My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 6 - : Scare off

Chapter 6: Scare off

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

On hearing the pressing steps coming near, Mo Yi’s legs immediately gave away, “Young master, what to do? It must be the madam.”

Mo Fei instantly slipped the pendant into his pocket and said unhurriedly, “Easy. A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder.”

Mo Yi kind of adored Mo Fei now, thinking, “Mo Fei is Mo Fei. He lies though his teeth, just like eating a meal, 0 degree of difficulty.”

Lin Xi rushed in and glared at Mo Fei like a devil, saying, “Tell me. Did you take my pendant?”

Mo Fei looked at Lin Xi innocently, “Pendant? What pendant?”

“Come on. Save it!” Lin Xi looked at Mo Fei ruthlessly, “It must be you who took it from me.”

Mo Fei then threw himself at Lin Xi, “My dear mother, although I am not your biological son, how could you slander me as a thief? How am I supposed to show my face before people?”

Lin Xi dusted off his hands, “Don’t try to deny it. Search him! Now!”

Mo Fei ‘s face turned pale with fright, “No, you can’t!”

Lin Xi then sneered at Mo Fei, saying, “What? You feeling guilty now?”

Mo Fei nodded, “Yeah! All my used socks were there on my bed for days. I’m afraid they may get your maids choked.”

“Madam, we didn’t find it.” The two maids reported awkwardly after rummaging through the whole room.

Lin Xi glared at Mo Fei, “It is on you, right? Is it on your body?”

Mo Fei blinked at Lin Xi and then said angrily, “Ma’am, what makes you say that?”

“I bet it’s on your body!” said Lin Xi.

Mo Fei then took off his coat, lifting his underwear, exposing his fair-skinned chest.

“Ah!” The two maids screamed!

Mo Fei then raised his tone, “My dear mother, just tell me if you are sick of my father’s body now. You don’t need to beat around the bush! You are my dear mother. If you ask to see me naked, how could I say no?”

And when Mo Fei assumed the posture to take off his pants, Lin Xi immediately ran away with her two maids.

With the hands on his hips, Mo Fei watched Lin Xi run away, grumbling, “I know I have a perfect body shape. But you don’t need to be so dramatic!”

Mo Yi looked at Mo Fei, with all question marks on his face.

Mo Fei cast a glance at Mo Yi, “What? You got a problem?”

Mo Yi answered awkwardly, “Young master, it’s cold outside. You’d better put on your clothes first.”

Mo Fei nodded, “You are right.”

Not long after Mo Fei put on his clothes, two servants came in, “Young master, your father asks for your presence.”

Mo Fei raised his eyebrows and forced a smile, “I will be right over.”

Watching the servants leave with contemptuous smile on their faces, Mo Fei couldn’t help but mutter, “An adulterer and a whore!”

Mo Fei then moved to the hall, where Mo Yang was sitting,  with his face darkened.

“Father.” murmured Mo Fei.

“You are here.”

Mo Fei nodded, “Yes.”

“You’ve become more and more reckless now. How could you act so indecently before your mother?” questioned Mo Yang.

Mo Fei goggled his eyes and said aloud, “Father, I’m innocent! My mother asked me to take off my clothes. But don’t you worry. I only took off my tops. She didn’t give me time to take off my pants. Beside, even if I got naked, my body shape could never be as great as yours. And even if my mother sleeps with someone other than you, it wouldn’t be me.”

Mo Yang’s face immediately darkened, and he said, “Nonsense!”

Mo Fei said with an innocent tone, “Father, every word I said is out of my heart. Every word I said is absolutely true, I swear!”

“Shut up!” Mo Yang said angrily.

On seeing Mo Yang’s expression, Mo Fei immediately shut his mouth.

“Yang the junior canceled the engagement, do you know that?” asked Mo Yang with resent.

“Dad, you have no idea how far he has gone. He ran away while we were still eating. And I am the one who had to pay the bills. Besides, the place he picked is goddamn expensive. I don’t think he was there for the blind date. He must be a capper. Yes, he is!” Mo Fei said angrily, with his fists clenched!

“Shut up! How dare you frame others? It is you who doesn’t want blind dates!” yelled Mo Yang.

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly, “Father, you take me wrong. No young man doesn’t long for love. I do want my other half. But I just haven’t found the right one.”

“You little shithead! As average as you are, you’re still so picky? Isn’t Lin the junior good enough for you? If you blow up your blind date next time, I’m gonna rip you to shreds!” said Mo Yang coldly.

Mo Fei: “…”

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