My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 33: Calling Off the Wedding

Chapter 33: Calling Off the Wedding

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Within a few seconds, someone replied in the WeChat group.

"It's been called off, they broke up," Zhu Lingling replied.

As soon as she sent the message, a few more classmates curiously asked, "What happened?"

"Yeah, didn't she say that they already bought an apartment together? Why would they call off the wedding?"

"They're not going to get married if they're not right for each other, stop asking so many questions. She saved you your wedding gift money. Oh yeah, keep an eye out for Mian and introduce her to some fine single men," Zhu Lingling jokingly replied.

At that moment, Wei Dong came online and asked, "Is this for real? Don't joke around."

"Of course it's real, why would I joke about something so important?" Zhu Lingling rolled her eyes.

"Great, the goddess is single, now is my chance." No one knew if Weidong was joking or being serious.

Then, the girl named Siying Liu replied sourly, "Yeah, the goddess is single now. If you want to go after her, better hurry and not miss your chance, rich boy."

Qin Chu looked at the chat silently without replying...

He had no interest in anyone in the group other than Huo Mian.

All of this reminded him that he had to thank Ms. Yao for their last reunion. If he didn't go all the way to New Zealand and fly Ms. Yao back to C City, Huo Mian might not have attended the reunion. He knew her too well.

As everybody discussed and gossiped, Huo Mian suddenly came online.

"Sorry, I might not be able to treat you guys to a reception. Something did happen with the wedding."

"Goddess, it's fine. It's that guy who had missed out. Being single is great, ha."

"Goddess Huo, why not give me a chance?" Wei Dong said, unclear whether he was joking or not.

"Mian, aren't you supposed to be working today? You must be pretty free, considering you're on WeChat," asked Zhu Lingling.

"Mhm, I just assisted with a surgery, and the head nurse gave me the day off."

"Ha, that's not bad for the old hag. Let's go eat tonight then, I'm free."

"Bring me along, I'll pay and you guys can choose the location," Wei Dong interjected.

"Maybe another day. Lingling, I have to go see my mother at the hospital today."

"Auntie is in the hospital? What happened?" Zhu Lingling privately messaged Huo Mian.

"Nothing, it's just hypertension. It's not a big problem, don't worry about it," Huo Mian replied.

Then, she got changed, bought food, and took the bus to Fourth Hospital.

The classmates were still questioning around in the group chat, but she was too lazy to reply. As they were classmates she rarely talked to, she didn't need to pretend that they were close.

Just then, a WeChat notification suddenly popped out...

It was a fund transfer of 888 yuan from Wei Dong.

Attached to it was a message, "I heard that your mother is hospitalized, this is just a little something from me."

Only then did Huo Mian realized that she had mentioned her mother's hospitalization in the WeChat group. She immediately declined the fund transfer.

"Thanks, it's the thought that counts. You really don't have to."

She had very little contact with Wei Dong over the past few years, so how could she accept his money?

"Goddess Huo, are you really single now?"

"Mhm, we broke up," Huo Mian answered honestly.

"Then, can you give me a chance?"

"Don't joke around, old friend." Huo Mian felt awkward.

"I'm not joking. For real, Huo Mian, I've liked you for a long time. I've had a crush on you since high school. If you don't believe me, just ask my deskmate, Big Mouth Li, because he knows. Back then, you were with Qin Chu so I had no chance to go after you. Then, after graduation, you got a boyfriend, and I didn't want to disturb you."

"But, I heard from Lingling that you already have a girlfriend," Huo Mian asked back.

"I have no feelings for her. She's only with me for my family's money so when we break up, I'll just compensate her."

"Then, how can you be sure that I won't just date you for your money?" Huo Mian asked.

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