My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 7 - The 18th Engagement

Chapter 7: The 18th Engagement

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“My prince, Miss Ming is dead.” said Su Rong with quite a serious tone.

Lou Yu took a deep breath and said impatiently, “Haven’t you sent someone to protect her?”

“Yes, my prince. But it was a top kung fu master.” Su Rong said reluctantly.

Lou Yu took another deep of breath and pounded the desk, “Never mind. That bitch has made up her mind to tell people that I am a hoodoo of my other half.”

“Her Lady has gone too far. As such an outstanding pharmacist, given some time, Miss Ming may have the potential to become a master pharmacist. This is great loss for the empire.” Su Rong knitted his eyebrows.

“Empire? That woman has never cared about the empire at all. What she cares about is whether his son could seat his ass tight on the throne.” Lou Yu said coldly.

“Prince, Her Lady…she…”

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong and said, “Just spit it out. Is there anything else I can’t take?”

Su Rong hesitated for a sec and then said, “Her Lady has arranged a marriage for you.”

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong, “A marriage for me? What kind of person is it?”

Su Rong looked a little embarrassed, “My prince, that person has enjoyed a bad reputation, I’m afraid.”

Lou Yu raised his eyebrows, “Really? How bad?”

Su Rong said awkwardly, “According to the Star website, this guy is ugly, good-for-nothing, short-lived, a freak, with no morals, and shameless and…”

Lou Yu frowned, with his face turning deathly pale, and then snorted, “Our Noble Consort really has cudgeled her brain to disgust me.”

“Your Highness, that person has been rejected of the engagement 17 times!” Said Su Rong.

Lou Yu frowned, “17 times? How lame could he be?”

Mo Family

“Young master, young master!” Mo Yi stormed into the room, looking quite excited.

Mo Fei looked at Mo Yi coldly, “I told you. Don’t run so fast! It’d consume too much energy. We don’t have money for food now.”

“Young master, young master, you are engaged again!” said Mo Yi with emotion.


“Young master, don’t be nervous. This time you are engaged with Prince Yu! The widely-known third prince of the empire!”

“You mean that Prince Yu wants to marry me?”

“Exactly, young master, Prince Yu wants to marry you!”

“Hell no! Is he out of his mind? Even if woman is a rare species now, as the prince, he could have a chance to marry one. Is it because he got excluded, or maybe he has sexual impotence, so he could only marry a man?” asked Mo Fei with his brows knitted.

“Prince Yu is charming, majestic, endowed with civil and martial virtues, and also in perfect health.”

“Oh, since he is so good, why would he marry me?”

“He is good in every aspect, but only a hoodoo of his other half. Three of his fiancées died in succession. You know, there’re not many women in our empire nowadays.”

“Three? Then if I marry him, I will be the fourth.”

“Don’t you worry, young master. It’s never gonna happen.”

“Why is that?”

“Because your life is tougher than his.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course. No one could compare with you on this.”

Mo Fei frowned. He just felt something was not right.

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