My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 817 - Who Hurt My Shifu? (1)

817. Who Hurt My Shifu? (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Under Mo Fei’s help, Yan Chen and Jing Chen’s strength was improving rapidly, which attracted a lot of people’s eyes.

Seeing Yan Chen and Jing Chen’s fate inversion, those who swept Jing Chen out of the family all regretted it now.

After having absorbed the Qingcang wood thunderbolt, Lou Yu had improved a lot and entered the late stage of earth class, widened the gap between him and Zheng Xuan and Qian Ye again.

Mo Fei cupped his chin, looking at Lou Yu, “You mean, that place is a tomb of some big figure?”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “Exactly.”

After the absorption of the Qingcang wood thunderbolt, Lou Yu also inherited some of the memory fragments inside. The Qingcang wood thunderbolt was one of those funerary objects of that big figure. A few years ago, taking advantage that the seal about the tomb got weakened, it sneaked out.

In order to escape, Qingcang wood thunderbolt had paid a huge price. If it hadn’t been that its power had reduced a lot due to the influence of the seal, Lou Yu wouldn’t have been able to catch it so easily.

“Do you think we can go into the tomb?” Asked Mo Fei, blinking. The tomb of some big figure should have a lot of good stuff.

Lou Yu shook his head, saying full of regret, “No.”

Mo Fei frowned and said, “Why?”

“According to the memory of the wood thunderbolt, there is an evil beast at the late stage of heavenly class guarding it.” said Lou Yu.

Mo Fei wide opened his eyes, “Hell no!” An evil beast at the late stage of heavenly class? If the evil beast came out, then…

Lou Yu nodded, “If it doesn’t have a memory disorder, that should be true.”

“We don’t know how many years that big figure has been dead, who knows whether that evil beast is still alive?” said Mo Fei, gritting his teeth.

Lou Yu shrugged his shoulders, “The evil beast should still be alive. Unlike human, their lifespan is pretty long. Even if it’s already dead, that place is still very hard to get in.”

Mo Fei tilted his head, “Why?”

“According to the memory of the wood thunderbolt, there seems to be a heavenly class puppet guarding.” Lou Yu explained.

Mo Fei dropped his jaws, “What kind of figure has been buried in there? First an evil beast, and now a heavenly class puppet?”

Lou Yu shook his head, “I don’t know. It seems pretty aged.”

Mo Fei touched his chin, “In Rong Kingdom such a place where even birds wouldn’t poop, there’s such kind of tomb? That’s a total joke.”

Lou Yu shook his head, “What a pity! This is not a joke.”

Mo Fei said, “Forget about that. Anyhow, it has nothing to do with us.”

Lou Yu bit his teeth, “I’m worried once the news got leaked, it’d bring a dead blow to our kingdom.”

Mo Fei frowned. It was such a special tomb. Once people heard of it, numerous people would flood in here. Rong Kingdom was too weak that it was not even qualified to be the cannon folder.

“I don’t think so. The tomb, at least, has been in existence for thousands of years, and it’s been undiscovered for so long, so it shouldn’t be discovered now.” Mo Fei hesitated to say.

Lou Yu disagreed, “Not necessarily. According to the memory of the Qingcang wood thunderbolt, it’s only escaped out in recent years. That is to say, the seal on the tomb has been loosened only in recent years.”

Mo Fei frowned, “If that’s the case, it’d be a big trouble.”

Mo Fei’s message rune suddenly lit up.

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mo Fei said in a light voice, “My shifu sent a message, saying that a sect from the mainland is coming to Chen Kingdom to recruit new disciples.” Before Mo Fei came back to Rong Kingdom, he left a message rune to Chen Tianhe, so he could inform them if there was any emergency.

Lou Yu frowned and said, “A sect of the mainland? Before, Huatian Sect would come to recruit disciples. Now Huatian Sect has been so down and out, they shouldn’t have spare hands to come here.”

Mo Fei shook his head, “Should not be Huatian Sect.”

Lou Yu said thoughtfully, “They sent people here at such a time. Is it possible it has something to do with the tomb?”

Mo Fei opened his eyes wide, mumbling, “Should not be so coincidental.”

Lou Yu wore a cold face, “Perhaps, the other side is really aiming at the tomb.”

If, indeed, the tomb was due to come under the light, then some people would be able to sense it, like those diviners.

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes and said, “Let’s go back to Chen Kingdom first.”

Lou Yu nodded, “All right.”

The Competition Stage, Chen Kingdom

A rascal-like young man threw a level eight cultivator off the stage.

That level eight cultivator suddenly spat out a big mouthful of blood, apparently badly injured.

“Bravo! Senior Wang is impressive!”

“Hum! How dare that kind of lowlife claim to be a talent? So ridiculous!” said that young man with sarcasm.

“With such lame ability, in our Chixia Sword clan, you’d only deserve to be called a loser! But in here, you are a talent already?” A cultivator down among the stands snorted, arms crossed.

“Anyhow, the level of those cultivators in such a barbarous place is not enough!” the leading old man stroked his beard, looking transcendent.

Chen Tianhe looked at those people aside, feeling angry.

“Is there anyone who wants to challenge me? Anyone?” that young man stood on the stage, looking down complacently.

“Senior brother Wang, it seems that no one dares to come onto the stage. Tsk! I thought there would be some talented people in this place, but it turns out they are all tortoises with their heads shrunk in their shell.” A thin-looking man said so, full of contempt.

“I’m afraid we’ve come for nothing. I don’t know why they sent us here.” A girl said disdainfully.

Those disciples among the stands looked at the few of them but only held silent resentment. A lot of disciples had gone onto the stage to challenge him. They either got injured or got killed. The gap was huge. So no one dared to challenge him again.

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