My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 48 - About the Cultivating Formation (2)

Chapter 48: About the Cultivating Formation (2)

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Lou Yu wasn’t the favored one. He had some star coins at hands, but wouldn’t be too many. So Lou Jing had always teased that Lou Yu was a pauper in front of others. But now 1000 cultivating formations! Damn it! This guy was going to be super rich!

Lou Yu wore a cold face and said, “he names such a high price but people still would like to pay.” And a long line!

1,000 cultivating formations seemed quite a lot, but there were so many big financial groups, so many cultivating masters out there. They were far from enough.

It was said five formations together would have the best effect, which could improve nearly four times cultivation speed.

General Ji planned to build a few cultivation buildings specially for the soldiers to cultivate. So those soldiers would all draw closer to Ji Family.

“Hasn’t Lin Fei said anything about the cultivating formation? He and Lou Yu were childhood sweethearts. Lou Yu wouldn’t hide anything from him.” said Lou Jing.

Lou Feng shook his head, saying, “Fei Yu said he has never heard of it.”

Lou Jing raised her brows, “it seems Lou Yu is not so into Lin Feiyu as they said!”

Lou Feng frowned, “maybe.”

Ji Anguo was riding high recently. The three great generals of the kingdom always didn’t get along. But for the cultivating formation thing, the other two old men both came to suck him up, which made him pretty cocky.

“Grandson, where did you get those cultivating formations?” asked Ji Anguo curiously.

Lou Yu smiled slightly, “my lab worked it out.”

Ji Anguo twitched his mouth disapprovingly, “all right. I’ll take it as you said.”

Lou Yu said seriously, “grandpa, it’s really been refined in the lab.”

Ji Anguo nodded his head and said reluctantly, “all right, all right. Of course it’s developed in the lab. Those people in the lab are really sought-after. Numerous people are trying to undermine them, I heard.”

In Ji Anguo’s eyes were flashing with something teasing.

Lou Yu forced a smile, “really?”

Ji Anguo nodded, “yeah! A bunch of shameless people flock together to steal them. And the remuneration they give is pretty high, which even makes me a little jealous! Those goddamn regals are really super rich.”

Lou Yu smiled, “let it be. Anyway, for so many years those people in the lab haven’t worked out so many useful stuffs. It’s good they all go, saving me a lot of money to support them.”

Ji Anguo smiled, “some of them already couldn’t resist the fat salary and got scooped away.”

Lou Yu smiled, “really? Such a high salary, I don’t know whether that bunch of people would have the luck to enjoy.”

Ji Anguo looked at Lou Yu and asked, “what about you and your wife recently?”

Lou Yu smiled, “well, not bad.”

Ji Anguo narrowed his eyes, “never expected the person that woman picked for you turns out to be pretty good.”

Lou Yu smiled, “yeah! I should thank her.”

Lou Yu lowered his head, showing a ray of sneering at the corner of his lips. Once the cultivating formations were released, Na Lanyue fell sick because of huge anger. If someday she knew that those cultivating formations were refined by Mo Fei, how would she react?

In the Elite Class

“Yan Chen, Mo Fei hasn’t come yet. I’m afraid he has run away with the money.”

Yan Chen shook his head disapprovingly, “isn’t normal that Mo Fei is late for class?”

“Yan Chen, do you really think Mo Fei could get the formations from Prince Yu’s hands? I heard Prince Yu even turned his big brother Prince Feng down. I think you should drop the idea forever.” some classmate said.

“That’s different! Prince Feng is his brother, while Lou Yu is his wife. Anyway, his wife is closer to him.” said Yan Chen.

“It’d be great if he is the one on Prince Yu’s heart. Pity that they have no relationship foundation at all. Their marriage is destined to be a deal.”

Yan Chen disapproved, “Mo Fei is pretty good in my eyes at least. Maybe they have grown some affection and Prince Yu loves him now.”

“Yan Chen, why would you still have an illusion of it? Mo Fei is not favored at home. He already ran away with only a few million. Let alone he got 300 millions in his hands this time! 300 million!” said Xu Zihan with emotions.

“Mo Fei!” someone shouted!

People then all looked at the door. Mo Fei felt a little flattered being stared by so many beauties.

Xu Zihan looked at Mo Fei, frowning, “how dare you still come?”

Mo Fei said with doubt, “why can’t I come?”

“You’re so shameless. I bet Prince Yu hasn’t agreed.” said Xu Zihan full of confidence.

Mo Fei then came before Yan Chen and sat down, then took out a cultivating formation and gave it to Yan Chen.

When Mo Fei took out the formation, everyone was shocked with their eyes wide open.

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