My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 29 - Interrogation

Chapter 29: Interrogation

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Prince Yu was walking towards Mo Fei. Under his overwhelming momentum, Mo Fei was forced to back up a few steps.

“You think I look like a turkey?” asked Lou Yu.

Mo Fei laughed awkwardly, “Actually I was swaying between turkey and Flaming Tiger. After weighing for quite some time, I think turkey is more amiable, and more approachable, and more appropriate to describe you. If you don’t like it, I can change it now.”

Lou Yu, “…”

“You compared me with a nanny downstairs in your building?” asked Lou Yu with his face twisted.

Mo Fei forced a smile, “Don’t look down on her. The pastries she makes are super delicious. One may even swallow without chewing.”

“You think I am irritable?” asked Lou Yu.

Mo Fei shook his head, “No, I was just using hyperbole. You know, literature! You have to talk bullshit. If you write too true to life, you won’t get a high score.”

“So your score is high now?” ridiculed Lou Yu.

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly, “Well, I guess our teacher kind of doesn’t appreciate my article.”

Lou Yu narrowed his eyes and smiled, “You know what I want to do the most right now?”

Mo Fei smiled, “I think what you need to do now is calm down. As for things you wanna do, you can think slowly.”

Lou Yu pulled Mo Fei’s collar and dragged him away.

“What do you want? Let me be clear, I will never surrender.” yelled Mo Fei.

Lou Yu then sneered, “Forget about the interstellar literature. I think your body arts is too bad. Let me help you.”

“This is inappropriate. You are the prince. You teach me in person? You are wasting your talent.” Mo Fei raised his voice.

Lou Yu laughed, “It’s good that you know it.”

After Mo Fei was dragged into the training room, the miserable howling was heard.

Mo Yi narrowed his eyes, looking very worried.

“Help! Help!”

Mo Yi then walked to the training room, with his fists clenched.

Su Rong then stood in the away, “Where are you going?”

“The young master is shouting for help. I have to save him.” said Mo Yi coldly.

“Don’t worry. Your young master won’t die. The prince is just teaching him a lesson.” said Su Rong.

Mo Yi ignored his words and said, “What if Prince Yu hurt him accidentally?”

Su Rong said blandly, “That will never happen.”

Mo Yi said disapprovingly, “I don’t think so.”

Mo Yi then kept walking, but Su Rong stood in the away again.

Mo Yi raised his eyes and looked at Su Rong indifferently, “Are you trying to stop me?”

Su Rong was frightened by the cold light flashing in his eyes, “So what are you gonna do?”

Mo Yi laughed grimly, which made Su Rong feel cold down his spine. The overwhelming murderous look made Su Rong raise his vigilance.

Mo Yi then threw a punch at Su Rong.

Mo Yi’s fist was covered with a layer of blue light, which looked beautiful but actually with super power.

Su Rong backed up vigilantly, with obvious scare. So he is really a level 3 star magician! He trusts Lou Yu, but in Su Rong’s heart, he never doubted his judgment.

Mo Yi’s attack was very intense. After shocking, Su Rong immediately adjusted himself. He is an outstanding disciple of Su family. If he loses to the crown princess’ servant, that’d be humiliating.

The screams in the training room became miserable, and Mo Yi’s attack also became more intense.

And now Su Rong’s fighting will was activated. The two of them were having a heated fight, with all the vases in the hall broken.

Su Rong wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth, and looked at Mo Yi. It had been a long time since he met his match.

Mo Yi looked at Su Rong with hostility.

Suddenly the screams stopped in the training room and then Lou Yu came out.

Mo Yi ignored Su Rong and quickened his steps to the training room.

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