My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 41 - An Eye for An Eye

Chapter 41: An Eye for An Eye

Lin Feiyu looked at Mo Fei, with something sullen flashing in his eyes.

“Lin Feiyu’s kind of bad. He is impressive, but it doesn’t mean others can not surpass him! How could he help Xu Zihan slander Mo Fei?”

“What can you do? In his heart, he should be the No. 1.”

“Never expected Mo Fei would be so lucky. How I wish I would be as lucky as him.”

Hearing the rebuking of those classmates around, Lin Feiyu put wrinkles in his brows. The fiancée with goddamn bad aptitude the Imperial Consort had picked for Lou Yu kept embarrassing him again and again.

Mo Fei peeped at Xu Zihan, with his mouth curling up. He had never eaten humble pie.

Now Xu Zihan began to handle the herbs in his hands. His skill of making potions was not outstanding, but far than enough to make level 1 healing potion.

Mo Fei secretly released some of his spiritual power to influence Xu Zihan’s operation.

Xu Zihan didn’t notice anything when he failed for the first time, and only frowned the second, but became a little nervous when he failed the third time. And the four time Xu Zihan already failed before Mo Fei did anything.

The students handed over the potions they mad successively and finished the test, most of whom looked at Xu Zihan surprisingly.

Of course Xu Zihan saw them. He was furious in his heart, but he dare not offend any of them because any classmate in this class was either super rich or super powerful.

Xu Zihan looked at the last star herb, showing kind of firmness in his eyes.

Mo Fei curled up his lips. Having offending Mo Fei, Xu Zihan wouldn’t have a chance.

The fifth time Xu Zihan failed again. Now the whole class began to gossip about it.

“He loses again! He loses again!”

“So not his day today!”

“With that bad refining skills, how could he pick a hole in others! So shameless!”

Seeing Xu Zihan lose again, Yan Chen looked every excited, “Great! Great! Someone will be on my side even if I lose.” Yan Chen pouted and said sullenly, “What a shame! We don’t get along. Or I can borrow his self-criticism.”

Mo Fei then glanced at Yan Chen, “You still have two more chances. Calm down. Maybe you can pass.”

Yan Chen cast a glance at Mo Fei and pouted, “With your luck, maybe I can pass.”

Mo Fei smiled, “Don’t worry. With me the lucky star here, you will succeed for sure.”

Yan Chen blinked and nodded heavily.

Mo Fei secretly handled the potion with his spiritual power for Yan Chen. And then Yan Chen looked at the potion he made and shouted, “Mo Fei, look, look! It’s blue! The potion I refined is blue! Even it’s under 60% purity, it’s already good enough for me to make blue potions!”

Mo Fei looked at the awful potion in Yan Chen’s hand, “Come on. See if you can pass.”

Yan Chen nodded and immediately handed it over to the teacher. After the teacher put it under the detector, it read, “65!”

The teacher looked at Yan Chen with her brows knitted, “With such bad purity, I wouldn’t let it pass if it were someone else. But since it’s you, I will lower the standard. Congrats, you pass!”

Yan Chen totally ignored the teacher’s satire, and jumped excitedly, “It’s great! I pass!”

Looking at Yan Chen’s overjoyed face, the teacher shook her head, “behave!”

Yan Chen scratched his head, with his baby face blushing.

And now Xu Zihan felt more ashamed of himself. Even Yan Chen passed! So embarrassing!

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