My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 34: Knowing One's Place

Chapter 34: Knowing One's Place

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"You're not that type of person, because of what you did to Qin Chu at graduation. His family is so much richer than mine and you still broke up with him. You are obviously not a gold digger."

"You're funny. Thanks for the compliment, but, I don't think we're right for each other."

"Come one, I'll treat you well. For real, Huo Mian, I promise that I'll be good to you for as long as I live. I can take care of your mother and brother for the rest of my life."

"Wei Dong, thank you."

After replying, Huo Mian exited the WeChat application, unwilling to continue with the charade.

Her heart pounded hard when Wei Dong mentioned what she did to Qin Chu at graduation...

Just then, Huo Mian's phone began to ring...


"Mian, I'm telling you, just ignore that scumbag Wei Dong. His personality is quite horrible, and I heard that he is always changing girlfriends. Just now, he even told me to try and convince you to marry him! He must be dreaming."

"Ha, he's only joking. I didn't take it seriously."

"He's serious, I know he's not joking. When we were in school, he always secretly put snacks in your desk and you've never noticed. I do believe that he wants to marry you, since to him, you're a goddess. But men like him are all the same, longing for what they could never get. Once you're with him for a few years, he'll get bored of you and cheat. I've seen plenty of scumbags like him."

"I know that, Lingling."

"Right, I'm just reminding you."

As she hung up Lingling's call, Huo Mian noticed that she had arrived at Fourth People's Hospital.

Huo Mian brought some buns and egg soup with her into the room.

"Mom, you must be hungry. The traffic was bad on the way here." Huo Mian smiled.

Yang Meirong's face remained unpleasant as she silently took the food from Huo Mian's hands.

"I want to be discharged tomorrow."

Huo Mian paused for a second before realizing that her mother was healthy enough to go home, "Mhm, I'll go ask the doctor. We'll leave as soon as your blood pressure lowers."

"When are you getting married? I heard Zhixin say that you bought an apartment already," Yang Meirong asked unhurriedly.

Although Ning Zhiyuan rarely visited Yang Meirong while he dated Huo Mian, she had not given him any trouble. At most, she was unenthusiastic.

"We aren't anymore," answered Huo Mian, slightly biting her lip.

Yang Meirong paused from eating the bun and looked up with a sharp glare, "What happened?"

"Zhiyuan likes someone else now," Huo Mian answered selectively, not wanting to take the blame. She thought that her mother would be triggered upon hearing Qin Chu's name so she did her best to avoid doing so.

However, Yang Meirong sneered and asked, "Is it because he likes someone else? Or is it because you rekindled your love for that boy?"

"Mom, I didn't." Huo Mian's face paled, as she did not think that her mother would be so direct.

"Huo Mian, I am telling you that you will have a stable life if you marry someone as average as Ning Zhiyuan. It's been seven years, and I thought you've come to know your place. I can't believe that you are still so delusional, so obsessed with that Qin Chu. I'm telling you, you're digging yourself a shallow grave. Keep in mind that his parents basically tried to kill you seven years ago, and you're only alive because your Uncle Jing saved you. If they found out that you're still hooking up with their son, you might as well be dead."

"Mom, I won't. Don't be angry," Huo Mian said as she reached out to hold her mother's hand.

"Go away! Don't touch me," Yang Meirong said as she threw the food onto the ground, creating loud banging noises.

"What's going on?" A nurse rushed in.

"I don't want to see her, get her out of here," shouted Yang Meirong as she pointed at her daughter.

"You should probably leave, the patient's mood is getting a little unstable," the nurse advised.

Huo Mian felt horrible; she was worried about her mother but did not want to aggravate her further. She had no choice but to leave.

Then, her phone began ringing again. The caller ID showed that it was the head nurse.

"Head nurse, is everything okay?"

"Huo Mian, the director approved your request. Come to the hospital."

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