My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 40 - Clearing the Name

Chapter 40: Clearing the Name

The teacher then turned to Xu Zihan and asked with her eyebrows raised, “Cheating?”

Xu Zihan nodded and said pretentiously, “Exactly. The one he made should have been failure. This bottle was already on him before he came. So he cheated!”

Mo Fei’s face darkened, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

“I’m talking nonsense? Do you really think you have the ability to make 91% purity potion?” said Xu Zihan while looking at Mo Fei contemptuously.

Mo Fei, “…” Damn it! Don’t belittle others! 91% purity potion is just some rejects to Master Mo Fei! Rejects! OK?

“Save your loose tal!” Yan Chen now came to his sense and retorted, “I saw him make it with my eyes. He isn’t cheating. He is just lucky!”

“Lucky? It’s 91% purity potion! How lucky could he be?” snorted Xu Zihan.

Lin Fei then exhaled a long breath and said to Mo Fei earnestly, “Mo Fei, even if you don’t want to write the 20,000-word self-criticism, you shouldn’t cheat.”

Mo Fei, “…” What the hell!

“What? No words for yourself?” Xu Zihan looked at Mo Fei, sneering, “You’ve gone too far. Shouldn’t you keep a low profile even if you cheat? How dare you make such superior level potion to expose yourself?”

Mo Fei gritted his teeth, “I didn’t cheat. I refined it myself.”

Xu Zihan looked at Mo Fei bitterly, “You’re caught red-handed. Why do you still deny it?”

Mo Fei, “I’m telling the truth. I didn’t cheat!” Damn it! You son of bitch!

Lin Feiyu looked at Mo Fei pitifully, “Mo Fei, you are caught red-handed. Just admit it.”

Admit? Admit what? Mo Fei gritted his teeth! Damn it! What is wrong with this world?

The teacher smiled and said slightly, “Mo Fei, since there is a dispute now, you should refine another potion to prove yourself.”

Yan Chen cut in, “Teacher, he was just lucky.”

The teacher smiled, “It’s all right, Yan Chen. I can tell Mo Fei is always lucky.”

Mo Fei frowned and started to refine the potion with his face darkened.

Xu Zihan looked at Mo Fei pompously, making up his mind to see Mo Fei make a show of himself.

But seeing Mo Fei’s smooth movements, Xu Zihan felt a little unsettled.

Soon enough another bottle of blue potion appeared in Mo Fei’s hand.

Then Mo Fei handed it over to the teacher. The teacher looked at Mo Fei meaningfully and then put it under the detector, which again read a number: 91!

Xu Zihan couldn’t believe his eyes, “No way!”

The teacher then looked at Xu Zihan blandly, “All right, so many pairs of eyes were staring. Mo Fei has no chance to cheat at all.”

“But…” How can it be possible? How could the bumpkin Mo Fei refine higher purity potion than Lin Feiyu?

The teacher then looked at Xu Zihan coldly, “Instead of caring whether someone else is cheating or not, you better care whether you can refine qualified potion more. I don’t care whose fiancée you are! Whoever fails to refine qualified potion has to write a 10,000-word self-criticism. No repeating sentences!”

Xu Zihan’s face turned all red because of shame. But he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t afford to offend any teacher of the Imperial College!

Yan Chen then swallowed some saliva tensely.

Mo Fei patted Yan Chen’s shoulder, “You can make it!”

Yan Chen wore a bitter face, looking at Mo Fei pitifully.

“The purity of the potion Mo Fei refined is even higher that Lin Feiyu’s!”

“I heard Mo Fei also plays the piano better than Lin Feiyu.”

“People say the Third Crown Princess can’t even compare with a finger of the First Crown Princess. Actually, it’s hard to say now.”

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