My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 43 - Go back on his Words

Chapter 43: Go back on his Words

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Mo Fei nearly spent a whole month making 1,000 formations. And during the whole month’s time, Mo Fei had to not only study hard and exert his ass to cultivate, but also make those formations, totally up to his ears.

Finally Mo Fei handed the last bunch of formations to Lou Yu, “This is the last bunch. Now it’s 1,000 in total. What about the balance payment?”

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei blandly, and said pretentiously, “balance payment? I used it to buy ingredients. And it’s far more than 5 billion. And for the over-spending money, I won’t charge you then.”

Mo Fei popped his eyes out, “What did you say? You son of bitch! You liar! Liar!”

How could such little ingredients worth 5 billion?! He still had felt guilty for the ingredients for his own use before! This asshole has no morals at all!

“I said I’ve spent all the money. Don’t you understand?” Prince Yu looked at Mo Fei sullenly.

“I’ll kill you!” Mo Fei pounced at Lou Yu.

Mo Yi dragged Mo Fei’s arm, saying, “Young master, calm down. Calm down!”

Mo Fei shouted, “Let go of me! I’ll challenge him one on one!”

Mo Yi said, “Young master, you are not his match.”

Mo Fei fell into a trance and immediately said, “Then you help me!”

Mo Fei said awkwardly, “Young master, we’ll still lose. I won’t make a scene with you.”

Mo Fei was angry, “can’t you have some integrity!?”

Mo Yi force a smile, “Young master, you said integrity is something you can’t see or touch, something you can neither eat or drink. Why should we have it?”

Mo Fei glared at Mo Yi while Mo Yi smiled awkwardly.

Mo Fei then gave Lou Yu a filthy look, “You are lucky today!”

Lou Yu shrugged, watching Mo Fei walk away.

Su Rong looked Lou Yu and said, “My prince, isn’t it a little inappropriate?”

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong, “are you questioning me?”

Su Rong shook his head, “Of course not.”

Lou Yu lowered his head. He also had no choice. He is an unfavored prince. Although his grandpa is a general, he still has a bunch of people to feed. Mo Fei always said he is stingy, so this time he cost all his over 5 billion stars coins, which were all he had.

Mo Fei looked at the potion book but couldn’t read a word, face darkened, “Damn it! They all said the imperial family are all reincarnated from foxes. It makes some sense!”

“Young master, please restrain your grief.” comforted Mo Yi.

“Outrageous! This is outrageous!” Mo Fei gritted his teeth.

Mo Yi looked at the angry Mo Fei, “Young master, calm down!”

Mo Fei then snorted, “How can I calm down? 5 billion! It’s whole 5 billion!”

“Young master, we still have 50 billion. It’s already enough. The top priority now is how to improve your power. After you become a top master, even if Prince Yu goes back on his words again, you can beat him till he yields.” said Mo Yi.

Mo Fei nodded like being awakened, “Yeah, you are right. Our top priority is not money but try hard to cultivate. Only if we become strong could we defeat those assholes!”

Mo Yi nodded, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what I am trying to say. Young master, you are so smart!”

Now having an aim, Mo Fei became much motivated.

Except having classes every day, he would make use of his spare time to cultivate and refine potions to improve his constitution.

One day Su Rong looked at Lou Yu, “My prince, now you’ve got a thousand formations. Can you spare 7 or 8 for me?”

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong with his eyes raised, “What?”

Lou Yu’s voice make Su Rong’s hair upside down, “4 or 5 will also do.”

Lou Yu smiled, while Su Rong also forced a smile.”

“For the old time’s sake, 90 million for one.” said Lou Yu while looking at Su Rong.

Su Rong popped his eyes out. After quite some time did he came to his sense, “My prince, you must be kidding me, right?”

Lou Yu lied on the chair drowsily, while looking at Su Rong smilingly, “Do I look like I am kidding?”

He then continued, “Let me tell you. I will sell those formations at the price of 100 million for one. So you should buy as early as you can. Or, none will be left.”

Su Rong, “…” Su Rong suddenly had a feeling that compared with Lou Yu, Mo Fei was the good one!

Lou Yu looked at the dumbfounded Su Rong and asked, “So? You want it or not?”

Su Rong toughened his scalp and said, “Sure!”

Lou Yu smiled and asked, “How many do you want?”

Looking at the few star coins he had left in his star card, Su Rong said, “two.”

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong with his head titled, “Only two? Mo Yi has five!”

Su Rong made a hollow laugh, “Two are enough.”

Lou Yu smiled, “As long as you insist, deal then!”

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