Mystical Journey

Chapter 1371 - Decisive Battle 1

Chapter 1371: Decisive Battle 1

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His attributes had reached an absurd stage.

Garen himself did not know how much destruction he would cause if he were to go full force maximum.

He only knew from facing God of Death the last time, it only caused a little harm. He recovered completely after half a day.

“Are you coming with us to the Decisive Battle?” Deception Demon Master invited in a low voice.

“This is the final battle?”

“The last one,” Deception Demon Master nodded. “Your ability has reached its limit. Perhaps the battlefield will bring you realization.”

Garen slowly nodded.

The only thing he could do now was to stir up his attributes so it would level up gradually.

With many of his Potential Points becoming Attribute Points, the calculation of his Willpower mind saw no bottom line. He has not once wielded his powers completely in battle.

With his attributes breaking through a thousand points, he additionally obtained a qualitative change of special supernatural abilities.

His Strength could naturally erupt huge quakes while his Agility produced instant mobility to extremely far distance. He was also immune to all time genre spells.

In terms of Vitality, he has super-fast regeneration ability. He could use his super-fast regeneration ability once a day. As long as his body was at least 50% complete, he could recover entirely. The only thing exhausted would be his Potential Points.

His Intelligence has a double-whammy effect. One hit would instantly combust into double the impact.

Truth be told, even Garen knew that he surpassed that of a regular True Spirit. Just his attributes were terrifying enough and could suppress many existences.

How powerful were a thousand points of Strength? Apart from himself, no one knew. Even Deception Demon Master has not seen him in action for a long time.


The seventh battlefield.

Distortion Demon Master opened up the middle section of the Primary Substance Plane, an area of energy distortion between the Alliance of the Gods and Mother Stream Alliance.

The battle between True Spirit Demon Master and the Gods had this region converting into a dead region. The passing of God of Moon and Love even allowed this region to turn into an immeasurable mysterious area.

The dark night camouflaged the entire region. From the outside, it was an ordinary landscape of mountain range, but entering a certain range, one would be taken away from a distorted time-space energy into a different dimensional world.

With no additional cannon fodder army, even high-level generals were not brought along.

The Alliance of the Gods were trapped within a defense ball here, giving their last as trapped beasts.

Garen followed Deception Demon Master to participate with the Void Temple and Mother Stream Alliance team heading to this region. This was the last battle that would decide the fate of this world. In actual reality, anybody would know that there was not any suspense as the fate had been sealed when The Void first invaded.

Mother Stream Alliance was a vast uncountable universe. Each universe bred groups of creatures that was similar to this world. For such a large group to invade such a tiny world, this was the great disparity of strength between the major world.

At war, Void Creatures and True Spirits were tempered to the strongest on record. The power of the Gods was weakened to the extreme as their believers were slaughtered.

It was imaginable that the last battle would be the last in the native world and perhaps then, there would not be any trace of it left behind.


Amidst the grey fog, Garen and a team were walking down a path in the forest.

On the side was a cliff erected with wooden railings. The fog extended forward to an unknown distance.

The chirping of birds could be heard indistinctly. It could be an owl or some other creature.

The team was draped in black cape, covering their entire body that their faces could not be seen. Not a spot of their skin was exposed.

Garen was the same. Lifting his head up, he could only see the back of the person walking in front. Just like him, the person was wrapped in a black tattered cape. He could hear sounds of light but hurried footsteps.

He shifted his head over to glance to his right. Deception Demon Master’s somewhat familiar face was hidden beneath the cape. He could only see a little of her silhouette from the side.

“This is the Lost Path. Fallen True Soul teamed up with all True Spirits to use Moon Goddess’s Divine Persona and the Divine Kingdom to overshadow their dream powers and turned this place to a huge world, in other words, a small universe.”

A whisper was heard coming from the front of the team. It was a woman.

Garen was struck, he could hear it was the voice of Distortion Demon Master.

“The Lost Path. Only by following this Black Cape Team that one could enter the real fog or else even a God could not leave this pale blue fog,” Distortion Demon Master said in a low voice.

The Black Cape Team rustled forward, making a turn and heading out further.

A woman in black outfit carrying an umbrella appeared on the path ahead. Covered by the black umbrella, her face could not be seen but her entire person stood firmly in the middle of the road, facing the incoming Black Cape Team without saying a word.

“Don’t look at her!” Garen was about to look in detail when suddenly, Deception Demon Master slapped the back of his hand.

“That is a chaotic symbol that represents confusion!”

“Chaotic symbol?”

“Yes, any existence that glances or sees her face would be completely lost in confusion in this fog. The crystallization of this symbol has entrapped three Middle Gods and one Higher God of this native world,” Deception Demon Master transmitted her voice. “Alright, let’s not talk.”

Garen immediately halted his urge to ask.

Following the team, he slowly walked past the woman with the black umbrella. That woman quietly stood in the middle of the road, letting the Black Cape Team through.

Garen only saw her pair of legs.

That was a pair of female human’s legs. It was pale and fine and wore a pair of red shoes but on them were black dot marks, giving a sense of bad omen.

