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Chapter 531 - Brother Cheng, Shall I Buy You A Hot Search?

Chapter 531: Brother Cheng, Shall I Buy You A Hot Search?

The news of Gu Si taking the university entrance exams was reported by mass media. Even Gu Mang’s two perfect scores became a trending topic. The two siblings were all over the internet.

Yu Mufeng looked at Gu Mang, then he thought about Gu Si. Finally, he turned to Lu Chengzhou and said with a very sincere expression, “Brother Cheng, shall I buy you a trending topic too? You need to have some presence too! A family should receive the same treatment!”

Lu Chengzhou narrowed his eyes slightly.

With just one look, Yu Mufeng instinctively perceived danger. He was more cowardly than Qin Fang and he hid behind Gu Mang immediately. After seeing how this Master had been treating their Grandmaster, he had almost forgotten how intimidating the Young Master Lu of the capital was.

Recently, he had become more courageous such that he even dared to joke with this man!

Qin Fang tutted as if he were waiting for a good show. He Yidu brought the tea out and did not say anything.

Gu Mang glanced at Lu Chengzhou. Her gaze fell on his eyes and she recalled the commotion that he had caused when he had attended his parent-teacher meeting. She kept silent.

After two seconds, she said calmly, “He doesn’t need to be trending. Take mine down.”

Everyone there was intelligent. They had deciphered what she meant by that instantly.

Big Boss did not mention that she wanted to withdraw the trending topic previously. Yet when Yu Mufeng said that he wanted to buy a trending topic for her lover, she wanted to withdraw hers. Clearly, she did not want her lover to get on trending.

When Lu Chengzhou heard this, the corner of his lips curled up. She does have some territorial awareness.

Lu San carried out the order immediately. He Yidu and Qin Fang looked at each other. They were really done. Not only the trending list, but even Capital University’s Forum was dominated by Gu Mang, the freshman who was not even fully enrolled at the school yet.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing our junior!”

“Be careful, the junior might come to school and get promoted instantly. Then, you will become her junior!”

“Hahahaha!! True!!! This is so f*cking sick!”

The capital, Lu residence.

Granny Lu and Lu Zhan were also discussing the news.

When Lu Zhan mentioned Gu Si, his eyes shined. “This kid is very smart. He ranked top in all the Red Scorpion training parameters, so Chengzhou sent him to Red Flame to participate in special training.”

When Old Madam heard this, she was stunned. “Silence’s training?”

Old Madam and Lu Zhan did not know much about what happened at Red Flame. There was some connection between the special training and Red Scorpion so they only knew a little.

As for Silence, they only knew that there was such a person. It was an internationally renowned name. It cost hundreds of millions to get him to participate in a mission.

Lu Zhan nodded. “You know the intensity of Silence’s training, but this child, Gu Si, passed all of it!”

“What? Passed all of it?” Old Madam stared at him in great shock. “How old is he?!”

Lu Zhan sat up straight and took a sip of tea from the cup. Then, he smiled. “Gu Mang and Gu Si are different from ordinary people. The two of them have very special physiques as well. Did you forget about the incident when Gu Mang was 5?”

When he spoke, there was an obvious sense of pride in his eyes. It was as if the siblings were already part of the Lu family.

Even though Old Madam had seen much of the world, she was also amused at this moment. “Indeed, their physiques are rather different. It is rather similar to that of Chengzhou.”

Their physiques were several times stronger than those of ordinary people!

“I wonder how much Gu Si can score?” Lu Zhan wondered and thought of the two scores that Gu Mang obtained. He laughed again. “Let’s see if he can break Gu Mang’s record.”

The issue was being followed closely by many people. Several departments already had their eyes set on Gu Si.

Country K, the medical organization.

Gu Yin sat in the data room of the medical organization. She was holding a cell phone and chatting with someone. It was Jianghuai, a classmate from Class One who had told her about Gu Si attending the university entrance exams.

Gu Yin typed slowly with her eyes full of cynicism. “My younger brother is also very intelligent. He might just be like my elder sister and get a perfect score, who knows?”

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