Mystical Journey

Chapter 1373 - Collapse 1

Chapter 1373: Collapse 1

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A round and transparent shield appeared behind Elphis suddenly before it blocked off Simon’s attack firmly.

However, it was only a second before the round shield broke. A crashing noise rang out as the Dark Colossal Dragon charged at Elphis.

“Lower God’s aura… Die!!” Simon’s black claw suddenly morphed into a black shadow that shot over as if his body did not have a fixed state at all.

Wind Shield!

Elphis stepped backward while her Divine Power stirred her Divine Domain hurriedly as it burst forth.

An enormous crystal shield that was over ten meters tall appeared before her.

Her Divine Domain consisted of defensive and peaceful Divine Power as well as weakened Divine Power. She had yet to establish a Divine Country just like Garen. Furthermore, she was only using her Divine Domain to execute an explosion that could only be used once. Although its sustained combat abilities were greatly weakened by this, she could prevent it from being dragged down by the Thread of Faith.


The black shadow claw collided against the crystal shield before numerous black specs of light sputtered. Strangely, these black specs of light condensed back into a black claw behind the shield again before continuing towards Elphis in a grabbing motion.


Elphis could not react in time, the claw scratched her arm violently. Her body vanished instantly before it flickered and appeared more than ten meters away from the side of Rosta’s body.


Rosta had just happened to release his Divine Authority Ability.

White chills swept over like mist and shrouded every single area around him completely. A form of deathly stillness and absolute silence seeped through the mist. He could vaguely hear a snakelike hissing noise.


Simon opened his mouth and spat out a similar gust of black gas. It met the surging white mist directly.

Both gusts of mist surged instantly. Rosta’s face stoned for a while before he charged inside the mist on his own.

Simon sneered while his figure turned into a shroud of black smoke that burrowed inside the mist as well.

A series of violent vibrating noises scattered from the mist immediately.

A dull hum rang out before Rosta flew out backward while white-gold Holy Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth vaguely.

Since he was an expert in close combat, he had never expected that victory and defeat would be determined within such a short span of time. It seemed as though the power of his opponent’s strength had reached an outrageous extent.

How did he actually achieve such a high degree when he was merely a Demigod Level Child of Hell not long ago?!

Numerous shrouds of black smoke drifted out of the mist and rapidly turned into an enormous pitch-black Colossal Dragon that was over ten meters long. The dragon roared, shaking and dissipating all of the surrounding white mist.

The tremendous sound waves even quaked this ravine until it shook and swayed endlessly.

Both Rosta and Elphis’ faces paled before they pounced on Nadia simultaneously, seized her and ran!

“Thinking of escaping?!” Simon sneered and leaped towards them quickly. Numerous tentacles that resembled black smoke shot out from his wings suddenly and pierced through the empty space. It burrowed out of the space beside the three people instantly and tied the trio up in a bundle tightly.


A white silhouette appeared in the space between the black Colossal Dragon and the trio suddenly.

The expression on Simon’s face turned serious immediately while his forehead twinkled and all of his movements halted instantly.

Rosta and the others took this opportunity to struggle free from being bound before they flew away. However, they did not escape but instead floated behind the person who had arrived with respectful looks on their faces.


Although Simon had devoured numerous Children of Hell and his consciousness was already controlled by Hell’s Will, he still possessed Simon’s original memories.

“You should be calling me ‘Dragon King’.” Garen glanced indifferently at the formerly strongest prodigy of the White Dragon Clan before him who had now changed beyond recognition. He had transformed from a White Dragon to a Shapeless Dragon whose body was occupied by Hell’s Will. An abundance of pain, hatred, discontent, and fury coagulated inside his body and lingered there. He had clearly experienced numerous accounts of unimaginable pain and hardship before he was occupied.

“Why did you come out now?” asked Simon in a somber tone.

“No reason. I just made a special trip to see you in hopes that you would return to my White Dragon Clan once again.” Garen spoke in a calm tone while the overlapping pupils of his dragon eyes stared indifferently at the other party’s eyes. A shapeless tremendous pressure condensed and spiraled beside the two people’s bodies slowly before turning into gusts of wind that became more frenzied…

“Return?” Simon suspected that he had misheard. “You’re asking me to return now even though I’m a Child of Hell? Garen, are you joking or what? You were never so innocent even when you were a Dragon Whelp in the beginning.”

“You walked out of my White Dragon Clan and no one can deny that fact, right?” Garen asked instead.

“Even if that’s the case, so what?” Simon spoke disdainfully. As the strongest White Dragon King since the dawn of history, Garen’s reputation had already spread to the peak extent. Even the Abyssal Demon Dragon race could not retreat from his imposing state. The other Colorful Dragons and Metallic Dragons also acknowledged the supreme authority of the White Dragons’ domination. During these few years, certain Evil Dragon Clans that sought refuge in the Void had even continuously nominated him as the Evil Dragon King to lead the entire Evil and Colorful Dragon Clans towards glory.

Red Dragon Queen and the other major dragon clans did not utter a sound. One could see that the Double-Pupiled White Dragon King’s influence had already reached an immeasurable extent.

“It’s truly because of this that I was hoping that you’d return to the clan,” said Garen softly. “Regardless of whatever state you’ve turned into, the clan is still your home in the end and your birthplace. It’s also a place that you can depend on.”

“Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten our White Dragon instincts? That’s truly ridiculous, Garen. This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen a White Dragon King like you. You were actually delusional enough to use emotions to move the Child of Hell. Should I call you stupid or innocent?” taunted Simon.

Garen stared at him for a moment before exhaling slowly.

“Are you saying that you’re unwilling?”

“You want me to rely on the Void? Keep dreaming!!” sneered Simon.

