My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 819 - About the Tomb (1)

819. About the Tomb (1)

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“Elder Wu, what do we do now?” Wang Xue looked at Wu Cheng and asked.

Wu Cheng gritted his teeth, “We go back first.”

This time, they were nominally here to recruit disciples, but in fact they were here to spy on them. Wu Cheng was only a chessman. As for the real plan of the sect, he also had no clue.

This time, they were not the only ones sent by the Chixia sword clan here. Their group was on the surface, while the rest of others were secretly taking action already

Wang Xue looked at Zhuo Feng’s body on the ground, feeling a bit down in the heart. No one would expect someone who had been swaggering around a moment ago would die without even having a complete body.

Things change, as they often do.

Wu Cheng wrinkled, thinking in the heart: I should report it that Mo Fei and other people are all here!

“Elder Xiong, Lou Yu is too arrogant. Even Zhuo Feng was killed by him.” Inside the flying ship, Wu Cheng respectfully reported to a man in black.

Xiong Fei coldly smiled, “I told you, keep low-key, but what did you do? You acted so wild and arrogant, and only knew to show your strength before some low level cultivators. What then? Feeling a sense of accomplishment?”

Wu Cheng bit his teeth, saying dimly, “even if we did something wrong, Lou Yu and others have gone too far! They are defying our Chixia Sword clan!”

Xiong Fei sneered, “What do you want? Find Lou Yu and reason with him? Don’t forget! Behind Lou Yu are two heavenly class masters Cheng Mobai and Wang Weixing who we can never afford to offend! Even he himself is a tough figure!”

Xiong Fei lightly sighed, jealous flashing across his eyes. He was three hundred years old this year, and only at the middle stage of earth class, while Lou Yu was already ahead of him at such a young age, “When Lou Yu was at the middle stage of earth class, he could already fight a master at the late stage of heavenly class. I’m afraid those average heavenly masters wouldn’t be his rival now!”

Eyes wide open, Wu Cheng couldn’t believe it, “Elder, you mean Lou Yu is already at the late stage of earth class?”

Xiong Fei sneered, “Otherwise? Your cultivation level is too low and you can’t tell his strength and only thought he concealed his true ability. So ridiculous!”

On hearing Xiong Fei’s words, Wu Cheng could not help b

Xiong Fei looked at Wu Cheng, “Why didn’t you get it investigated earlier before you offended Chen Tianhe? Do you know who that guy is? He is Lou Yu and Mo Fei’s shifu, also Zheng Xuan, Mo Yi, Qian Ye and Su Rong’s shifu!”

Wu Cheng’s face suddenly changed, “How is it possible?” Wu Cheng never expected there’d be such a big figure in this shit place!

Zheng Xuan, Mo Yi, Qian Ye and Su Rong’s reputation was inferior to Mo Fei and Lou Yu, but they were also some bad-asses!

Wu Cheng sighed inwardly, he originally thought given his late stage of xuan class, in here, he should be the top master! But in this shit place, though poor enough, there were hidden dragon and crouching tiger everywhere!

Xiong Fei murmured, “Never expected Mo Fei and Lou Yu are from here.” He didn’t know whether it’d influence their big plan.


Chixia Sword Clan

“Father, a letter from Elder Xiong.” Shangguan Feiyan walked into Shangguan Xiong’s cultivation room.

“Any news?” Shangguan Xiong asked.

“Elder Xiong said that they have arrived in Chen Kingdom and that they found the whereabouts of Mo Fei and others.” replied Shangguan Feiyan.

Shangguan Xiong frowned, “What’s going on? Do they also know anything about the tomb?”

Shangguan Feiyan shook her head, “It doesn’t look like it. Dad, there is something you don’t know. That’s where Lou Yu and his group came from. A headmaster of a small college in Chen Kingdom is the shifu of the six of them!”

Shangguan Xiong narrowed his eyes, looking surprised, “Really? They are from the external land?”

Shangguan Feiyan nodded, “Yes, I also didn’t expect that.”

“Elder Xiong said that Lou Yu is already at his late stage of earth class.” said Shangguan Feiyan.

Shangguan Xiong’s face changed, “So fast?”

Shangguan Feiyan nodded, “Yeah!” How old is Lou Yu? Under thirty and he is already at the late stage of earth class! If nothing else, he could definitely make it to heavenly class! Thinking of this, Shangguan Feiyan felt really uncomfortable.

When in the Immortal Valley, she was at the late stage of xuan class, so was Lou Yu. But now, while she was still at the late stage of xuan class, Lou Yu had already made it to the late stage of earth class! How did he make it???

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