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Chapter 532 - She Cannot Compare to Me

Chapter 532: She Cannot Compare to Me

Once the message was sent out, Gu Yin waited for a moment before she got a reply from Jianghuai.

It was a voice message.

She took a pair of earpieces from the table and put them on. Before she started listening, Jianghuai sent over two more voice messages.

“Gu Mang attended Clearwater High School for a year. There is a gifted class at the school. Even if she can score full marks on every subject, that is still understandable. However, Gu Si did not even go to school.”

“You say Gu Si is of interest now due to his university entrance exams. But, ultimately, Gu Mang’s value is still greater than Gu Si’s. Is she using Gu Si to become famous?”

“I heard that she is already very famous at Capital University even though she hasn’t even started school.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Yin snorted.

A senior who was sitting facing her looked up in confusion. “Yinyin, what are you laughing at?”

Gu Yin answered gently, “Nothing.” She paused for a moment and added, “Senior Xie, do you think anyone on this earth would refuse to join the medical organization?”

“Why would someone not want to join the medical organization?” As Xie Feichen spoke, he also laughed. “That person must be crazy.”

The medical organization was a place that everyone in the medical industry would try to get in no matter what.

Gu Yin raised her eyebrows slightly as she replied to Jianghuai. At the same time, she said, “Maybe out of spite.”

It was only after she joined the medical organization that she realized how lacking in experience she was. This place was mostly filled with legendary figures in the medical industry.

They were respected everywhere.

Capital University’s medical faculty could not even be compared with the medical organization.

Xie Feichen suddenly thought of something and asked, “You are talking about Gu Mang, the person who got first place on the joint exams, aren’t you?”

The corners of Gu Yin’s lips curled up. She remained silent.

“I heard that she even chose to study traditional chinese medicine. I think she’s pretty foolish.” Xie Feichen sneered. “This morning, I overheard a few overseas Chinese people discussing trending news. Gu Mang is internet famous now.”

Gu Yin still remained silent, but her gaze became colder.

Xie Feichen kept quiet for a few seconds before commenting, “Tsk, she’s nowhere near as good as she’s made out to be.”

After Gu Yin finished typing her reply, she sent the message to Jianghuai: [My sister and brother have a pretty good relationship with each other. I don’t think something like this will happen.]

Jianghuai replied to her again: [You don’t have to speak up for her. Everyone who has eyes can tell that she is using Gu Si. What a pity. What can she do with her fame? You ranked third in the medical organization’s professional test last week! What does she have now?]

The coldness in Gu Yin’s gaze started to fade as a subtle smile appeared on her face. “Stop comparing. After all, my sister is at Capital University, while I’m in the medical organization. Both places have different levels of strength. They are not worth comparing.]

Just as she sent the message, she suddenly received a call from Lei Xiao.

Gu Yin glanced at the caller ID, notified Xie Feichen, and walked out of the data room to pick up the call. “Uncle.”

Lei Xiao said, “Mm, have you seen the news online?”

“Regarding Gu Si’s university entrance exams?” Gu Yin tightened her grip of the phone.

“Yes, I have something to ask you.” Lei Xiao said. “Gu Mang was taught by the teachers at Clearwater High School. Have your parents helped Gu Si look for a school too?”

After hearing about Gu Si taking the university entrance exams on the internet, the Lei family had been completely silent about it until now.

Now that that thankless wretch Gu Mang was famous now, she was pressuring the Lei family.

Could it be that Gu Si was next in line?

Gu Yin recalled Gu Si’s schooling days and answered, “No. Gu Si has always stayed with my parents and never left them before. He is attending elementary school in Changning County.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Her parents had never really hired other teachers for Gu Si. They just let him attend elementary school.

Lei Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Gu Si was different from Gu Mang, everything would be fine.

After hesitating for a moment, Gu Yin added, “I heard my classmate say that Sister might be taking advantage of the news of Gu Si taking the university entrance exams to boost her fame.”

Lei Xiao frowned. “You mean Gu Mang asked Gu Si to take the exams intentionally?”

Gu Yin remained silent for a few seconds before saying, “It’s also possible that Gu Si is like my sister. He might have finished learning all the high school content too.”

Lei Xiao scoffed. “Gu Si did not even attend school. Where would he get to learn all that?”

Gu Yin did not answer.

“Once Gu Si’s atrocious results are revealed, I’ll see how she cleans up this mess!”

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