garen’s expression remained indifferent when he was looking at the two enormous creatures that were charging towards him. He brazenly rushed towards them frontally.


An incomparably violent thunderstorm exploded behind the trio at this moment.

The biggest bloody cocoon in the sky had burst.

Numerous thunderstorms detonated the other bloody cocoons in their surroundings before several continuous explosions rang out.

Boom boom boom boom!

While the numerous explosions rang out, various bouts of bloody Dream Power that was mixed with an abundance of Divine Power storms swept over before a gigantic hole exploded directly through the sea of clouds.

Garen pulled back from the colorful energy storm suddenly and raised his hands to cover his face. He steadied his body as much as he could. However, he was still blown to the point where he was slanted from shaking slightly.

Meanwhile, Tiamat and God of Death were simply sent flying to an unknown place after they were blown away.

These skills that were merely displayed in the blink of an eye had erupted the sea of clouds in the faraway sky into a huge explosion.


There was a golden glossy mushroom-like cloud that rose slowly like a nuclear bomb. There was even a circular blood colored halo beside the floating clouds.

“Fehra, Mother Nature, everything has ended. This world is destined to die out and we’ll turn into nutrients for the Void…” roared an irritable voice.

The assault of the mushroom cloud’s explosion lashed against Garen’s body that was in mid-air.


Numerous energy winds that resembled knives ripped Garen’s clothes and skin. However, there was a light distortive energy field layer on his entire body. It was a special defense that evolved naturally when his Vitality and Strength had reached excessively high levels.

“That’s the battlefield of the Higher Gods which is also the battlefront of the peak True Souls and Demon Masters.” Garen measured his current strength carefully. If he counted backward and recalled the previous energy storm, the energy level of the battle there probably did not surpass his expectations too greatly.

“Fehra and Mother Nature resisted but lose their True Souls and Distortion Demon Master. From the looks of it, I can probably participate in the battles of this level. However, I can only protect myself at best. Moreover, this doesn’t benefit me. I should find a place where the advantages are most abundant.”

He pondered briefly before looking down at the large hole that exploded through the sea of clouds.

There was really an unimaginably enormous battlefield below. Numerous Abyss Hell Demons, Devils, various other elemental creatures, and the Warriors that united this great Plane were currently fighting fiercely and slaughtering the inexhaustible Void Creatures.

Blood and Soul Fragments sputtered around endlessly.

The battlefield resembled a chaotic rubbish dump that was on fire when one looked down at it from a higher place. Gaudy colors and shades of red, white, and black mixed and made it difficult to distinguish the factions clearly.

On the continuous stretch of a white mountain range, the fierce fight between the Demon Lords and Lower Gods had broken the mountaintop directly while several deep ravines and holes were smashed in the ground.

Long stretches of cloudy white explosions could be seen spreading around occasionally. They were either infinite shrouds of red clouds that had exploded after condensing into photospheres or intense thunderstorms.

These were the results of the collapsed energy that was naturally triggered when the various Divine Power Spells mixed with the unnatural powers of the Void.

“Weave is broken…” Garen could sense that holes that were getting bigger and bigger had instantly appeared in Weave which was initially everywhere in space. These tremendous and terrifying energy attacks now made it resembled a torn fishing net.

Space-time had even collapsed, let alone Weave that was established in space.


A sharp, blood-curdling shriek of a woman echoed in the distance suddenly.

Numerous bouts of energy that resembled purple electric currents exploded frenziedly and shot towards all four corners in waves like a snake that was extending quickly.

“Another Higher God has fallen.” Garen did not look at the situation over there but merely flew straight towards the great battlefield below.

Every world had its own pivotal points.

Garen had already realized this law. Thus, he was actually seeking the pivotal point of this world.

The legendary Child of Hell.

When he was flying towards the lower part of the sky, he suddenly felt a faint form of loneliness rising in his heart.

After transmigrating through so many worlds and living through various experiences, these transmigrations that happened time and time again were actually a type of weary, repetition.

“Maybe… I should find a place to have a good rest for some time…” Garen suddenly recalled the Earth that he had left in the beginning.

When he was still a normal person, he was merely rushing about and working for the sake of trivial mortality. However, the satisfaction that he received at that time seemed to be much greater than what he was getting now.

The battlefield before his eyes grew closer and clearer while a thought formed in Garen’s mind suddenly.

