My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 49 - Decline

Chapter 49: Decline

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yan Chen took the formation and said surprisingly, “Mo Fei, you really convinced Prince Yu?”

Mo Fei smiled slightly, “Of course! With some pillow talk, and he gave it to me.”

“Pillow talk?” Xu Zifeng couldn’t help sneering, “I bet your formation wouldn’t come from a decent way.”

Mo Fei just ignored him.

Yan Chen then put on a bright smile, “I already heard pillow talk is the most persuasive talk. Now it turns out to be true.”

Then Mo Fei handed over the other one to Shangguan Tianxing. Shanguan Tianxing cast a glance at Mo Fei surprisingly and then walked away after taking it.

A few classmates looked at Yan Chen and Shangguan Tianxing, with all jealousy in their eyes.

“Mo Fei, here is 150 million…”

“Sorry, I got none.” smiled Mo Fei, saying sullenly, “there are only 1,000 in total. My ability is limited. I can’t get more.”

Mo Fei laughed in his beard, thinking, “I told you it’s now or never. Now you regret it? Do you think my words are bullshit? A bunch of jackasses! I am a man of my word!”

Lou Yu was so petty. He might turn a blind eye if he resold one or two secretly. But if more, that guy would have a cow!

One has to bow under the eave!

Lou Yu is really annoying. The worst thing is he and Mo Yi together are still not his match.

Yan Chen was playing with the formation, with all joys on his chubby face.

While Shangguan Tianxing was looking at the formation in his hands, there wasn’t big change of the expression on his face. But deep in his eyes, one could still tell he was overjoyed.

Most classmates looked the two with jealousy.

Some had the heart to buy one, but dropped the idea by Xu Zihan’s words. Now they were all looking at Xu Zihan with raging fire in their eyes.

Xu Zihan also felt humiliated. He never expected Mo Fei really sqeezed two formations out of Prince Yu!

Looking at the formations in Yan Chen and Shangguan Tianxing’s hands, some beautiful wives couldn’t hold it.

“Mo Fei, you are Prince Yu’s wife. He cares you the most. You will find a way…maybe…you know…”

“Yeah! Mo Fei, you and Prince Yu are newly married, like the glue now. It would be an easy thing for you to get some more.”

“Mo Fei, do us a favor. You got two so easily. It wouldn’t be a big thing to get a few more.”

Mo Fei blinked. Wow! For the cultivating formations, those hot chicks even said such words even ghosts wouldn’t believe. Really…moral degeneration…but he likes it!

Mo Fei then said shyly, “Just because I am his wife, I should think in his shoes! He is very busy now. If he gives you, he’ll offend others. I feel so sorry for him that I even have no mood to eat or to sleep. How am I supposed to add more trouble for him now? Otherwise, how would our relationship last long? I am a considerate and virtuous wife. I can’t embarrass him. He cares about me, of course I should repay him.”

Mo Yi looked at Mo Fei, eyebrows raised, thinking, “young master is young master. Just lying through his teeth.”

He had no mood to eat or sleep? Mo Yi smiled, speechless. He still remembered when Prince Yu wasn’t home yesterday, the young master was in a very good mood and ate up all the dishes last night, and even had a giant cake as dessert, and drank three jorums of beverages, which stunned Su Rong like he saw a wolf!

Mo Fei lowered his head, thinking, “Alas, how could I say such nasty words? I really should go back and brush my teeth!”

Xu Zihan looked at Mo Fei, “Mo Fei, I would like to pay 300 million.”

Mo Fei raised his head, looked at Xu Zihan’s cocky face and sneered. Money isn’t everything! Don’t be so cocky! Asshole!

Mo Fei then smiled slightly, “300 million? In the black market the cultivating formation’s price is ramping to 1 billion! But…it’s out of stock now. With such little money, I even have no guts to open my mouth. But if you can pay 3 billion, maybe I can help you ask about it.”

“3 billion? You are blackmailing me!” said Xu Zihan with his face turning red.

Mo Fei smiled, “only 3 billion! You are so rich. It wouldn’t be a problem. Or you don’t have that much?”

“You…” Xu Zihan felt really humiliated, face reddened.

Lin Fei yu got up and said to Mo Fei, “Mo Fei, the cultivating formation isn’t worth 3 billion at all. We are all classmates. You can ensnare us.”

Mo Fei then smiled, “Classmate Lin, don’t make it so serious! I didn’t force him to buy. I just provide a price for him to refer to. If he can’t pay, I wouldn’t force him. There aren’t many rich people in the world, but there are too many people pretending to be rich. Pity that my eyes are not bright enough to distinguish them.”

Yan Chen nearly couldn’t help laughing on hearing Mo Fei’s theory.

Xu Zihan’s face turned all red. He then shouted, “Mo Fei, you’ve gone too far.”

Lin Feiyu then cast a glance at Xu Zihan, “Zihan, don’t argue with him. About the formation, I’ll help you ask Prince Yu about it.”

Xu Zihan immediately put on a claptrap smile, “Ok. Thank you then.”

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