My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 30 - Prince Yu Is Nuts

Chapter 30: Prince Yu Is Nuts

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong’s bruised face and smiled slightly, teasing him, “How you feeling?”

Su Rong smiled bitterly, “He is impressive.”

Lou Yu smiled, “Injured like that!? So humiliating.”

Su Rong smiled awkwardly, “He is no better than me.”

Lou Yu narrowed his eyes, thinking, “If Mo Yi is a nail that the Imperial Consort has planted beside him, he shouldn’t expose his power so early. But if Mo Yi has nothing to do with the Imperial Consort, then how did Mo Fei the idiot make him his servant?”

“It hurts! It hurts!” Mo Fei who got whacked got held up by Mo Yi.

Wearing that bruised face, Mo Yi cast a glance at Lou Yu unfriendly.

Lou Yu said flatly, “His injuries look terrible, but are just some bruises.”

Mo Yi gave Lou Yu a filthy look and then supported Mo Fei to his room.

Mo Fei lied on the bed, gritted his teeth and shouted, “Someday I’m gonna nail him into the wall!”

Mo Yi shrugged of his words and said, “Young master, Prince Yu is a level 5 star magician.”

Mo Fei snorted, “What’s the big deal? Someday I will catch up. From today, I’m gonna learn hard. Someday I will become a level 5 magician and step him under my feet.”

“Young master, Prince Y owns double S aptitudes. When you become a level 5 star magician, maybe he has already been a level six or seven or eight star magician.”

Mo Fei shook his head, “No way. He wouldn’t break through to level six so soon!”

Mo Yi asked out of curiosity, “How do you know?”

“His breaths, five short then one long. And his lips look a bit purple. And there’s a little red light in his pupils. And his nails have kind of dark violet color. All those signs indicate that his meridian have been damaged before.” said Mo Fei coldly.

Mo Yi blinked, “What’s the consequence?”

Mo Fei groveled on the bed, saying, “The star power he has absorbed, 90% would melt away through the damaged meridians, so his cultivating speed should be only 10% of his present cultivating speed. More than that, if this problem is not solved, he would only advance to a level 7 star magician at most. Of course, a level 7 star magician could already be rendered as a genius.”

Mo Yi blinked, “Young master, he is already a level 5 star magician with damaged meridians, while you are in perfect state but only a level 1 star magician.”

Mo Fei glanced at Mo Yi grumpily, “Can you not throw cold water on me? Don’t you now your young master I am a late bloomer? I will become strong soon enough.”

Mo Yi nodded, “Well, young master, you should grow faster.”

MO Yi then sprayed some healing medicinal liquid on Mo Fei, while Mo Fei blinked his eyes, saying, “I’m kind of well off recently. So I am thinking how to use the money to improve my power.”

Mo Yi looked at Mo Fei, asking, “Is Prince Yu curable?”

Mo Yi said drowsily, “Yeah, but no. It needs the Nine Leaf Heaven-mending Herb. But no one knows whether it really exists.”

MO Yi nodded, “I got it!”

“Do you really care about him” asked Mo Fei lazily.

Mo Yi said blandly, “No, while those with common talents may thrive while Prince Yu may die. Now you are on the same boat with Prince Yu. If he dies, you won’t be good.”

Mo Fei touched his chin, “You are right. If he dies, people will think I am a hoodoo. And then those bitches would all blame me and kill me. I’m already scared on thinking of it!”

After a pause, Mo Yi said, “Young master, you should figure out a way.”

Mo Fei stuck out his tongue, “What? What can I do? They have a hundred ways to protect the prince. We don’t have to worry about it.”

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