Once everything had ended, perhaps he should find something that he desired…

Now that he had reached this level, the eternity that he was previously pursuing was already achieved in this realm of Demon Masters and True Souls. His lifespan seemed to resemble the Mother Stream’s own in the sense that it was infinite.

However, what about after eternity?

Large amounts of Soul Fragments rose on the battlefield continuously. They were endlessly swallowed and absorbed into Garen as most of the Demon Lords around him could not challenge him at all.

He resembled an enormous black hole that was flying above in the sky. All of the local creatures and powerhouses that were shrouded by his shadow stood motionless like wax figures instantly before melting and perished.

The impressive abilities of his Natural Poison Region had achieved unimaginable extents and could diffuse out within intervals of several thousand meters.

Numerous souls were transformed into Potential Points by his Divine Weapon. They upgraded Garen’s attributes continuously.


Within a remote ravine on the border of the battlefield.

Bumpy and fragmented ground that was filled with bumps was everywhere inside the white ravine. Rocks were scattered messily and had fallen all around. Corpses, burning poisonous fire, and leftover blue phosphorescence lit the entire ravine somewhat dimly.

This area was the aftermath of collapsed energy. Regardless of whether they were Void Creatures or local creatures, they were all exhausted or dead from their injuries.

Only a few of the strongest survivors were still hiding in the corners while struggling at death’s door. These were either several individuals with feeble Divine Power or Demon Masters that did not have any strength left to fight respectively. Strangely, the two groups who were initially supposed to be hostile factions were apparently standing together side by side now to face the dark shadow in front.

“Child of Hell… you actually… actually wanted to devour us together as well!!” A feeble Divine Power God rebuked the shadow angrily.

Within the brief moment of that explosion, the shadow instantly appeared again. After it had swallowed both of the similar Children of Hell simultaneously, it began pursuing and hunting for their survivors everywhere.

Only five or six survivors out of more than ten of them remained from the factions on both sides now.

The rest of them were all engulfed inside this fellow.

“We are the only hope in this world. Since all you pieces of trash are so useless, wouldn’t it be much better for me to contribute some nourishment?” The shadow materialized slowly and turned into a purely pitch-black Colossal Dragon.


Two Void Shadows shot over from the sky suddenly. One of them was a woman with long billowing blue hair and rays of blue light flashing across her entire body.

The other one was dressed in a white suit of armor. He wore boxing gloves on both hands and emitted terrifying chills. He was an impressive-looking man.

“Elphis!!” Yelled one of the long black-haired women among the survivors below suddenly.

The blue long-haired woman in the sky paused briefly and looked down before she happened to see the black-haired woman in the group.


She shot over and flew there while the man rushed over flying downward frantically as well.

“Didn’t you leave Cold Winter Tower to travel alone?” asked Elphis in a surprised tone.

After considering it previously, Nadia finally decided that she was unwilling to be forced to accept a position from someone else. Since she had obtained an opportunity to improve herself again, she chose to take risks and travel alone to hunt the creatures of this world so that she could upgrade herself.

The current Nadia looked like she had already obtained Level Thirteen powers. It appeared that this past decade was not merely wasted.

However, Nadia instantly felt a faintly unpleasant feeling when Elphis landed.

Elphis and Rosta who were previously under her had apparently already reached the levels of Upper Demon Masters now. Their bodies were naturally emitting Energy Field domains that were similar to the Holy Auras of Lower Gods.

When she associated it with her own challenging and laborious hardships during the past decade and the dangers that she experienced with great difficulty before she could upgrade herself to Level Thirteen, Nadia’s mind was indescribably muddled.

They simply did not have to ask why she had appeared on the battlefield of the Great Decisive Battle. After the Great Decisive Battle, the chance to upgrade rapidly again would disappear completely because the local world would suffer destructive attacks. Next, it would weaken quickly.

Once she had missed this opportunity, it would be highly unlikely that she could even dream of upgrading or evolving again. She would have to waste a lot of time and energy even if it was possible.

“Be careful!” Nadia’s heart trembled suddenly when the shadowy Black Dragon pounced on Elphis from the back abruptly after she had landed.

“Child of Hell?!” Elphis had also noticed the severity as her enemies were apparently the infamous Child of Hell!

This group was extremely troublesome because they could not seem to be killed. They could separate their bodies into numerous individuals that could leap across space as they pleased before they chose a random individual to resuscitate their own bodies. In other words, if all of their bodies were not found completely, it would be impossible to kill them until the end of time.

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