My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 3 - Life Goal

Chapter 3: Life Goal

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Young master, now that Lin ran away, what should we do?” Mo Yi asked Mo Fei anxiously.

“Pack the food and go.” Mo Fei said unhappily.

Mo Yi leaned toward Mo Fei, “Young master, we are at Lin’s restaurant and he is on the house. So should we just… leave without paying?”

Mo Fei rolled his eyes at Mo Yi, “Do you think you are smarter than I am? This is a gangster restaurant. Look at those strong and tall securities. They will take us down in a second. If we don’t pay, we will end up in hospital, fool.” Medical fee was much higher that the price of a meal.

Mo Yi nodded, “You are so thoughtful.”

“Son of a bitch! How dare he run away?! At least we should split the bill.” Mo Fei was outraged.

Mo Fei’s heart was bleeding when he paid three thousand star coins at the cashier.

As he walked out of the restaurant, Mo Fei turned around and glared at the signboard of the restaurant, “Curse you, bloody restaurant. You will lose every penny someday.”

“Young master, how many star coins you have left?” Mo Yi asked curiously.

“250.” Said Mo Fei woebegone morosely.

Mo Yi blinked his eyes and said, “250 star coins? Young master, you cannot even afford a bottle of water now.”

Mo Fei stamped on the floor, “You tell me! Do you think that I don’t know I am poor now? Go home.”

When Mo Fei and Mo Yi got home, they sat at the table eating some food.

“Young master, do you think if Lin will cancel the engagement?” Mo Yi asked.

Mo Fei nodded and said, “I think he will. No man likes being cheated on.”

“Brilliant idea!” Mo Yi sucked him up.

“Sure it is!”

“Young master, it seems that you are about to be rejected the seventeenth time. Is it really a good thing to be rejected again and again?” Mo Yi asked unsurely.

“It’s not my fault. They are not my type.” He shrugged.

“Young master, what is your type?” Mo Fei asked.

“I like the one with curvy figure, pink cheeks, round eyes, rosy lips… ”

“Young master, you are talking about a woman.” Mo Yi was confused.

“Yes! I like women.” Mo Fei nodded.

“But, young master… You’ve been given an S potion injection.” Mo Yi frowned.

Mo Fei waved his hand and wore a mourning expression, “What is gone is gone. Don’t you bring it up ever again.”

The most regretful thing in his life was that he had not transmigrated here earlier. When he transmigrated, the original body owner had just received the S potion injection for a month.

On Daybreak Star, men outnumbered women. In order to reproduce, researchers successfully developed S potion which could help men get pregnant.

“Young master! Switch your type. There are so few women these days. Most of them are skinny with flat chest. It is not very easy to find a sexy, hourglass woman.” Mo Fei said.

Mo Fei rolled his eyes at Mo Yi, “I am very determined. I won’t change my type very easily. I will certainly realize my life goal- to find a beautiful wife.”

“Then you might remain as a bachelor for all your life.” Mo Yi murmured.

“What are you saying?” Mo Fei turned to Mo Yi.

“I am saying, you will achieve your life goal sooner or later.” Mo Yi said.

“You bet I will.” Mo Fei smiled.

“Young master, before you realize your life goal, shouldn’t we think about what we are gonna eat tomorrow first?” Mo Yi asked.

Mo Fei rolled his eyes again, “We are talking about the ideal of life now. Why are you mentioning food? Idiot!”

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