My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4926 - In The Remaining Lifetime (106)

Chapter 4926: In The Remaining Lifetime (106)

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“Little Bean, don’t talk nonsense.” Pudding’s face was red as she quickly broke free from Wei Yunchu’s grip.

“Yunchu, why didn’t you tell me you were coming back? Are you still a good buddy?” Gao Boyuan was furious.

Wei Yunchu stood up slowly. “I also wanted to give you all a surprise.”

“No, you just want to give my sister a surprise…” Little Bean exposed him.

Wei Yunchu coughed lightly.

“So… did you manage to get your wife back?” Gao Boyuan asked with a smile.

Wei Yunchu ignored his teasing and greeted the elders.

“Uncle Qin, Auntie Mian… Uncle Gao, Auntie Ling…”

“It’s good that Yunchu is back… I was thinking this morning that everyone is here except for you…”

Qin Chu liked Wei Yunchu a lot, and he had liked him since he was young. He thought that Wei Yunchu resembled him in many ways.

He could tell what Pudding was thinking…

Wei Yunchu’s return made everyone very happy. Everyone returned to the banquet.

Wei Yunchu didn’t mention anything about Su Yu and decided to keep Pudding’s secret forever.

Pudding cried for a long time, so her eyes were red and swollen…

She ran upstairs to wash her face. When she returned downstairs, she saw Liao Muchen standing downstairs.

The hall downstairs was empty…

“Why are you here?” Pudding was surprised.

“Boss, you look so beautiful in your Han attire today. I can guarantee that if you enter the entertainment industry, those slutty b*tches won’t have a place anymore.” Liao Muchen smiled, but Pudding had a feeling that he was different from usual. As for what was different, it was hard to say.

“Thank you.” Pudding smiled at Liao Muchen’s compliment.

“Boss… I feel like I should start dating…”

Pudding was surprised, but she remained silent.

She was really afraid that Liao Muchen would confess to her. After all, it was very hurtful to reject someone.

“Liao Muchen… I actually…”

“Boss, what do you think of that young lady from Jiahe Entertainment, Liang Huan?”

Pudding was stunned by his question.

“Liang Huan is pretty good. She’s good at acting, capable, and low-key…”

“Yeah, I think she’s great too… so I want to sign a dating contract with her.”

“A contract couple?” Pudding was stunned.

In the entertainment industry, it was really not a big deal to be a contract couple.

It was just two artists with similar popularity, forming a couple and selling their persona to attract more fans.

At the same time, they could also participate in a few reality shows that were meant for showing their love life. They could also earn a lot of money by showing off their love affairs.

After the contract expired, they would break up peacefully…

Many celebrities did the same, but there were also many actresses who wanted to form a couple with Liao Muchen.

Pudding didn’t know why he brought it up after turning them down previously.

“Ah, it’s like this. Liang Huan’s manager talked to my manager and Liang Huan personally sent me a WeChat message.”

“Why her?” Pudding asked.

“Because she’s obedient, honest, low-profile… It’s my style too.”

“That’s fine, as long as you’re willing.” Pudding didn’t have any issues with the contract as long as he agreed.

“So… Boss… I’m going to stop living my single life… Are you… going to give me some gifts?”

“Gift? No problem… I’ll give you more resources,” Pudding said.

“Not enough.”

“Then next month, you can take your team overseas for a vacation. I’ll cover your expenses,” Pudding said generously.

“That’s not enough, either.”

“Then what do you want?” Pudding rolled her eyes.

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