My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 818 - Who Hurt My Shifu? (2)

818.Who Hurt My Shifu? (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

 “Girl, wanna have a try?” That man asked a girl.

The girl frowned and said, “I am not your match.”

“Come on stage to practice. Rest assured, you are so pretty, I won’ hurt you.” The man’s eyes were filled with obscenity.

The girl’s face grew red but she dared not say anything.

“How can you bully others relying on your higher cultivation? Are you here to kill people or to recruit new disciples?” Chen Tianhe said with hatred.

“They are inferior, old man, and they deserve what they got.” that man said with disdain.

Chen Tianhe angrily said, “Bullshit! Don’t you just rely on your rich resources? You can’t parade your ability in the mainland, so you could only be a hector in here?”

“Old man, you want to die?” The young man blushed and threw a palm towards Chen Tianhe. It was true that young man felt frustrated in the central mainland, so Chen Tianhe’s words happened to stab at his sour spot.

“Huh!” A cold snort came from the sky. Accompanied by the cold hum, Wang Hong’s hand aiming at Chen Tianhe got cut off directly, bleeding.

The sudden change let everyone there shocked.

“My hand, my hand!” Wang Hong looked at his broken wrist, face twisted.

“F*ck! Who is it? Why hiding in the dark like a tortoise?” the leading old man snapped.

“Hum, your cultivation is too low, so you can’t tell where I am. How could you say I am hiding in the dark? So ridiculous!” Lou Yu showed up in the air together with Mo Fei.

“Shishu, you got to avenge me!” The young man surnamed Wang said with full of hatred, holding the arm that had just been cut off.

The old man ignored Wang Hong, frowning, looking at Lou Yu and Mo Fei, “Hmm? I can’t see through your real cultivation level! What skills do you use to conceal it?”

Lou Yu coldly smiled, “It has nothing to do with you.” Then he rolled his eyes in the heart. This old had too low cultivation, so he could not tell their actual level, so he’d think they concealed it.

“Who are you? Why nose into our sect’s thing?” The old man said angrily.

Lou Yu pointed at Chen Tianhe and said, “Do you know who he is? Even I dare not touch a finger of his, and you assholes have the guts trying to hurt him! Do you think you are qualified?”

The old man’s face turned blue and white, “So what? What are you gonna do with us?”

“Nothing, it’s just I’ll cut off any hands stretched out!” said Lou Yu indifferently.

“Do you want to go against our Chixia Sword clan?” The old man snapped.

Lou Yu scoffed, “A silly old man like you can represent the whole sect already?”

The old man angrily looked at Lou Yu, “You…”

Lou Yu scoffed, “Even Shangguan Feiyan dares not talk with me like that!”

“How do you know…” The old man also never expected that there’d be such a powerful figure in this wasteland!

“You are Lou Yu, you are Lou Yu…” The girl beside the old man exclaimed.

The old man suddenly froze there. He had been in closed-up cultivation recently. When he came out, Lou Yu’s thing had already ended. But he still heard one thing or two about him. Never expected someone who could even make his name in the central mainland would appear here.

Several people by the old man’s side all had ever seen the picture of Lou Yu, but these people did not expect that Lou Yu would really appear here, so, they also did not recognize him.

“Greetings, senior Lou.” The old man spoke respectfully. After knowing the identity of the other side, the old man immediately put away his proud face.

The news that Lou Yu had made it to the middle stage of heavenly class and beat the heavenly class masters was already widespread. The old man was only at the late stage of xuan class, of course he was far from Lou Yu’s match.

Lou Yu smiled coldly, “I’m flattered.”

Mo Fei walked to Chen Tianhe’s side, frowning, “Shifu, are you all right?”

Chen Tianhe nodded, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Mo Fei’s name was no inferior than Lou Yu, plus he and Lou Yu had always been inseparable. A few cultivators of Chixia Sword clan recognized Lou Yu, of course they’d also recognize Mo Fei. When they heard he called Chen Tianhe shifu, they all froze there, eyes wide open.

People of the central mainland only knew that Mo Fei and others were from Huatian Sect, but none of them knew that they were enrolled from such a remote place.

Who is Mo Fei? One of the youngest earth class pharmacists on the central mainland! A talent who has solved the Juedi cold poison and Tianxing fire poison! Such a person called a common cultivator from the wasteland shifu?

“Master Mo Fei, isn’t your shifu Cheng Mobai?” Asked a girl with a weak voice.

Mo Fei coldly swept over that girl, “Cheng Mobai is my shifu, so is headmaster Chen.”

The girl paused for a moment and said, “I see!”

“Sorry to have offended your shifu.” said the old man awkwardly.

Chen Tianhe coldly looked at the old man, while Lou Yu walked before him, “Shifu, you don’t look good. Did you have any internal injuries?”

Hearing that Mo Fei call Chen Tianhe shifu, those people all got amazed, but when they heard that Lou Yu also called him shifu, they got even more confused.

So they kicked on the iron plate! And that very very thick kind! Wang Hong would never expect that a cultivator in such a damn place would be both Mo Fei and Lou Yu’s shifu!

“I’m all right, it’s just one of your senior brothers is dead.” Chen Tianhe said.

Lou Yu grinded his teeth, damn, we are still too late!

“Who did it? Stand out.” Asked Lou Yu coldly.

Those arrogant disciples from Chixia Sword clan now were acting like cowards.

“Senior Lou, when two sides at war, casualties are unavoidable…” the old man answered, frowning.

Lou Yu sneered, “My few senior brothers are all at level eight or nine, while those you brought with you are all human class or above! Human class cultivators against level eight and nine! Those who don’t know when to stop and have no sense of propriety don’t deserve to breathe in this world!”

The old man looked at Lou Yu, “Senior Lou, do you have to be so compelling?”

Lou Yu said disapprovingly, “I needn’t force you. As long as I kill you, I will never miss the murderers!”

The old man looked at Lou Yu, “Senior Lou, aren’t you too unreasonable?”

“Is it the first day you know I’m unreasonable? I even killed the grandson of your heavenly class master! What’s the big to kill some of you?” said Lou Yu without any emotion.

“He did it.” A female disciple in the crowd pointed to a greasy-haired cultivator.

When they came, that cultivator showed no mercy and killed four.

Wang Hong looked at her with horror. Lou Yu raised his hand and broke off that person’s neck, blood splashing out instantly.

“Think before you act!” Lou Yu stood coldly in front of several people.

The few of them stood there, looking at each other, frozen.

Lou Yu then followed Chen Tianhe to leave


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