My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 42 - Denouncing

Chapter 42: Denouncing

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Lou Yu was observing the potion in his hands, with his eyes narrowed, “You mean Mo Fei made this?”

Su Rong nodded, “Yeah, both the two potions he refined are 91% purity. It seems Mo Fei is really something.”

Lou Yu approved, “Yeah!”

A common civilian from a low level city turned out to be a pharmacist! Level 1 potion was not hard to make, but it wasn’t easy to make such high purity ones.

He could play the piano, make cultivation formations and refine potions. It was really a surprise that the Imperial Consort Na Lan had matched him such a versatile fiancée!

“My prince, the Crown Princess said the Nine Leaf Heaven-mending Herbs could help curing your body. Maybe that is true.” said Su Rong after thinking for a while.

Lou Yu then shook his head, “I have looked up the Imperial Pharmacopeia. There is no such herbs at all.”

“How is that possible?” said Su Rong, surprised and bewildered.

The Imperial Pharmacopeia covers all the star herbs that have ever been found in Rong Country. How could Mo Fei know something that even isn’t recorded in the Imperial Pharmacopeia? This is weird.

“Where is the handsome at? The handsome guy is here! Here! Look at me!”

The tone-death Mo Fei hummed a song while he walked into Prince Yu Mansion, with Mo Yi following behind, covering his ears.

The moment Mo Fei walked in, Lou Yu immediately cast his cold and sharp eyes at him.

Mo Fei felt a little uneasy, so he elbowed Mo Yi, “Hey, did I do something to make him angry recently?”

Mo Yi blinked and then looked at Mo Fei innocently, “Young master, I don’t form a habit peeping you sleep at night, so I don’t know.”

Mo Fei twitched his lips and then put on a big and shining smile at Lou Yu, saying with falsetto, “My prince, don’t look at me so affectionately like that! It makes me shy!”

Lou Yu then put on a bigger and more shining smile, saying gloomily, “You think I’m looking at you in an affectionate way?”

Mo Fei immediately answered, “Sure! I can only see myself reflected in your pupils. Isn’t it affectionate enough?”

Su Rong couldn’t help laughing, while Lou Yu gave him a filthy look.

Lou Yu held his chin with his hands, saying, “I heard you were bold enough to molest your potion teacher. You are really ‘brave’!”

“No, no, you flatter me, my prince.” Mo Fei smiled modestly.

Lou Yu then smiled, “So you think I’m complimenting you?”

Mo Fei looked at Lou Yu innocently, “Sure, didn’t you say I’m brave?”

Lou Yu snorted, “You are my wife, but you molested your teacher in class! What do you take me as? Huh?”

Mo Fei looked at Lou Yu surprisingly, “My prince, is it possible you are jealous?”

“Bullshit!” spluttered Lou Yu.

“You are talking billingsgate!” Mo Fei pointed at Lou Yu with a finger.

Lou Yu then looked at Mo Fei bitterly, “Can’t I say billingsgate?”

Mo Fei shook his head, “Of course you can. But the Star website said you are gentle, cultivated and suave. So when you talk dirty words, I just feel a little surprised. So gossip is gossip! It’s total bullshit!”

Lou Yu clenched his fists tightly, “I heard you said the potion teacher’s hands are beautiful?”

“Sure, sure. That pair of hands are a masterpiece! Besides, she is very pretty, as pretty as flower. No word can describe her beauty! But pity that she is a little unreasonable! But you know girls. It’s normal to be capricious…” the more Mo Fei talked, the more excited he was, while the longer Prince Yu’s face became.

Under Prince Yu’s ferocious gazing, Mo Fei shut his mouth.

Lou Yu then said sullenly, “A thousand cultivation formations! You better make them as soon as possible. Otherwise, hum…”

Seeing Lou Yu walk away, Mo Fei blinked his eyes and said in a low voice, “Mo Yi, Prince Yu liked humming like a pig. Is it possible he is a pig in his previous life?”

Su Rong, “…” A pig?! Is Mo Fei saying…Prince Yu is reincarnated from a pig?

Mo Yi, “…” Even if Prince Yu has gone, Su Rong is still here. Young master, shouldn’t you watch what you say?

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