My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 5 - I’m Rich

Chapter 5: I’m Rich

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Don’t be mad, young master.” “Mo Yi tried to comfort him.

“Huh? Why would I be mad?” Mo Fei snorted.

Ouyang Qi Lin Xi had just mentioned was a childhood friend of the original Mo Fei. They were engaged since they were young. Unfortunately, when they took the qualification test at the age of 15, Ouyang Qi was found to own A level of physical quality and B level of spiritual quality, while Mo Fei had E level of physical quality and E level of spiritual quality. Ouyang Qi, therefore, cancelled the engagement decidedly.

So Mo Fei got S gene injection because of Ouyang Qi. Heartbroken by Ouyang Qi, he committed suicide at a young age. Soon after he killed himself, Mo Fei took over his body.

“Young master, you didn’t mean to take advantage of Her Lady when you threw yourself at her just now, did you?” Mo Yi asked. Although Mrs. Lin had a bad temper, she indeed had a sexy body figure and pretty face, which was exactly Mo Fei’s type.

“Is that how you think of me? You think that is my upper limit?” Mo Fei wasn’t happy.

“You are of course ambitious with a bigger picture.” Mo Fei smiled awkwardly.

“That’s more like it.” Mo Fei nodded with a smile.

Mo Fei stretched out his palm. A beautiful ornament appeared.

Mo Yi was startled with his eyes wide open, “Is it a star core?”

“I think so.” replied Mo Fei, nodding his head.

On Daybreak Star, there lived Star Beasts which were the old enemy of mankind, but the star core in their bodies could help human with their cultivation.

“Did you steal it?” Mo Yi whispered.

All of sudden, Mo Yi’s eyes were widely open because he understood everything. The reason why Mo Fei threw himself at Mrs. Lin wasn’t to take advantage of her, but to steal the star core from her.

“Stealing? That sounds a little harsh. I just borrowed it.” Mo Fei stared at Mo Yi, “But I’m afraid I am too poor to pay it back later.”

“I see.” Mo Yi nodded.

Mo Fei blinked his eyes and said innocently, “Do I have any other choices? The old bitch always deducts my pocket money, and if she hadn’t set me up with such a stingy date, I wouldn’t have spent three thousand star coins on such shitty food?”

According to family rules, every legitimate child would be given three thousand star coins as pocket money every month. That old witch only gave him one thousand, sometimes even not a penny. The old woman was so mean to Mo Fei though, she was very generous to her own son and daughter. She could spend hundreds of thousands to buy a star car for them.

“Young master, whatever you said is right. This level 3 star core is worthy ten thousand star coins at least!” Mo Yi said.

“You are right. Ten thousand star coins! If the old woman doesn’t arrange any more blind dates, the money should be enough for me to last a few months.” Mo Fei nodded.

Mo Fei came from Grandsky Star. Grandsky Star was a place where cultivation and technology co-existed. And both were way much more advanced than that of Daybreak Star.

Mo Fei was born in a small cultivation family on Grandsky Star. He loved studying medicine since childhood, and later became an excellent pharmacist. He developed a medicine which could promote people’s cultivation more safely. The news got leaked one day and two forces came to him.

Both forces wanted the medicaments prescription. So they had a fight, but Mo Fei was the one who had to take the consequences. His laboratory was turned into ashes while the two forces were fighting each other.

People here on Daybreak Star were not good at making potions. However, Mo Fei was able to make potions that were helpful for  people on this plant to cultivate their star force.

Because his previous life ended up very ugly, Mo Fei made up his mind to reveal what he is really capable of only under extremely dangerous situations.

There were two more important reasons that he didn’t make potions. One was that he had no proper materials to buy here. Medicinal materials even with low star force were astronomically expensive. However, he had no money at all. Another reason was that even if he had potions, he might not sell it out. To stop people selling quack potions in the market, medicine sellers should have pharmacist’s license and endorsement. Mo Fei had neither of them.

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