Passing the woman with the black umbrella, the team walked on a distance before letting out a sigh of relief.

“Everyone, please be careful and do not leave the Black Cape Team. Please also do not come in contact the Black Capes that are not of our members. They are this small world’s natural phenomenon, not substantial and after contact, it is not a matter that I can be in control of.” Distortion Demon Master reminded.

“Now the Gods seemed to have released something that causes the entire little dream world to escape the control of Lord Fallen True Soul. It is flooded with many things that we can’t comprehend.”

Garen was shocked.

Initially, he thought that this Black Cape Team consisted of Demon Masters or True Spirits but now it looked as though that most of them were not.

Becoming wary, he continued with the team to go forth in the fog. On the left was a black forest, wavering with the wind. On the right was a train of black railings and beyond it was a cliff shadowed by fog.

It was unknown how long more did they have to go forward like this.

Finally, about more than half an hour later, the fog surrounding the team grew faint.


Garen felt his head sunk. His sight became blurry and he suddenly found himself leaving the originally fog-covered region.

Standing under the dark starry sky, the black forest encircled them. They were still standing on a winding path.

The only difference was, the left of the path was woods while the right was barren trees. The treetops looked like plates holding up the golden red moon.

It was as though the moon in the sky had fallen down and landed on the top of these trees.

“Fallen Divine Region,” Garen heard Deception Demon Master’s voice.

“Garen, be careful. It is the Time-Space Chaos Region here, do not break away from this path. Once you leave, you will be tossed into a deranged time-space rift that you can’t return from.”

“Each one of us can’t see anybody else now. We can only make our choice to head forward. From now on, you may encounter any trapped God on this path. The battle has officially begun. Do not worry about attacking or destroying anything. Even the true form of Fallen True Soul is unable to destroy anything here,” Distortion Demon Master warned.

“Each moon on the big tree represents a fallen Demon Master or God here.”

Garen was on the alert.

This peculiar world that seemed like a dream or rather, Fallen True Soul has moved dreamland into the world of this universe and used a completely different set of dream rules to limit the native advantages of the Gods.

He glanced to his left and right but did not see anybody.

As he paced forward slowly, Garen removed his black cape on it and carefully sensed his surroundings.

As a Higher Demon Lord, even a True Spirit who was not a True Spirit, he was far familiar with the dreamland than any regular Demon Lord and Gods.

After walking a distance, Garen saw two chairs displayed by the roadside at the forest.

The black wooden chairs were facing each other on the grass as though somebody was sitting on them a while ago.

It was eerily quiet. A sense of suppression slowly crept in.

“A chair by the road meant a brief halt and rest.” Garen’s face changed and took large strides towards the chairs.


Suddenly, everything before him broke. His vision blurred and he was now in a sea of clouds.

A large whale made of white cloud leaped out from the sea of cloud from afar and jumping back into it.

Blood red balls hung like cocoons in the sky.

“Power of dream…” Garen recognized the nature of these huge balls. This was a commonly used locking tremor of battle tactic by Demon Masters. Each bloody cocoon represented a battlefield. In it was at least one Demon Master or True Spirit at a battle to the death.

More than ten giant balls levitated quietly above the cloud ocean without moving. There was not a sound.

“It’s about time to end everything.” Suddenly a screeching voice was heard behind Garen.

He immediately turned around and saw two golden glowing balls charging from below the cloud ocean, aiming at him.

“Tiamat? And, God of Death?” Garen narrowed his eyes and watched as the two golden glowing balls shot over.

The glowing balls transformed into a white and red figure. One was a weirdo with five heads while another was in a black robe, the face bore a pair blood-shot gleaming eyes.

Two divine auras intertwined and wrapped around Garen.

‘Divine aura territory under coverage… Divine Personas has not reached the minimum standard, Vitality to immunize…’

His Willpower mind provided feedback and the two divine auras were repelled by Garen.

His above thousand points Vitality has reached a never-before stage. As long as it was not from a Higher God, he could immediately repel the majority of divine auras in this world.

“Despicable Void Creature! Even if we are banished together, I will not allow you to obtain this world!!” God of Death bellowed in anger.

“Despicable?” Garen’s brow raised. He watched as the two Gods raised their arms, and five-colored Dragon Breath and black and red colored Ray of Death erupted. Garen’s sight was drowned in multi-colors.


One punch.

Garen only punched out gently.

The Divine Powers-structured attack dispersed like bubbles.

The massive energy overpowered everything until space was smashed into cracking like black spider cobwebs headed towards the two Gods.

Like black twigs, the black spider web crazily spread and surrounded a huge fan area before Garen.

Pow pow!

With two crisp noise, the two Gods swiftly dodged and just about evaded the edge of the spider web.

“Dodge?” Garen’s expression remained unchanged.

He aimed another punch at the both of them.


His punch released a huge tremor. The two swiftly evaded. Just from the quake of his strength ripples, they could tell that Garen’s strength far exceeded a logical range. If God Damnators and Giant Beasts has the power and blaspheming Divinities ability revered by the Gods, then Garen’s powers must have reached its maximum and could destroy every rule.

That tremendous quake was a naturally derived attack.

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