My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 32: Sexual Preference

Chapter 32: Sexual Preference

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At the sight of the president's less-than-impressed gaze, Jiang Linyue immediately began to introduce herself cautiously.

"President Qin, I am the director of GK's luxury designs. My name is Jiang Linyue."

"Why are you here?" Qin Chu's voice was cold.

"Oh, I'm here to present the newest luxury design samples of this season. This time, our department launched several new models —"

"Put the material down, you can leave," Qin Chu interrupted Jiang Linyue ruthlessly before she could finish her sentence.

"President Qin, I think it would be better if I went over some of the details with you." To say that Jiang Linyue was dumbfounded would be an understatement. She felt like her attitude was extremely proper: she didn't ogle like other women, nor was she pretentious. Why was the president so unimpressed?

"You don't have to discuss the details with me. Discussing it with the Vice President will suffice."

Upon hearing Qin Chu's words, a sense of disappointment washed over Jiang Linyue. She had prepared a full speech for the young president but was cut off before she even began.

"You can leave now," Qin Chu ordered.

"Yes, President Qin."

Jiang Linyue took the papers and left, very unwillingly.

Before leaving, she looked back at Qin Chu, catching a glimpse of him taking off his jacket and leaning on his desk. The sight was enough to make any girl fall in love. Back then, she overcame all obstacles to be employed in GK for the sole purpose of being there when Qin Chu rises to the top. The thought of seeing him every day gave her enough happiness.

After Jiang Linyue left, Qin Chu dialed an internal number.

"President Qin, how can I help you?" Assistant Yang walked into the office respectfully.

"I need someone to clean my office at once. Also, next time, do not let anyone into my office. From now on, take all of my visitors to the small conference room."

"Yes, President Qin."

Qin Chu despised the smell of perfume, and this was a fact only known to those closest to him.

It wasn't because he was allergic. No, it was because the smell of artificially synthesized fragrances irritates him.

Jiang Linyue was in his office for too long, and the smell of her Chanel perfume had permeated the air.

Qin Chu really disliked the smell. In comparison, he much preferred the scent of hospital formaldehyde.

Or maybe, he only liked the unique scent belonging to that specific person...

- GK's Department of Design -

Jiang Linyue returned, looking dejected.

"Director Jiang, did you see our big boss? Is he handsome?"

"How do you guys have time to gossip? Don't you have work to do?" Jiang Linyue asked sourly.

"Yes, Director Jiang." The assistant secretary hurriedly closed the door and left.

Sitting in her office chair, Jiang Linyue let out a disappointed sigh...

Having studied abroad in Paris for three years, she received many design awards.

Various domestic and internationally-renowned corporations had offered her positions, but she adamantly chose to return to her home country. She was determined to go to C City and work her way into GK, all because she liked Qin Chu.

She had been at GK for almost two years, waiting for the young president's return.

Jiang Linyue was both beautiful and talented, not to mention that she had a great taste in clothing. How could the president reject her?

"Unless... the president is gay?" Jiang Linyue mumbled to herself.

Magazine articles often wrote about how gorgeous men were most likely gay, especially ones without a girlfriend.

President Qin's face was already more than gorgeous; it was without a single bad angle, and Jiang Linyue had asked many others about the girlfriend thing.

Everyone responded that the president was single, giving her the confidence to get closer to him. She didn't expect herself to be rejected like that on the first try.

At noon, just as Qin Chu was about to go to lunch, he received a notification on his phone.

He opened up WeChat and saw that someone had posted a message in the class's group chat, "Does anyone know when Goddess Huo is getting married?"

He signed up on WeChat a couple of days earlier and didn't add many contacts yet. He was only in the group because Ms. Yao had added him since the last reunion, and he didn't think that he would be able to hear news about Huo Mian in this group.

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