My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 50 - Stopping (1)

Chapter 50: Stopping (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After getting Lin Feiyu’s promise, Xu Zi Han glanced at Mo Fei arrogantly.

Lin Feiyu also glanced at Mo Fei lightly. Her gentle face was arrogant and her eyes were disdainful.

Mo Fei picked her eyebrows. Did he despise me?

Hehe, young man, you would regret it!

Several classmates of them looked at Xu Zihan admiringly. Lin Feiyu’s relationship with Prince Yu was known to all.

Although Lin Feiyu refused the proposal of Prince Yu, the latter was still very good to her, they were friends since they were young, it was hard for them to break off their relations.

Yan Chen frowned and muttered in a low voice, “What is there to be cocky of? He has already been engaged with Prince Feng, but still doesn’t draw a clear line with Prince Yu, He is so easy.”

Mo Fei looked at Yan Chen and said, “You don’t like her?”

Yan Chen said discontentedly, “He always puts on an act.”

Mo Fei was speechless, but Yan Chen truly got the point.

Lin Feiyu lowered her head and could not help but feel a little sad in his heart. The cultivation formation was such a big thing. Having known each other for so many years, Lou Yu had not revealed to him any word. Was Lou Yu taking precautions against her?

So Lin Fei Yu went to find Lou Yu right after the class.

Shortly after Lin Feiyu left, Su Rong drove by and stopped in front of Mo Fei and Mo Yi.

Seeing Mo Fei, Su Rong said with some joy, “Lord Mo, you are looking for me?”

Mo Fei nodded and then said, “Yes! There is something for you.”

Su Rong said gallantly, “What can I do for you, please?”

Murphy smiled, “I’m going to find the prince.”

Su Rong nodded and asked curiously, “For what, if I may ask?”

“We’re husband and wife, of course, love affairs, you know.” Mo Fei said with some sort of shyness.

Su Rong could not help but shivered and thought to himself: Lord Mo Fei, are you questioning my IQ by telling such a lie?

Although Su Rong’s heart was full of disapprobation, he still made a good disguise on the surface, “It is a good time for you, the newly married couple, to enhance your feelings.”

Mo Fei nodded and said, “Yes! That’s exactly what I think.”

Mo Fei and Mo Yi then hopped in Su Rong’s star car. Su Rong couldn’t help looking at Mo Fei and said, “Is it true, Lord Mo Fei? As long as I send you there, you will give me another formation?”

Mo Fei blinked and asked, “Don’t you trust me?”

“How could it be? I trust you most.” Su Rong complimented.

Mo Fei smiled, “Since you trust me so much, you will certainly have a better future than Lou Yu.”

Su Rong felt awkward and smiled, “I don’t have that ability! You really flattered me.”

Mo Fei grinned, “Don’t be so insecure. At least, your eyes were sharper than that guy.”

Su Rong, “…”

Lin Fei Yu walked into the General’s Masion. After searching for a long time, he finally found Lou Yu.

Lou Yu had a thick pile of orders at hand.

Seeing Lin Feiyu, Lou Yu’s face showed a somewhat complicated color, “What are you doing here?”

Lin Fei Yu smiled and said coquettishly, “I’ve come to see you, brother Lou Yu. Don’t you welcome me?”

The smile on Lou Yu’s face was somewhat bitter, “How come? Why do I not welcome you?”

Lin Fei Yu looked at the pile of orders in his hands and frowned, “Brother Lou Yu, what are these?”

“Anyone who wants to buy a cultivating formation needs to submit an application document. Here are all the application documents I received.” Lou Yu explained.

Lin Fei Yu frowned and said with a smile, “Brother Lou Yu, you are really good to Mo Fei!”

Lou Yu raised his eyebrows and asked, “What makes you say that?”

Lin Feiyu seemed to say unintentionally, “Even those big consortiums of Rong Kingdom and those top martial artists would have to hand in their application materials if they want to buy a cultivation formation. However, when Mo Fei wants a cultivating formation, you just gave two to her. But do you know he sold it to two students in our class at the price of 150 million?”

Lou Yu frowned and felt a little angry, but when he thought that he had not told Mo Fei that she could not sell the formations to others, he simply said, “Is that so? He is my wife, and naturally he can enjoy some privileges.”

Lin Feiyu’s heart flushed with surprise, although Mo Fei had two cultivating formations, but Lin Feiyu always felt their origin was questionable, he could not say for sure that they were Mo Fei’s stolen goods, but he had not expect that Lou Yu…

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