My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4924 - In The Remaining Lifetime (104)

Chapter 4924: In The Remaining Lifetime (104)

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Qin Yuyao was so scared that he took a few steps back. He was really afraid that she would pounce on him.

“I mind it very much.”

“Why? My family is also very rich. My father and your father are the best business partners.” The little girl pouted.

“You’re too ugly.” Qin Yuyao did not give anyone face.

“D*mn, how dare you call me ugly? I’m a famous beauty… My Weibo fans all say I look like Zhang Ziyi…”

“Forget it… Zhang Fei is more like it.”

“Huh? How can you be like this… You’re so rude to a girl. You are not gentlemanly at all, you’re just wasting your time abroad.”

“I don’t need to be gentlemanly with you. You’re not my friend…”

“Just you wait. I’ll go tell your father now.”

“Whatever… Take care.”

The first time they met, they were already chatting so unhappily. Perhaps only Qin Guoguo would do something like this.

The good thing was that the little girl was strong enough not to cry. Otherwise, Qin Chu wouldn’t have been able to stand up for himself, and he would’ve taught his son a lesson.

On the other side, Gao Boyuan and Little Bean were sitting side by side, being all lovey-dovey.

Seeing this, Qiao Tuantuan and Qiao Yuanyuan felt depressed. The two sisters had escaped even before they finished their meal.

“Little Bean, eat more. Look at how skinny you are…” Gao Boyuan picked up a piece of braised pork for Little Bean.

“Boyuan, don’t you feel that it’s against your conscience saying this? Even she’s considered skinny…” Tang Tianjiao couldn’t take it anymore.

“Tang Tianjiao, shut up. I’ll beat you up…” Little Bean raised her arm.

“Fine, fine, fine, you two can continue being lovey-dovey… I can’t stand it anymore…”

With that, Tang Tianjiao also left.

“Where’s my sister? She’s not back yet…” Little Bean suddenly remembered that her sister hadn’t returned for dinner.

Hence, she shouted, “Qin Guoguo!”

“Speak.” Luckily, Qin Guoguo came back on time and heard her shouting.

“Where’s Sis?”

“She’s chatting with my friend.”

“Didn’t you say it was only for a minute?” Little Bean asked.

“Maybe… Sis and my friend had too much to talk about and were just interested in each other.”

“Bullsh*t, I don’t believe you… Tell me, where did you take our sister?” Little Bean obviously didn’t believe Qin Guoguo.

“She’s really still chatting with my friend…”

“No, I have to go see her.”

“Don’t. If you go, you’ll disturb her. Be good and keep eating… fat pig.”

“Who are you calling fat pig?” Little Bean glared at him.

“I was referring to myself.”

“That’s more like it…” Little Bean tilted her head and turned around to continue eating braised pork with Boyuan. She wasn’t thinking about looking for her sister anymore.

At this time, Pudding had already told Wei Yunchu everything.

This story began from when Su Yu courted Huo Mian back then and ended when Su Yu left the world.

After hearing this, Wei Yunchu was completely shocked…

He couldn’t believe it, but he knew better than anyone that Pudding never lied.

“So, Pudding, the man in your heart all these years… is actually… your… no, our Uncle Su?”

Pudding nodded slowly…

This was the first time she realized that she could share her secret with someone else. She felt relaxed as if a huge rock had been lifted off her chest.

“Oh my god… none of the elders know about this, other than you and Little Bean?”

“And Grandpa Wu too,” Pudding added.

“So Boyuan and Ah Yao don’t know either, and I’m the fourth person to know the secret?” Wei Yunchu looked in disbelief.

Pudding nodded again…

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