“Is there no room for discussion at all?” Garen attempted to redeem the situation.

“That’s enough nonsense from you!” sneered Simon.

Garen’s face turned cold gradually.


“What’s unfortunate?!”

“Unfortunately… you didn’t have to die initially!”


An unimaginably enormous White Dragon’s claw descended from the sky suddenly and pressed Simon down firmly.

The speed of the dragon’s claw seemed to be faster than lightning. It smashed down with a crash like a flashing white shadow in an instant when everyone had not reacted at all.

The survivors on site could feel themselves being blinded before an enormous White Dragon’s claw that reached the sky from the ground appeared in front of them.


The dragon’s claw pressed down on a long stretch of soil before grabbing Simon with it and gripping him in his hand.

The dragon’s entire claw was at least thousands of meters wide on its own while its length had extended towards the borderless sky.

An enormous gaping dragon’s mouth that was over a thousand meters in size appeared behind Garen’s body suddenly. The dragon’s claw stuffed Simon and the soil into its enormous mouth directly before chewing them up intensely.


A large amount of light black gas sputtered out of the dragon’s mouth as if it had bitten a balloon and burst it. The gas condensed into a black dragon’s body that was greatly shrunken in mid-air far away.

It was Simon!

He fled into the distance immediately without even turning around.

He had never expected that Garen actually meant it when he said that he would take action. Moreover, the strength that explosion in that split second nearly suffocated him completely, just nearly! Any more and he would have been completely engulfed and eaten by the dragon’s mouth. He had an instinct that once he was devoured by that enormous mouth, he would lose all the strength of this incarnation despite being the Child of Hell. It was important to note that he had invested almost all of his power for the sake of obtaining the greatest victory during this battle. If he was destroyed, everything that he had accumulated during these numerous years would be completely wasted!!

Garen did not chase him but simply looked on silently at Simon who was escaping as fast as he could. Although he did not destroy his opponent’s reincarnation at that moment, he had injured him heavily nonetheless.

His opponent was one of the main characters in this world. Hence, the general trends had decided that if any beings who wanted to kill him would encounter numerous obstructions and trouble.

Garen actually did not have any plans of fully burying his opponent in a grave.

Turning around, the group of survivors behind him was all gazing at each other helplessly. They did not know how to face Garen.

Several Void Creatures reacted instantly and undertook the task to immediately restrict the local powerhouses of this world who were beside them.

The few people did not dare to object and could only laugh bitterly while being captured helplessly as their powers were shackled.

Only then did Garen’s gaze fell on Nadia.

“This isn’t a place that you should’ve come.” He furrowed his eyebrows.

She was simply looking for death when she came here alone with the forces of her Level Thirteen aura.

He did not even permit Andrew to enter despite being a Demigod. The great war this time had seemed to gather the strongest powers of two of this world’s peak existences.

Any accidents that occurred in an arrangement like this would result in earth-shattering and terrifying disasters.

“Why shouldn’t I have come?” said Nadia in a dissatisfied tone. She broke free of Elphis’ protection and floated in mid-air alone.

“Since you managed to rise from the lowest level that year, so can I!!”

She looked at Garen on an equal level determinedly. However, his shapeless Coercion and the Spiritual Poison of his Poisonous Eye caused panic and fear to fill her mind unconsciously.

The Garen who still required her protection previously had already achieved an unimaginable stage now.

‘Actually, I was merely unresigned…’ Painful emotions filled her mind. Her belittlement of Garen in the beginning had now turned to praise. Ultimately, in the end, she was very glad to have met him in this strange world. She was merely unable to let go of her initial pride all along.

Frankly, she really wanted to have a good rest for some time. Depending on her previous friend Garen was not a bad decision but for some unknown reason, she could not open her mouth and request that of him every time they met.

“I will… never yield to anyone! It’d be better for you to give up!” She emphasized strongly again.

“I understand that you’ve made your decision.” Garen nodded faintly.


Elphis’ fist collided against Nadia’s abdomen suddenly. The tremendous pain and the cold air that was coordinated by Rosta on the side caused her to faint instantly.

Garen appeared beside Nadia’s body immediately before he lifted her with one hand.

“Let’s go.”

Rosta smiled helplessly.

“Was she really unaware that if the difference was too great, any spiritual activities in front of a Higher God would be easily caught by the other party…”

When Elphis saw how she had fallen out with her previous arch-rival as if they were children, a faintly weird feeling lingered in her heart for unknown reasons.

“Perhaps she was truly unaware…” she added quietly.

The three people teleported immediately and vanished from their original spots.


Main Substance Plane

Vast stretches of the earth were dried up and cracked. Numerous cracks and split marks extended throughout the ground and gradually grew longer and wider before finally turning into deep crevices.

Scorching auras of destruction flared up from these crevices.

The sky was a vast expanse of blood red shades. Long stretches of the corpses of True Soul Gods floated into the sky. Some of them had rotted already and transformed into numerous empty islands while there were other evil beings that had already turned into God Damnators.

The cities and moats of the Primary Plane had collapsed already.

When the Great Decisive Battle started, Star Region Demon Master and Eye of Massacre led numerous armies respectively and began their great slaughter throughout the entire Main Substance Plane simultaneously.

All living creatures including animals, plants, and sea creatures were killed.

The entire Plane was deathly still as even the Undead had no way to live because the Souls were also devoured by the Void Creatures.

Numerous black Spaceships with golden halos in front would fly past occasionally in the sky. They were Void Battleships. These Battleships that had beetle-like exteriors could use their golden halos like pincers to cut off any solid substances or Divine Bodies. They were responsible for managing the various harmful evolved creatures after the war.

This world was on the verge of collapsing.

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