My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 4 - So-called Charm

Chapter 4: So-called Charm

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Young master, you have been rejected again and again. Aren’t you worried that you may lose your charm?” Mo Yi asked scrupulously.

“What are you talking about? How can I lose my charm and not be attractive? Let me remind you. Two brothers once fought each other to marry me.” Mo Fei argued.

“Yes, I do remember.” Mo Yi nodded.

A few months ago, Mo Yang intended to arrange a marriage for Mo Fei and the son of Qi Family who owned the East Wind Enterprise. Qi Family had twin sons who looked much alike. The rumor said when they were born, the whole world was at the turmoil of war. When everything got settled down, they couldn’t tell which one was the elder or younger one.

When they grew up, they fought several times every month over who was the elder one.

When the two families decided to arrange a joint-marriage, the master of the Qi Family  meant the elder brother should be the one to marry Mo Fei.

Both of them considered themselves the elder one. So they both showed up on the date.

On that day, Mo Fei painted a red birthmark on his eyes, yellowed his teeth, and sprayed a smelly potion all over his body. The brothers were nearly scared to death.

It was said that they had never had a fight over who was the elder one again ever since.

“I told you. How could I not be charming? They fought so intensely for me. I heard that they had lied in hospital for a whole month.” Mo Fei smiled proudly.

“Yes! Yes! You are very charming. I heard they almost killed each other.” Mo Yi nodded.

Bang! The door got slammed open.

Ann elegant and poised woman stood in the doorway, outraged.

Mo Fei gulped down the food in his mouth.

“What did you do to make Lin Family reject the engagement? You damn bastard!” Lin Xi was furiously glaring at Mo Fei like she was going to strangle him.

He smiled awkwardly, “How would I know? I can’t read his mind.”

“I heard you are pregnant?” Lin Xi snorted.

“It is absolute slander. I am still a virgin. How can I possibly be pregnant?!” Mo Fei argued.

Lin Xi grinded his tooth, “You do have a lot of tricks. Pretending to be pregnant? Why don’t you play dead? Wait! As far as I could recall, you have actually done that before. You pretended to have TB on a date! If you want to die, die now, so I can save the food.”

All of a sudden, Mo Fei threw himself at Lin Xi and rubbed his running nose and watering eyes on Lin Xi’s valuable clothes, “Dear mother, how can you curse me dead! You’re my beloved mother.”

Disgusted by his behavior, Lin Xi stepped backward a few steps and got rid of Mo Fei, “Keep playing your tricks. You like no one. Do you think you are really so attractive?”

Mo Fei got angry. This damn woman! He was very popular in his previous life. There was a long line out there waiting for his affection. How dare she belittle him!

Lin Xin turned around and walked away. Before leaving, she looked back at Mo Fei, “Is it all about Ouyang Qi? You’d better give up. He dumped you long time ago. Your ridiculous behaviors are only jokes in his eyes.”

Lin Xi strutted away arrogantly with the servants.

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