My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 46 - Not Expensive at all!

Chapter 46: Not Expensive at all!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Walking in the campus, Mo Fei surprisingly found that people were all talking about the cultivating formation.

Mo Fei frowned, “never expected the cultivating formation is so popular here.”

Mo Yi thought for a bit and said, “the competition among big families are extremely fierce. For the family title, the young generation would haggle over every bit of resources, let alone such a magic weapon that could greatly improve their cultivating speed.”

Mo Fei nodded, “that makes sense.”

Mo Yi narrowed his eyes. He had five formations in his hands, which were worth 500 million! Mo Fei suddenly realized he could be rendered as  a man of wealth now.

Mo Fei said jealously, “this time Prince Yu is gonna make great fortune overnight!”

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes. He could accept it that Prince Yu would make a great fortune. If he himself made a great fortune like this, it’d soon be his doomsday. He is so smart, but destined to be poor. So pathetic!

“Lord Mo Fei, you are back!” welcomed Su Rong excitedly.

Looking at Su Rong’s smiling face, Mo Fei subconsciously raised his vigilance. One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions! He must be up to something. The smile was so similar because he also wore that smile when he set other people up.

“Su Rong, what do you want?” said Mo Fei while blinking that pair of innocent eyes.

Su Rong rubbed his hands and looked at Mo Fei trucklingly.

Su Rong, “Are you hungry? I’ve prepared some dishes for you.”

Mo Fei, “Nah.”

Su Rong, “Do you feel sour in your shoulders? Let me give you a massage.”

Mo Fei, “No, thanks.”

Su Rong, “Do you feel hot? Let me fan for you.”

Mo Fei, “No need!”

Mo Fei suddenly felt those words were very familiar. It seemed that not long ago he himself also sucked up to the asshole Lou Yu like this.

Mo Fei looked at Su Rong and said, “What do you want from me? Rongrong, just shoot.”

Su Rong nodded, “All right. Lord Mo Fei, is it possible you could sell two more cultivating formations to me?”

Mo Fei smiled.

Su Rong also smiled along with him awkwardly.

Mo Fei said a little shyly, “Of course. But, 150 million each.”

“What?!” Su Rong opened his mouth wide.

Mo Fei then smiled brightly, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you heard it right. 150 million each!”

Su Rong’s face was a little twisted, “but wasn’t it 10 million for one not long ago?”

Mo Fei then patted Su Rong’s shoulder and said, “Rongrong, 10 million for one was already a long time ago. The prices of all commodities are skyrocketing. The price of such good stuff would definitely rise.”

Su Rong, “…” But isn’t it increasing too fast?!

“150 million? Isn’t it too expensive?” Su Rong looked at Mo Fei pathetically.

Mo Fei smiled at Su Rong with a kind and pleasant countenance, “What is the cultivating formation? It’s something that has cost Lejie Lab over ten years’ time and over a hundreds of researchers’ hard work. It has condensed the hard work of over a few hundreds of researchers. The ingredients they adopted were all from the mysterious realm which have already been used up. No one knows when they can find such precious materials again. Maybe a few hundred years? Now do you still think 150 million is too much? Huh?”

Su Rong, “…” These words may work on others, but not him…

Since Su Rong didn’t say anything, Mo Yi leaned forward and said, “Come on! It’s not expensive at all. Masterpiece like this is a now-or-never thing. Someone even would like to pay 200 million and even 300 million for it.”

Mo Fei looked at Su Rong jauntily, “young man, you still have a long way to go.”

Su Rong, “…” He had thought Mo Fei might be a little more conscientious than Prince Yu! Maybe something went wrong with his head at that time.

Mo fei smiled, “Rongrong, do you want it or not?”

Su Rong then smiled awkwardly, “my lord, can I get a discount?”

“Discount is for those rejects below the table. Cultivating formation takes the high-end route. How could I give you a discount?” Mo Fei looked at Su Rong unhappily.

“My lord, can I write an IOU?” asked Su Rong.

Mo Fei shook his head, “no.”

“Why?” asked Su Rong.

Mo Fei replied, “I also owe others’ money! But I never remember to repay it.”

Su Rong, “…”

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