My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 47 - About the Cultivating Formation (1)

Chapter 47: About the Cultivating Formation (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Mo Fei was taking a bath, in which was sprinkled with the potion he had made for himself. Now Mo Fei was rich, so he was really good to himself, buying all kind of pricey star herbs for his own cultivation.

Mo Fei’s constitution had already improved to a normal standard. Nursing his body with all kinds of potions, Mo Fei’s aptitude had almost reached Su Rong’s level.

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes, cultivating the Ten Thousand Star Sorcery which he obtained by chance. This sorcery could rendered as advanced one, a few times more powerful than that of the Daybreak Star.

Mo Fei believed that through his unremitting cultivation, soon enough he could make breakthrough and advance to a level 2 star magician and at that time he could step Lou Yu the asshole under his feet.

Mo Fei couldn’t help chuckling when picturing the scene he threw a punch right in Lou Yu’s face.

Su Rong now got a little jealous on hearing Mo Fei’s laugh upstairs.

Mo Fei looked at Su Rong and asked, “where is Prince Yu? Why didn’t I see him?”

Su Rong forced a bitter smile, “the prince has gone to General Ji’s place. Too many big shots want to pull the string. The prince could only go to the general’s place to avoid them.”

Mo Yi narrowed his eyes, saying contemplatively, “it seems the cultivation formations can not only rake in money but also rope in some people.”

Su Rong smiled awkwardly, “he can rope in some people, but meanwhile, he may also offend some inevitably.”

Mo Yi sneered, “ save it! Don’t pretend being mistreated after gaining a favor!”

Su Rong, “…”

Su Rong looked at Mo Yi while rubbing his hands, “Mo Yi, can you say some nice words for me before your young master, so he can sell me the cultivating formation at a lower price?”

Mo Yi replied while shaking his head without thinking, “no!”

“But why?” asked Su Rong.

Mo Yi smiled, “because the mission the young master gave me is to kick your ass as easy as pie within three months. So it’s better you stay weak.”

Su Rong, “…” What? This goddamn master and servant duo!

Su Rong forced a smile, “actually you don’t need to think too much. You are so powerful. How would I be ever your rival?”

Mo Yi laughed complacently, “I also think you are not my rival now. But better safe than sorry. I still should be cautious.”

Su Rong, “…” What? This son of bitch!

Mo Yi waved his hand at Su Rong, “Time for me to cultivate.”

Watching Mo Yi fade away, Su Rong gritted his teeth sullenly, thinking, “damn it! Fish begins to rot from the head. It really makes sense.”

Su Rong looked down despondently. Everyone around him is asking his favor to buy the cultivating formation. But what they don’t know is it’s already very difficult for himself to buy one.

If he had known that the crown princess was so black-hearted, he should have bought as many as he could with everything he had when Prince Yu asked whether he wanted to buy it at the price of 90 million.

Su Rong’s face was darkened, thinking, “those assholes thought Prince Yu and Mo Fei don’t match? But I think they are a perfect couple. The same stingy, the same black hearted!|

In the imperial palace

Lou Feng frowned, looking very gloomy, Lou Jing also the same.

“Lou Feng, about the cultivating formation, haven’t you got any clue before?” asked Lou Jing.

“Lejie Lab only has a few old men. All these years they haven’t made any distinctive achievements. Who knows they would have made the cultivating formations suddenly?” said Lou Feng crossly.

Lou Jing frowned. The cultivating formation had caused a sensation. Now almost all big shots of Rong Kingdom were kissing up to Lou Yu, only wanting to squeeze a cultivating formation out of him.

“Feng, is that cultivating formation really so effective as they said? Would there be any side effects?” asked Lou Jing.

Lou Feng’s face darkened a bit and he said, “it’s said to be effective, pretty effective I should say.”

He had gone to Lou Yu for the cultivating formation before, but Lou Yu told him the formations were limited. None left for him! This guy turned him down! This son of bitch even had the guts to turn him down!

Lou Jing gritted her teeth, “over 100 million for one! He really has the nerve!”

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