My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4925 - : In The Remaining Lifetime (105)

Chapter 4925: In The Remaining Lifetime (105)

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Wei Yunchu was so agitated that he didn’t know what to say.

He couldn’t help but grab Pudding’s hand as his voice trembled.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why didn’t you tell me earlier…”

If Pudding had told Wei Yunchu everything five years ago, they wouldn’t have been separated for five years.

God knew how hard it had been these five years…

It was fine when he was busy. His mind could hardly contain anything else.

However, at night, when it was quiet, all sorts of things regarding Pudding would immediately appear in his mind.

Therefore, Wei Yunchu had been living a tough life for the past five years. However, he had never told anyone about his hardships.

After all, he was a man and would not go around crying and complaining.

To Wei Yunchu, if the person in Pudding’s heart was Uncle Su Yu, then it wasn’t worth the cold war.

Although everyone’s memories were gone, Uncle Su Yu was a great person.

To save the woman he loved, to save his friend, he was willing to stay in the incubus and be alone…

In order to give his grandson a chance to live, Grandpa Su made a grand decision so that he won’t remain in a vegetative state forever.

Who in the Su family would be jealous of his love?

Not to mention Pudding, even Wei Yunchu thought that someone like Uncle Su should be remembered forever.

He thought that he and his father were best buddies, but now, Su Yu had erased his father’s memories because he did not want his father to be in pain forever.

At that moment, Wei Yunchu realized how insignificant he was…

He was still arguing about their relationship, but Uncle Su was willing to sacrifice everything for the woman he loved.

“Yunchu, I…” Pudding tried to explain.

“You don’t have to say anything, Pudding. I don’t care what kind of feelings you have for Uncle Su, whether it’s your reliance on him as an elder, your sadness after he left the world, or whether you really like him, I don’t mind. A person like Uncle Su is worth remembering in our hearts forever.”

To be honest, Pudding didn’t expect Wei Yunchu to be such an open-minded person.

Before she could explain anything, he gave her his conclusion.

Obviously, Wei Yunchu didn’t mind that Pudding had Su Yu in her heart…

It was Su Yu, so he had no objections.

Wei Yunchu placed Pudding’s hand on his chest.

He slowly said, “Pudding, from now on, you’re not the only one who has Uncle Su in your heart. You and I will always remember him and everything he did for us…”

Pudding’s eyes were red. At that moment, she felt as if the world had lit up.

If she had told Wei Yunchu about this back then, perhaps there wouldn’t have been five years of separation and conflict.

Pudding suddenly felt stupid for thinking too little of Yunchu.

“Yunchu, I’m sorry… Thank you…”

Pudding’s voice was also choked up…

The two of them looked at each other. Even if they had a thousand words to say, it could not compare to the deep affection they were feeling right now…

“Cut… Alright, the two actors, please go down and rest for a while.” Qin Guoguo appeared at the crucial moment.

And not just one person…

Behind him stood Little Bean, Gao Boyuan, Tang Tianjiao, Qiao Tuantuan, Qiao Yuanyuan, Qin Chu, Huo Mian, Wei Liao, and Jiang Xiaowei.

Everyone came and was standing behind Qin Guoguo.

The two of them turned to look and felt extremely awkward.

“Are you two going to kiss or fight at this distance?” Little Bean suddenly asked.

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