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Chapter 533 - The Most Precious Notes

Chapter 533: The Most Precious Notes

Gu Yin returned to the data room and continued doing her work.

Just then, Xie Feichen suddenly handed her a stack of binded notes. “Take a look at this. It will be very helpful for your future learning.”

Gu Yin nodded, placed her phone aside, and received it with two hands.

“These notes are very precious. You need to be careful when you flip the pages,” Xie Feichen reminded her with a lowered voice.

Gu Yin acknowledged with a hum. “Thank you, senior.”

Reading materials that the medical organization provided to its students were the most precious. The notes in her hands were very previous too, but they were just part of the collection.

The notes had no source. They did not even know who wrote them.

However, the notes recorded countless “medical case studies,” which included treatment methods and graphical explanations of surgeries.

The notes on human anatomy research were especially impressive! A portion of the notes were circulating online. Some of them had also been included in professional medical books.

Hence, the notes were incomplete. Even the medical organization did not have the complete version of these notes. As for other places, the notes they had were even less comprehensive.

This was the difference between Gu Mang and her. This was also the difference between Capital University and the medical organization.

Uncle had spoken to her about keeping Gu Si under the Lei family’s care, but Gu Si had refused. Between Gu Mang and her, the Lei family, as well as the medical organization, had chosen her.

However, Gu Si had chosen Gu Mang.

Gu Yin smirked as ridicule flashed across her eyes.

It was the afternoon of the following day. The last exam on the last subject of the university entrance exams, English, had just ended.

Gu Si handed in his paper 30 minutes before the time was up. When he walked out of the campus, there were crowds of parents surrounding the school gate.

Seeing Gu Si’s tiny figure walking out of the school alone, everyone’s attention shifted towards him. All of them looked stunned. Stupefied, everyone froze on the spot.

Gu Si spotted Yu Mufeng’s car on the road and ran towards it.

He climbed into the front passenger seat. Seeing that Yu Mufeng was the only who came to fetch him, he pouted, and asked unhappily, “Brother Mufeng, why didn’t Sister come and fetch me?”

Yu Mufeng glanced at him, stepped on the accelerator, and turned the steering wheel. “Stop daydreaming. You only have me. Your sister is very busy. I’m giving you two options. After the university entrance exams results are out, you can either go to Red Scorpion or the research centre. Choose one.”

Hearing this, Gu Si widened his eyes in disbelief. “What do you mean? I just finished my national exams. Does my sister not intend to see her beloved brother?!”

“Yes,” Yu Mufeng sighed. “Your sister has been abducted to the No. 14 Research Center by Lu Chengzhou.”

Gu Si was speechless.

Yu Mufeng caressed his head sympathetically. “You need a reality check. You have lost favor.”

Gu Si was extremely sullen. After a while, he said through gritted teeth, “It’s more than that. The way she treats me has gotten worse! I used to get a ‘last meal’ at the very least. Now, I don’t even get that!”

Yu Mufeng could not help but laugh. “Choose. Red Scorpion or the research centre?”

Gu Si shrugged and said hopelessly, “I guess I will choose Red Scorpion. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the pig I’m raising.”

Yu Mufeng was speechless.

When Meng Jinyang left the examination hall, she immediately spotted Jiang Shenyuan, who was standing beside a tree.

The man was wearing a mask. When he saw her, he approached her.

“Big Brother Jiang, give me my phone.” Once he was in front of her, Meng Jinyang reached out and asked for her phone.

Jiang Shenyuan took the examination folder from her and passed her phone to her. “How did you do?”

Meng Jinyang seemed pretty confident as she said with a smile, “I think I can become your student.”

Jiang Shenyuan smiled. “Alright. Think about what you want to eat first.”

After Meng Jinyang told him she was fine with everything, she looked at her phone and opened WeChat. She was bombarded with messages. All the school-related group chats were sending congratulatory messages.

A small group chat with a few people.

Qin Yaozhi: [Quick! Call Sister Mang and her brother! Let’s meet and have fun! Tian Que!]

Lu Yang: [Yes, yes, yes! The torturous Year Three has finally ended! I’m going to release all my wildness!]

Chu Yao: [Let’s tidy up and set a place to meet!]

After looking through WeChat, Meng Jinyang called Gu Mang.

Jiang Shenyuan was acting as her eyes and protecting her with his arms. When they arrived at the car, he opened the car door for her to get in.

Just as Meng Jinyang got into the car, the call connected. “Gu Mang, I just finished my exams. Where are you? I’ll go and meet you.”

The girl’s indifferent voice could be heard over the phone. “Give me a location. I’ll go and meet you.”

Jiang Shenyuan pointed at the seatbelt so that Meng Jinyang would wear it.

She nodded and pulled the seatbelt across her torso as she said on the phone, “The rest said they want to go to Tian Que. Do you want to come?”

Hearing this, Jiang Shenyuan paused for a moment.

Could she accept a place like that?

Without saying anything, Jiang Shenyuan settled into the driver’s seat and started the car engine.

After pondering for two seconds, Gu Mang said, “If you want to go, I’ll accompany you. But that place is more complicated and there are many men. You better think carefully.”

Meng Jinyang bit her lip and said weakly, “I-I think I’m not going there. I’m going back to the Seal Palace.”

Gu Mang answered, “Okay, you can go back first. I will meet you at night.”

After the call ended, Meng Jinyang opened the WeChat group chat and saw the latest piece of news.

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